Thursday Art Date With Rain (2021)

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date With Rain. I'm Rain 😊 and I'm happy to welcome you to my third year of hosting our Art Date! This art date is open to anyone who wants to participate through:

- painting
- drawing
- photography
- pastels
- jewelry making
- poetry
- paper machΓ©
...basically anything creative from sculpting, to cross-stitching to baking!

There are no requirements at all, you don't need to advertise my blog or this art date, just enjoy!

I will post every Thursday morning (Atlantic Time) on Rain's Garden with a link gadget so you can share your creations.

CLICK HERE for 2022's Themes!!

Here are the prompts/themes/ideas for our weekly Thursday Art Date for 2021. For more information about the prompt, please click on each link (when available). These will be updated regularly!

January 7th: A Facial Feature

January 14th: Birds and the Sky

January 21st: Board Games and Game Night

January 28th: Mysterious and Dark

February 4th: February Films: Westerns

February 11th: February Films: Film Noir

February 18th: February Films:  Comedies

February 25th: February Films: Tragedies and Melodramas

March 4th: Creases

March 11th: Space

March 18th: Diagonal

March 25th: Motion and Movement

April 1st: Doorways and Alleys

April 8th: Evening

April 15th: Coils

April 22nd: The Future

April 29th: Gates and Fences

May 6th: May Sweets: Cakes

May 13th: May Sweets: Cookies

May 20th: May Sweets: Candies

May 27th: May Sweets: Cupcakes

June 3rd: Hands

June 10th: In The Water

June 17th: Inventions

June 24th: Jump!

July 1st: Miniature

July 8th: Criss Cross

July 15th: Mornings

July 22nd: Your Favourite Decade

July 29th: Musical

August 5th: Ditches and Holes

August 12th: Weather and Weather Lore

August 19th: Reflections and Mirrors

August 26th: Rough Textures

September 2nd: September Fine Art: Expressionism

September 9th: September Fine Art: Minimalism

September 16th: September Fine Art:  Pop Art

September 23rd: September Fine Art: Sculpture

September 30th: September Fine Art: Surrealism

October 7th: October Spooks: Alien Worlds

October 14th: October Spooks:Being Watched

October 21st: October Spooks: Broomsticks

October 28th: October Spooks: Villains

November 4th: The Workshop

November 11th: Soft

November 18th: Wisps and Winds

November 25th: Stripes

December 2nd: December Holidays: Gingerbread

December 9th: December Holidays: Christmas Past

December 16th: December Holidays: Christmas Present

December 23rd: December Holidays: Christmas Future

December 30th: December Holidays: Santa's Workshop

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