Spiritual Rain YouTube Video Index

Spiritual Rain YouTube Video Index

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Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Deck Walkthroughs

The Fairy Tale Tarot Walkthrough
Red Riding Hood and Innocence
The Magician and The Thunder Dragon
The Sorceress And The Lake Maiden

The Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Deck
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 3-Card Reading For 2022

I'm Having A High Priestess Kind Of Day!

Seven Of Wands: Struggle, Battle, Defense...Protect Yourself!

Ghosts And Spirits Tarot Walkthrough

The Wise Dog Tarot & A Tribute To Marlene

A Weekly Reading And Remembering My Sweet Leo

Bear Oracle And Introspection


Magic Letters And Bibliomancy
What's For Dinner? Lentil Soup!
Working With My Pendulum
Working With My Rune Stones

Kitchen and Cottage Witchery

Harvesting Magical Garlic!
How To Make Ice Lanterns For Yule
Magical Homemade Cheez Whiz!

Charms and Spells

A Healing Charm
First Snow Love Energy And Hand Feeding Chickadees


Halloween And Samhain Celebrations!
Mabon And The Autumn Equinox


Meditation To Repel Negativity

Archangels, Animals Spirit Guides

Archangel Michael Showed Me The Light!
Life Changing Experiences With Archangel Michael
Mourning Doves And Archangels

Nature and The Universe

Cloud Faces, LUV, Night Sky With Jupiter And Venus!
Messages From The Universe
My Snowy Paradise With My Dogs!
November Moonset And Sunrise
November Morning Walk
Soaring High With The Universe!
Three New Messages From The Universe! (seeing my cat Leo's face in the clouds!)


My Plans for 2022!


A Ritual To Be More Understanding (With 5 Affirmations)
Daily Message: The Number 4
Daily Message: The Number 6

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