July 15th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Mornings

Hazy summer mornings on the blueberry fields - I love to walk the dogs here!

Hello Friends! 😊😊

July 15th's theme for our art date is "Mornings" (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday July 15th to post your link!).

What is your ideal morning? Or are you even a morning person? 

I can remember mornings in Montreal (Canada) when I used to live in the city and work as a waitress at a very popular restaurant/bar called Sir Winston Churchills. I lived downtown at the time and walked to work at around 10am. Crescent street - the hub of nightclub activity (at least back then!) - REEKED of beer and cigarettes. That was not a "morning" memory I cherish!

Now I cherish every morning I have living in rural New Brunswick! I definitely love to wake up and watch the sun rise and breathe in the clean air. The fragrance of my woods in the morning is so beautiful. I have a few morning rituals like a quick meditation before I get out of bed, walking the dogs for a good hour very early when I can be completely alone with nature, coffee, journaling and just enjoying the world around me. 

How will you create "Mornings" this week? Here are some internet images to inspire you!

Cosmo's was a very popular breakfast diner in Montreal. I went there weekly, it seated maybe 12 people inside at the counter and there was always a huge lineup!

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