Pinwheel Sandwiches

Pinwheel Sandwiches
Yield: 4 "rolls" of pinwheels

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Cherry Cream Cheese Pinwheels (for two "rolls")
8 slices fresh white sandwich bread
1 package of cream cheese, room temperature
2 tbsp cherry juice
16 cherries pitted

Gherkin Pickle Cheese Whiz Pinwheels (for two "rolls")
8 slices fresh white sandwich bread
1/3 cup Cheese Whiz
4 sweet pickled gherkins


1. Remove the crusts from the bread. For each pinwheel "roll", you should end up with 4 squares of bread. Lay out the 4 pieces of bread end to end, overlapping about 1/2". Press the overlap to pinch the pieces together. You will end up with a long narrow length of bread. You need very fresh bread for this to work!

2. Spread a thin layer of the cheese mixture (cream cheese/Cheez Whiz) over the length of bread. Be sure filling goes to all outer edges.

3. Position cherries/gherkins tightly together on one end, making sure they reach the outer edges.

4. Starting at the end with the cherries/gherkins, roll the bread up tightly and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate at least 4 hours, but overnight is better.

To serve, slice the rolls horizontally and serve.

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