December 26th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Merry Christmas!

My Christmas card to Alex in 2018

Hello Friends! :)

December 26th's theme for our art date is: Merry Christmas! (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday December 26th to post your link!)

There are lots of possibilities for this theme! You can create a Christmas scene, show off your Christmas baking, write about a Christmas tradition, display your Christmas knitting - so many options!

I'm going to post a bunch of photos I've taken over the years as inspiration!

Lighting a fire on Christmas Eve 2017

Our traditional red Christmas tree

Christmas Goodies!

Stocking stuffers

An icy Christmas morning in 2018

Preparing "Mr. Snowy" for the Christmas season

My gingerbread train station in 2013

Another yearly tradition, the Yule cake

Stockings hung with care!

Homemade Christmas cards

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