April 8th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Evening

Evenings on Lake Bass...this was me in 2014, fishing as the sun went down. I miss those times!

Hello Friends! 😊😊

April 8th's theme for our art date is "Evening" (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday April 8th to post your link!).

Evenings, for me anyway, are times to relax and enjoy winding down after a busy day. I love to spend evenings eating and drinking, watching movies, cuddling with my dogs, watching the sky and enjoying the outdoors (weather permitting!)...

In the spring, I hear the Spring Peeper frogs in the nearby swamp, serenading me through my window. 

In the summer, I hear crickets and cicadas...I see fireflies and feel the cool summer breeze after a hot and humid day.

In the fall, I hear the howls of the coyotes, see meteor showers and smell wood fires burning.

In the winter, I hear silence or sometimes the crack of a branch, I see bright white snow reflecting on a dark black sky.

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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