Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thursday Art Date: Flavours and Aroma and Paint Party Friday!

Hello Friends! 

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Flavours and Aroma. Tweety Bird is having a nice cinnamon cafΓ© au lait. I think the cup is a wee bit too big for him! He loves how it smells and tastes! 

Oh pizza, how I love thee...the flavours of olives, green onions, Parmesan, Mozzarella and my homemade Goat Cheese - so delicious!!! :) Alex had this pizza all ready for me on Tuesday when I got home from my grocery shopping. You guys know I do monthly shopping...well I decided to drive myself nuts and do a SIX WEEK shopping day - DURING THE HOLIDAYS. 😡 It took me five days to plan out the meals, snacks, desserts, holiday treats, gifts and dinners, pet, car and household needs. After I got the plan ready, I listed the ingredients I needed, checked the flyers, then wrote the shopping list with my projected expenses - all while trying to stay within my budget! Yeegods...what a task but guess what??? I don't have to drive out to the city to shop before January 20th-ish!!! That's great news for me! :) It's worth the work!

Besides the trauma of grocery shopping, it was a tough week for me...I had to go back to the dentist for a chipped tooth (grrr)...Oscar the cat's mystery allergies flared up and despite our attempts to treat him at home...we had to bring him to the vet. All they did was give him more meds, poor thing. We really think it's something in the house that's bothering him but we can't figure it out. We are hoping that when we move next year, it'll clear itself up.

Having said that, I want to thank everyone for their comments on my last few posts...I'm so sorry I haven't had time to respond! I hope you understand!! I haven't had much time for art either!

But I did find some time to do an oil painting. I thought about how I just love the smell of wood burning during the cold winter nights. The aroma makes me feel warm and cozy. I guess you could say this is my dream home! :) I love's SO relaxing and I really needed that this week!

It's been frigidly cold outside too lately - some Italian brandy before bed hits the spot with its lovely aroma and delicious flavour!

That's all for now folks, please check out the link widget below to see more Flavours and Aroma artwork! And please join me on Sunday for my food and pets post. πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ

I'm also linking up with Paint Party Friday tomorrow!


Baby Oscar and Jack cozying up for a nap

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday Food and Pets Post - Comfort Food -

Frozen River at Sunrise (what the heck is that yellow spot??? Reflections I'm guessing!)

Hello Friends!

It's December! EEEK!!! Why does time fly so much faster as you age? Kind of scary in a way. It's so cold out, boo hoo hoo! Christmas is the only thing keeping me going right now...after January I will be in full hibernation, Hygge, cozy, hide-under-the-blankets mode!!! Okay Rain, no worries...only six more months of this...😒

One of the ways I get through our long winters is to make sure there is plenty of comfort food to eat.  What's your favourite comfort food? Maybe I'll take some new ideas and make them this winter!!

Here is some "empty the freezer" Stir Fried Rice. Frozen peas and spring onions made this easy meal very delicious! You can use any kind of veggie with this stir fry. I make this when I'm out of ideas or just plain lazy!

I used the last of the frozen summer corn to make my Loaded Nacho plate. It was so good, we made a second one - but in hindsight, we probably shouldn't about a food coma!

I'm not sure why, but I'm finding LOTS of asparagus at the market lately! I usually don't see any until the spring so I'm taking advantage because it's our favourite veggie. I made my Asparagus and Fontina Tart - but I used Cheddar cheese instead since we had plenty in the fridge! If you have frozen puff pastry, this is a great recipe to use it up. This tart doesn't reheat well though, so make sure you eat it up quick! Trust me, there won't be a problem with that! πŸ˜‹

Of course it wouldn't be a typical week in the Rain household if there wasn't a cheesy melty Poutine to eat!

To round out the week of comfort: Minestrone Soup (for Alex) and Fisherman's Stew (for me). You can't have comfort food without a good loaf of homemade No Knead Bread for dipping!

We opened up my Farmhouse Cheddar last night. It was pretty delicious! It aged a month and it was nice and soft, kind of like a Mozzarella. We have FIVE more cheeses to open and taste in December!!! And I'm going to start on my Camemberts for the Christmas holidays!

The girls love to sit outside on a sunny day in the winter. Charlie is pure husky - this is her season that's for sure! Marlene is part husky, part shepherd and she loves the snow too, as long as there is sun to keep her warm!

Jack, however, takes after me lol...he prefers a cozy pillow with lots of blankets!!!

Baby Oscar In The Window

Leo Watching The Birds

Dana Sleeping By The Heater

When we first adopted Jack in 2015, we thought that he had a bad habit of chewing on his ears and we tried to teach him not to do it. But we realized that it's like a game for him - you know like some dogs chase their tails, he "chases" his ears and chews on the ends. He'll sit there for hours with one ear in his mouth!

I'm off for some more coffee now! Be sure to join me on Thursday for our art date - the theme is Flavours and Aroma. ☕☕ Until then, keep warm and cozy!