Thursday Art Date: November 18th - Wisps and Winds

A very windy day where I used to live in Orford Quebec back in 2006!

Hello Friends! 😊😊

November 18th's theme for our art date is "Wisps and Winds" (please visit my blog, Rain Frances, on Thursday November 18th to post your link!).

When I first think of this theme, I think of autumn...leaves and feathers wispy through the air on a windy fall day. But there are so many ways to interpret this theme:

Definitions of Wisp (Merriam-Webster)
- a small handful (a wisp of wool)
- a thin strip or fragment (a wisp of hair)
- something frail or fleeting (a wisp of smoke)

Definitions of Wind (Merriam-Webster)
- a natural movement of air (the wind)
- a force that carries influences (the winds of change)
- losing breath (being winded)
- stringed musical instruments (the wind instruments of an orchestra)
- idle talk (being windy or a blow-hard)

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

Folklore of the Will O The Wisp

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