Ice Lanterns

Ice Lanterns

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Large plastic containers
Smaller plastic containers
Duct Tape
Nature: berries, leaves, flowers, tree boughs


1. Place your smaller container into your larger one. Use the duct tape to keep it in place.

2. Fill the large container with water. Add your pieces of Nature.

3. Freeze outside or in the freezer.

4. When it's completely frozen, quickly dip the large container into a sink of hot water and fill the small container with more hot water to loosen up the containers and remove them.

5. Place a tea light candle in the middle of the lantern and enjoy.


baili said...

i will have to read it again carefully to made exactly such elegant dear Rain

so beautiful !!!

Rain said...

They really are beautiful Baili! I hope you find time to make some! They are magical! :)