December 19th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Holiday Stories, Carols and Lore

Pomander Balls symbolize the return of the Sun at Yuletide

Hello Friends! :)

December 19th's theme for our art date is: Holiday Stories, Carols and Lore (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday December 19th to post your link!)

This week I'm challenging you to not just create a visual piece, maybe add a story behind why you chose to create it! What do you think? There is so much to choose from, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Holiday Stories: Do you have a favourite story you want to share about the holidays? Is there a particular tale that is a tradition in your home? Do you watch the same movies every year? I have a list of Christmas movies and specials that I watch over and over each year and I never tire of them! I also have a Christmas story where a friend of mine had too much spiked eggnog and ended up wrestling the Christmas an idiot lol...he will never live that one down!

Holiday Carols: Do you sing Christmas carols? Do you listen to Christmas music? I have to say that I really need self-control in this department! I like to start the Christmas music in November! I can't get enough of Elvis' Christmas albums!

Holiday Lore: As a Pagan, I've learned about a lot of lore that surrounds the Yuletide season. I really enjoy reading about Celtic lore especially because it's my ancestry. I perform some of these rituals and traditions every holiday season out of spirituality, respect and also out of pure fun! Do you have any specific folklore practices that you follow during the holidays?

Here are some more internet images to inspire you!


baili said...

first of all i am sorry that i forgot to mention in my comment on your previous post that YOUR TREE LOOKS MAGICAL dear Rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i loved the red light it has ,so beautiful and symbolizes true passionate love indeed
i loved these ideas you shared about holidays stories
i grew up listening old time stories from grandma and grandpa (maternal) ,i still feel like a child at heart because whenever i see such movies or read stroy books they pour true peace within me as i am deeply connected to them somehow ,a world where life is simple and joy and sorrow depends how we react to challenges we encounter in life
thank you this was lovely collection :)

Rain said...

Thanks Baili :) I LOVE our red tree! It's such a brilliant colour and warms up the house during the cold winter!! Thanks for sharing your memory! I am a kid at heart too when it comes to Christmas (well, pretty much all the time ha ha!) I love watching the Christmas movies and tv shows, even the kids ones!