January 2nd: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Transformation

It always amazes me how sugar and egg whites transform into delicious melt-in-your-mouth meringue!

Hello Friends! :)

January 2nd's theme for our art date is: Transformation (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday January 2nd to post your link!).

When I was coming up with this theme, I thought about New Year's resolutions! I remember when I was very active at the gym. I used to work out daily for many MANY years and there was always an overload of new members in January. By March, the memberships fizzled out and you just saw the same people as always. I wonder why resolutions don't work for so many people? 

Fun fact: Merriam Webster has a second definition for transformation: "...false hair worn especially by a woman to replace or supplement natural hair." I had no clue that a woman's wig was called a transformation!

A transformation can be more than a New Year's resolution or fake hair! Here are some internet images to inspire you!!

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