Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thursday Art Date: Snowman

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date! 😊😊 Today our theme is Snowman. Daffy Duck is up to some hijinks this week! 

He's finally getting back at Bugs Bunny for some of his own shenanigans! I hope he knows what he's doing!! 😀

I pulled out my watercolor paints this week, it's been a while! There was a time when I only painted with watercolor and it was fun. A good friend of mine gave me a beautiful care package of art supplies for Christmas and this was a great inspiration for me. Thanks Joyce! ♥♥ Here's a little romantic scene with a Snow Couple by the Moon! 💕

I recorded a video of the process, it's time-lapsed but I have written instructions if you'd like to follow along! How To Paint A Snow Couple In A Wintry Scene.

I've also been experimenting with "Shorts". These are You Tube videos that have 2 requirements: 

1) They must be under 1 minute
2) They must be filmed vertically and uploaded vertically

So here is my first short, Drawing Bugs Bunny; and so far it's gotten almost 500 views, pretty nice! I'm going to continue to film a short each week for my Art Channel!

PS: For those interested, I've started a few new pages here on my blog. They are easy to search indexes of the videos I have up on both my channels. I put a link on the right side bar. That's one thing I find YouTube lacks. It can be overwhelming to look through dozens of thumbnails, so I wanted to make it easier:

I also had a little fun with my Boggle letters while thinking about dinner! I did my first "Short" for my Spiritual Rain Channel too if you'd like to check it out.

Critter time! 🐶🐱🐦 Here is a little video I took from my window of a Hairy Woodpecker at the suet feeder.

I decided to add a frugal feeder to my backyard this week. These are easy to make, you just need an empty 2 liter soda bottle, some wooden dowels or sticks, a drill to make holes, sand paper and wire to hang the feeder. I used a glue gun to secure the dowels. The chickadees love to feed at this feeder!

The pets are all doing well. Our weather is bananas. The day I took this photo it was -8 Celsius, and as I type this it is +6C and raining, all of the snow is gone! 😮

Food Time!!! This was our New Year's Eve dinner! 🍻🍻 Baked Camembert with my Homemade Camembert and Homemade Puff Pastry. I also made some delicious Stuffed Mushrooms!

🧀🧀 Check out this luscious melt!! ðŸ§€ðŸ§€

My dessert idea was a Yule Log Cake, I make one every year. So I started making my Meringue Mushrooms. I use Homemade Chocolate Sauce to dip the tops of the mushrooms so they stick to the stems, then sprinkle it all with cocoa for that dirty earthy look! They are SO good, they melt in your mouth!! 😋😋

Well, my roll cake was a flop thanks to my crappy oven, but Alex remade the cake and divided what should have been the rolled cake into layers.

He made a Log Cabin cake instead! I was pretty impressed! And it was delicious! ðŸ‘ðŸ‘

Other dinners were 🍕 4-cheese pizza ðŸ• (Mozz, Cheddar, Parm and Goat Cheese with my Thin Crust Pizza Dough) and lots of breakfast for dinners! This is scrambled egg whites with toast and my Fricassee Potatoes.

The party season is officially over (for now!), it's time that we digest. 😌

Photo Courtesy of Tom

This week's highlighted artist is Tom from Tom The Backroads Traveller blog! We all love the beautiful and interesting photos you share Tom, and the music!! Please visit Tom's blog!!  😊

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Snowman" creations! See you soon!!! 💗 💗 


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  1. I don't know where you find the time Sis! A wonderful post of snowpeople. LOL. It's early morning here and looking at all of this food made me hungry. That camembert melt is amazing. You have snow now, hope your house is cozy warm. Don't over work yourself over there. Hugs.

  2. You are so talented! Your creative arts please both the eye and sometimes the belly (~grin~), literally nourishing body and soul. Happy New Year!

  3. ...we have had very snowman suitable snow this year. The eats at your place look incredible.

  4. Cute snowman art I was also thinking to do a snowman couple. Your food looks amazing.

  5. nice work with the Bugs Bunny and the snowman :)
    And the bird feeder Cola seem to work fine :)

    Take care!

  6. Hello Rain,
    I love your Bugs Bunny with Daffy the snowman. The snow couple with the moon is pretty. Your feeder look great, I am sure the birds there are very happy.
    Cute shot of your puppy dogs. The food looks delicious, especially cutting open the Camembert. Take care, enjoy your day!

  7. I know it's been a while but I've been having trouble with my back again. So Blessed Yule and Happy New Year to y'all and the fur babies.
    My goodness! That video of the cheese, oh lordy. Made my mouth water. In fact, everything made my mouth water. I think I gained all the weight back that I lost by just reading and looking at the video. I follow you on Youtube. I love your videos and the snow couple is so cute.

  8. Rain,

    Oh that Daffy Duck! That's great you did two scenes like a comic strip. Your snowman couple is adorable! We were on the same page this week. :) And, as always your foodie pix are yummy looking! Good save on Alex's part on your rolled cake, too. Your meringue mushrooms I'd be happy to eat. I don't like real ones. One because they are tasteless usually and I don't the texture; and two I have a slight food allergy to them. I'm going to take a look at your Fricassee Potatoes recipe. Thanks for sharing and for hosting the art date. Keep warm and stay well, my friend!

  9. Your New Year's Eve dinner sounds WONDERFUL. It is not yet dawn here - and I am hungry (thanks to you).
    It is raining here too, but our temperatures are very different. We will be nudging 30C today.

  10. Bugs, Bunny, nature, good food, and a good friend like you make us all feel wonderful Rain!

  11. Being in Hawaii I don't have a snowman to share. But added my link just to be hospitable. Please feel free to remove it if it doesn't fit your policy. Aloha dear

  12. Some great creations! I watch Great British Baking show, and the meringues are always fun to watch.

  13. I have lots of snowpeeps!
    What a great meme! We've snow toady, although we had the melt, too!
    Happy to read of your work and play! Cheers from Ontario.

  14. Enjoyed watching you paint the snow couple scene.
    Happy New Year


  15. I am with DVArtist. I now believe you do not sleep.

    The meringue mushrooms look amazing! I also thought the Daffy snowman was really a platypus snowman...

  16. There is just way too much wonderful stuff in this post, Rain! The snowman painting, Bugs, and those wonderful food shots! Love the meringue mushrooms -- I've thought about making those and never made the final leap. And that baked camembert looks to die for! Oh, it all does! (I just finished dinner and I'm hungry again!)

  17. I love your art!! And every word and every photo in this post! You are so creative. I am going to go back and watch your video and see how I can follow your channel or is YouTube? I really admire you and all that you do!

  18. Rain - you have been one busy lady! That Camembert looks so yummy - my mouth is watering as I type this! And then I saw those Meringue Mushrooms - wow! Happy New Year!

  19. It's good to be reminded that the snow we curse as adults is such a source of joy and wonder to children, and that once we enjoyed it too. It all seems to change once you have to drive in it! Happy New Year, Rain.

  20. No snow = no snowmen = nothing to offer for TAD. I just came to admire the food!

  21. I came by bright and early yesterday to post and comment but it was not open for that yet. Then I got busy PLAYING in the snow we got yesterday and totally forgot to come back and join in. Love your work as always, but that food. Of my gosh, I love it.

  22. I love that watercolor. Joyce was very kind to give you a set. Love your food as always. And I follow Tom's blog, too.

  23. Happy New Year... there are so much funny snowmen, Rain, in your blog today. And there are many more in your Post- I enjoyed reading.

    By the way, snowmen give wonderful rememberings to my childhood. Holidays at my grandparents in a fantastisc little town...

    ...and I agree: let's looking forward in 2022 and hope for better times. At the moment snow fall down. Should it be enough building a small snowman?

    Hugs, Heidrun

  24. Oh, I think bugs is about to get "splat" on his head with a Daffy snowball ... naughty Daffy, but I am sure Bugs will find a way to get even. Your shorts are awesome, quick and to the point. Fun, Fun :) The food, as usual, creates hunger pangs at my house ... I am always hungry and your and Alex's yummy fattening and interesting desserts (I love meringue) have got me drooling and trying to avoid perusing through my refrigerator for something that won't begin to satisfy me like it should. I really don't know how you stay so svelte. I am glad to see you bundled Jack up for this outing ... he looked so cold last week with no coat and not very much hair :) As for Tom, I do visit his blog every week ... wonderful pictures, clever titles and love most of his music. Good choice, Rain. So until next week ... stay well, warm and cozy and take some time to relax ... you are such a busy bee :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  25. Lots to see and read on your post.
    I'm pleased the pets are doing well and I did like your snow people watercolour, food looks very yummy.
    Stay safe and warm and enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  26. I have Pinned your wc lesson. Your sky and snow are to die for in your painting. I am so in love with all your baked breads, they make my mouth water. We actually melted some dark chocolate chips and coconut oil the other night and stirred in some peanuts, then let them set up on wax paper in the fridge. And I found 3 packages of bread machine yeast not expired yet and have been thinking about making some bread to have with my Progresso soup I usually have for lunch. YOU ARE WEARING OFF ON ME eegads! Hahaha All good infuences, for sure! Have a great week, xxo

  27. Yumm…Yumm…and Yummy!,,, deliciousness abounds from your post, Rain! Thank you….hunger has overtaken me now!!!

  28. Baked camembert is something new, never tried it. It looks so cold where you are but indoors always looks warm and cosy and all your pets look so happy. I like Tom's blog too, he's a great photographer.

  29. What a wonderful post. I laughed out loud at the daffy snowman. And sighed at the video of you slicing into that camembert. I love baked brie baked in a pastry. I need to try camembert. Your new year's even meal looks delicious. Mmmmm

  30. Oh my goodness!! How I've missed your fantastic art, your beautiful photos, seeing your fur babies and OMG - the food! Everything you make always looks so amazing and beyond delicious!

  31. re your question, I used pastels for the snowman :)

  32. I enjoyed watching you create the snow couple, Rain, even though I'm not an artist myself. Your presentation was wonderful, thanks. It's a good thing the holiday season has ended because I was always drooling when seeing the meals. The log cabin cake Alex created looked great and the fact that it as edible was even better and tastier too.

  33. Like that log cabin cake. That is a good idea of making the feeder with a plastic bottle. Will try it out.

  34. Oh it is always so fun to read your posts Rain -- your multi-talents are amazing. I really liked the water color and am going to look at your You Tube channel about it. (I got those water color pens gifted to me and maybe I can adapt some of your hints). YOur meals look wonderful; I've made something similar to the potatoes, but called fried potatoes and they never looked as appetizing as yours -- haha , maybe I just need to upgrade the name ))) (or become a better cook). Love the way you guys remade the cake -- it sure doesn't look like a failure and I'm sure it didn't taste like one.

  35. I love everything you share, Rain, be it here or on any other social media. And now I'm hungry... No surprise there, right? LOL

  36. Your meringue mushrooms are so neat! When I saw your title, I thought of, " you want to build a snowman?" Love your watercolor of the snow people.


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