July 8th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Criss Cross

Hello Friends! 😊😊

July 8th's theme for our art date is "Criss Cross" (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday July 8th to post your link!). I got this idea from an Alfred Hitchcock film that I really love called Strangers On A Train. It's the story of two men who meet on a train; one of those men is a little mad and tries to convince the other that if they both wanted someone in their lives murdered...that the other could do it for them and they'd never get caught. "Criss Cross" was the line used.

Here is the scene from that movie, which I highly recommend by the way!

Any lines, stories, plots, people or events that intersect, either purposely, like my bird feeder drawn above, or coincidentally like the two men in Strangers On A Train - are good examples of criss cross!

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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