Thursday, February 11, 2021

Thursday Art Date: February Films: Film Noir

Hello Friends!! 😊😊 (Linky Widget is open until Friday around midnight EST!!)  

Power is back, internet is restored and I can finally upload my photos!! So...welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Film Noir. I love this genre of film so much. There is always a lot of suspense, thrill, drama and of course, a Femme Fatale who, according to the dictionary, is an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who is likely to cause distress or disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

One such woman was Barbara Stanwyck in the movie Double Indemnity. She's an amazing actress, very strong and powerful. She also starred in Sorry Wrong Number. Now, Bugs Bunny decided to pose in Fred MacMurray's role for my ink and graphite drawing. Poor Mr. MacMurray fell victim to this Femme's a great movie, also starring Edward G. Robinson.

This is the official trailer.

My favourite of Hitchcock's movies is called Rope. It's a Leopold and Loeb story, brilliantly filmed in just 10 shots/takes. Farley Granger, drawn in ink and graphite, played the less ruthless "Leopold" character. I love this movie so much that I bring the DVD into the car with me and play it on my CD player...just listening to the movie as I drive when I go shopping! Also stars James Stewart. It's chilling!

This is the official trailer.

I could not omit Orson Welles for this theme! I think he was brilliant and one of my favourites of his films is called The Third Man. 

It's a great mystery and thriller, also starring Joseph Cotten. He's another favourite actor who did many film noirs. He and Orson Welles worked together in Citizen Kane as well. I drew these with charcoals.

This is the official trailer.

I've had another rough week Friends...all but two of my pets were sick...they are all doing fine now thankfully. I feel so helpless when they suffer!

More doughnuts!! I finally used my doughnut pans to make Baked Sour Cream Donuts...boy were they good, and only lasted one day lol!

I made another Pull-Apart Bread. So delicious! I made it with my No Knead Bread.

One night we were craving summer I made CLT's (Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomatoes), Old Bay Cole Slaw and potato salad. It felt like a summer meal!

My trailcam pooped out with the deep freeze during the past week, likely I just need more batteries, but I got a few photos of some newcomers at the bird feeders. Mourning Doves! They are my favourite bird...I LOVE their coo's!

I took these photos through my window, so they're not too clear, but I've never seen so many. There are nine in this photo, but I counted twelve in total.

They hang out in the maple tree outside my window until the Redpoles and Chickadees start eating then they fly down to join them, interesting behaviour...maybe they're just being polite? 

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  1. Wow you really nailed your own theme. These are all fantastic. I personally had a difficult time with this one. I like watching your videos. So sorry the fur kids were sick. OMG! donuts, bread, and summer food. How you don't weigh 500lbs is beyond me. I have to be so careful. LOL and donuts are my weakness. Glad your power is back too. Stay warm and safe over there.

  2. Hi Rain! Glad your power's back on. I love all your portraits, especially Bugs 'n Barbara, and Orson Welles. I've seen all those great movies and I must say that "Double Indemnity" is a true classic in ANY genre!

  3. The Third Man! One of my best memories visiting Vienna was the 3rd Man Tour, where you descend into the Vienna canal system and visit the original sites of the movie. I think I never saw this movie. *LOL* Have great day and glad you have power again. Also glad your fur babies are well again, too.

  4. ...since I know next to nothing about films and film noirs in particular, February's prompts are a stretch for me. You sure eat well in your house and so do the birds.

  5. Glad that you got your power back - and even gladder that your furry friends are doing better. It really is a dreadful feeling when they are unwell.
    Love the mourning doves and am blown away (as always) by your art. Portraiture is a very specialised talent than many do not possess.

  6. your art is really beautiful!! i did the same thing the other day, but i made bit's with french was so good!!

    good to have your power back on, it sure gets cold in the winter and so hot in the summer without it!!

  7. Hello Rain,
    I am happy that all problems have been resolved!
    Wow, you really made your own theme and that is fantastic.
    I have trouble with these kinds of movies, but I still found a solution! I'm sorry your furry friends were sick, but luckily everything turned out fine.
    No, I really don't look at all your tasty food! I become very greedy !!! LOL
    ~ Stay safe and well ~

  8. your ink and charcoal portraits are amazing. I enjoyed this post and those donuts ...and bird and... glad about your power.

    our power went out from 10 in the morning to about 7 at night with no notification like we are suppose to get ...for a planned outage as they are replacing poles. they also blocked my driveway so i couldn't get out. I was not happy yesterday. We are suppose to get a 3 day notification both by text, by email and a thing they are suppose to hang on your door. none of that happened ...for the last three times in six weeks they have replaced poles in the area and the power went out.

    today is better.

  9. I can´t really comment on this one as I can´t remember ever seen any of the movies. When I was a teen we did not go that much to see movies, we were out dancing and having fun. :) Having our own romantic problems. :)
    But, you are great with portraits. And I like to see your birds. :)
    Take care.

  10. wow...those portraits are fantastic! i had a friend that used to make a summer thanksgiving dinner each year which i always thought was fun.

  11. I'm glad your power is back and your internet was restored. Those Cheddar sandwiches look so good. I need to make some like that soon. The doughnuts look good too. I'm so sorry your pets have been sick, but glad they are feeling better. One of our kitties was sick recently but is feeling better now too.

  12. You are such an amazing artist Rain and your food always looks so incredible too! I'm sorry to hear pets were sick this week, but glad they are feeling better now. I love all the sweet little birds too.

  13. Mourning Doves are common every day at our feeders. The maximum count this winter was twenty-one. They are probably outnumbered by American Goldfinches, but they are in constant motion and are hard to count. For the past week Common Redpolls have been visiting and their numbers are slowly increasing. We started with two and today were up to seven. Your summer meal in winter looks delicious!

  14. Fantastic film noir art Rain, you sure know your movies. The food looks delicious, I dare not eat donuts, just a bite maybe. Glad your pets are on the mend, no fun.

  15. I was not aware of this Orson Welles movie but will look it up on the InterWeb.

    I have to say I have come to prefer home made doughnuts. Much less sugary.

  16. Smart birds to find food in such weather.



  18. I'm glad your internet is restored and the pets are feeling better ~ I like the sound of your summer meal, that was a fun idea! I watched the trailer for Rope, I'll have to see if I can fin the movie now it does look suspenseful. I've never heard of the third man either, I'll watch that trailer next. Your drawings are terrific, and make me want to see the movie even more! Enjoy the weekend and the birds :)

  19. You did an excellent job with the portraits. I love your food.

  20. I finally made it to your blog Rain. Another week goes by!

    I decided to link up today even though my post doesn't fit “Film Noir.” You will however like the Green Lagoon. Sorry to hear your pets have not been too well. If they are like our Joanne's dog, Holly, it's possible that when you're not looking they are eating undesirable stuff they find out on your walks? Holly's favourite was horse droppings!

    I'd never heard of Farley Granger but you made a super picture there.

    And I read the doughnut recipe to see if we might manage to create some as good looking as your own.

    Your Mourning Doves are very much like our related Collared Doves, a species which breeds very early and they are already paired up here, waiting for the first warm days. Soon we hope.

    Have a baking weekend. Warm and sunny.

  21. Fabulous drawing and paintings, love your art. I have taken the recipe for no knead bread and will try it next week.All your food looks delicious.

  22. Wonderful art and your food looks great, yummy. Sorry your legs were ill, that's hard. Look after yourself, hugs, Valerie
    I'm still in the clinic, hope to join in again when I get back home!

  23. Wow ! Rain ~ great Noir creations and lovely dove photos and yummy foods ~ Hope you are cozy and warm and that your fur persons are doing well ~ lots of healing hugs ~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  24. Love film noir movies!!! We have a channel that shows one every late Sat. night and again on Sunday morning and the host talks about the movie before it begins and then afterward. We watch just about every week. Your drawings are superb rain! Well, so is your cooking and baking and now I am hungry:)
    Sorry your pets were ill but glad they are better. Lovely shots of the birds. we are seeing more of the mourning doves now too.
    Happy PPF!

  25. Pleased you have power again.

    Fabulous art and ideas for your theme.

    Sorry to read that some of your pets were sick, but pleased they are all doing fine now.

    Your food looks wonderful.

    Wishing you a great weekend, happy Valentines Day Wishes too.

    All the best Jan

  26. You rocked your art this week! So cool!! Well done Rain! They are all amazing!!!!! Seriously, when are you opening a restaurant???? We would all come!!! Sorry your pets were sick! You know how much I love seeing your birds!!! Happy your power is back! Big Hugs!

  27. I am just blown away at how fast and how improved your art has gotten. Great job.

  28. I don't know much about movies, although I love the expression on all there faces. Happpy PPF
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  29. I'm also a fan of Film Noir, and this artwork certainly nails the theme. Great work.

  30. I love yours mourning doves!
    They know they can always rely on you, and with you they can always get food!
    Have a happy Valentine's day!

  31. Well Bugs has broad shoulders and Barbara Stanwyck ... well she looks just like Barbara Stanwyck. What is your secret? How on earth do you draw such picture perfect portraits. All of them are wonderful and I had totally forgotted Farley Granger ... this was a fun post. All good movie choices, though I am quite sure that I wouldn't have known that they were "Noir" when I watched them. Your are well versed when it comes to movies. So sorry your little gang was hurting ... so glad they are feeling better now. What did they have and were they spreading it among themselves? I have never had a pet be contagious and spread to their "siblings". Do you have a vet in your new location that can address your pet issues? So I guess making donuts would be a good thing for you if you are having a rough week. They certainly would take my mind off my problems ... as would the pull apart bread and the CLT's ... my daughter would love those. I may have to try to create some for my family. Do you put anything on other than what I can see? I too love the Mourning Doves ... I love the idea that they mate for life and they do seem to care for each other. We had many of them at the lake, but I haven't seen any around where I am now. I have to admit, I really miss being closer to nature. My comments seem to get done later and later ... have much going on here at home that keeps me busy, but I do use your blog as an escape from all of those realities and I find relaxation and enjoyment when ever I come over here. Hope you are able to get your vaccine soon. I have one more on the 27th ... then I will be able to sigh relief and go to the grocery store without having the fear of God. Stay well, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  32. Hello, Rain
    I am glad your power and internet are back on! It is good to hear that your sweet furbabies are all feeling better. I always enjoy your sketches, Bugs is a favorite. I love the Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart movies. The food looks yummy, I would love the CLT, pull apart bread and donuts. The Mourning Doves are sweet, they seem to come and go here. I hope the Grosbeaks come back. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  33. Rain,

    I'm sorry I missed linking up. I did stop by early on Thursday while you were having technical issues uploading your images and I left my direct link in comments, though. I had intended to return later but forgot then yesterday got away from me. So, when I finally got over here this morning I found your linky widget closed. :(

    I'm lovin' all of your film noir sketches. Bugs does a great job filling in for Fred MacMurray. I've wanted to see Double Indemnity since another blogger mentioned it but haven't found it on any of our streaming services.

    DH was drooling all over my keyboard when I pointed out your baked sour cream donuts. I saved your recipe. I'm eager to try it out.

    Our security cameras detect critters passing. We have a black panther wannabes, actually two, that makes routine rounds. No doubt looking for its next victim. I'm happy if they keep the mice away as they tend to find their way into the house.

    Thanks for hosting. Maybe, next week I'll have better success to get over in time to join the party! Have a good weekend!

    PS: Here's the direct link to my art this week on Curious as a Cathy!;)

  34. Glad the pets are on the mend. Such a rich pot, Rain!

  35. Glad your pets are on the mend. Great sketches and some delicious looking food. I've seen those films and they are some of my favorites too.
    Have a wonderful week going forward.

  36. Your portraits are all amazing! your donuts are making me hungry!

  37. Answering a few questions!

    Phil: The dogs will eat anything, so anything is likely lol...we had to rig up a lock on the kitchen garbage can because of them!

    Andrea: The CLT's are as you see them! I put a little butter on my bread and some Ranch dressing instead of mayo, Alex likes his with some Newman's Own Creamy Ceasar dressing. They are so good!

    Thanks for the well wishes regarding the pets my friends! Here is the breakdown:

    Marlene: Bladder crystal flare-up that led to a possible UTI, irritation and temporary incontinence...that's why she's in diapers at the moment. I'm treating her with cranberry pills and apple cider vinegar, lots of water and lots of bathroom breaks. She's improving, but I have to check the PH level in her urine daily to make sure her pee doesn't get too alkaline. We took her to the vet for this and all they could suggest was to put her on a urinary formula of food for the rest of her life - she spits that food out so we are trying to treat her from home.

    Charlie: Old elbow wound reopened because she's licking it. Charlie has cabin fever every winter and finds ways to treat her boredom, this has happened before. I try to take her outside multiple times a day, even if I'm just out checking on the trail cams - but she wants to LIVE outside!! I Polysporine'd her up, bandaged her, put on the cone and she's doing better now! And she must have gotten into something that gave her the trots so I doubled up the probiotics and put her on an easy to digest diet of chicken and rice.

    Jack: Just finished a round of antibiotics for a tooth infection. I'm treating him at home with an antiseptic gel as well as an enzymatic toothpaste in hopes that his gums remain healed. If not he will need dental surgery. I'm frightened about that because of his age so I'm hoping the home treatments will work.

    Oscar: His mystery allergies flared up again and he scratched his ear so badly it I'm treating him for that with antibiotic cream and making sure he has a good hypo-allergenic diet of only chicken with some added taurine supplement. He's back on his allergy pills for a while too, sigh.

    Dana and Leo are okay physically but gosh they are fighting like mad...

  38. Hi Rain, I was about to head on over on Thursday & saw you had tech issues so thought i'd pop over when I got back from work but Freya has been down with some kind of tummy bug, she's been on Chicken & Rice for the past couple of days, I hope your wee fur babies are on the mend now, your looking after them all so well?
    This is a great theme, my fav has to be Orson, spot on with the light and shade and your doughnuts well they would not last long in my home.
    Time is really keeping me away from things right now Rain apologies for not being around so much. Stay well & hugs to those sweet pets Tracey xx

  39. Oh my goodness... that pull-apart bread looks amazing. And thanks for the film mentions. I enjoy Alfred Hitchcock films, but have never seen Rope. Need to watch that and The Third Man. These kind of thrillers I typically enjoy.

  40. Hello Rain,
    I like The Third Man too, it reminds me of my earliest years at school, when I read the book by Graham Greene in simplified English.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  41. Your art looks great, Rain.
    I like the pigeon, luckily they can find food.
    I wish you a nice Sunday.
    Greetings Irma

  42. I am just loving your portraits, Rain! They are amazing. If I ever drew people, they'd come out as stick figures :)

    I'm so glad your pets are all doing well now. We feel really helpless when they're sick.

    I'm going to have to make that No Knead Bread! Looks easy and delicious.

  43. i mam sorry for tough week dear Rain ,how nice they feel better now and you are either

    i am STUNNED with your OUTSTANDING AND EXQUISITE art here WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are such AMAZING and TALENTED ,i loved all but the hero from third man is my favorite ,his expressions are so real i am so IMPRESSED !

    i always so love your sweet birds ,thank you for sharing :) food is cool as always !
    more blessings ,health ,peace and joy to you and yours!

  44. You have posted about one of my very favorite film types, Rain. I really like the film noir movies and favorites include Orson Welles, Robert Mitchum and Edward G. Robinson. I saw Rope years ago and will now have to rewatch it. Ms. Stanwyck while never one of my favorite actresses did a great job with Fred MacMurray and she also co-starred in a holiday-themed film with him. Your movie-themed artwork was really great, as always and my favorite was the one of Orson. Happy Hearts Day to you and Alex and sure you have planned a wonderful group of treats. We're dining at home and the menu is filet mignon, asparagus and baked potato with ice cream for dessert.

  45. At one time I was hooked on mystery and thriller movies but these days I hardly watch any. You are a great artist and you paint very well. Sorry about your sick pets, hope they are well now. Beautiful doughnuts. I too love to watch the birds from the window. Have a happy week.

  46. I'm so glad your pets are better - it's very distressing. I must say I always love your drawings - and am still laughing at Bugs Bunny in a film noire!

  47. Happy Monday Rain

    I am at 20 on the Monday mosaic linky

    much love...

  48. Hi Rain! I enjoy stopping by your blog. I'm especially interested in what you say about movies. During Covid my partner and I set up a new routine ... every weekend we watch one or two new (to us) movies on one of the streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. In the past we didn't watch many movies but now we realize what we've been missing. :-) The CLT looks delicious! And the Mourning Doves ... so cool! Thanks for sharing Rain. Take care and have a fine week ahead! John

  49. Hi, Rain! As always, your art is amazing. Debra's entry for your Art Date was wonderful and reminded me about how good film noir is. Bugs is too funny by Barbara Stanwyck. I must watch some of the old movies. I did not know you could bake doughnuts or that there were doughnut pans. Now you have shown me, and this is not a good thing!!! I'm sorry that four of your fur babies were sick. Poor things. I'm glad that they are better now. Take care!

  50. Rain - Barbara Stanwyck - now, that's a name from the past!!! I admired her talent and her beauty. Sorry, to hear that your furbabies have been sick ... it is one of the most helpless situations! Boy, those donuts look delicious! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  51. Hello, Rain. All the portraits are stunning, but the first one with Bugs Bunny is my favorite. I think I know how you felt to see your pets suffering in silence. Good news about their recovery. Take care.


  52. Loved your art, but the movie trailers really creeped me out! I saw all of them years ago and now want to do it all over.

  53. So thankful the fur babies are okay and you have power, that is a lot to deal with in one week.
    Love the art as always and those donuts!
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  54. Love your portraits and I cannot wait for the next ones.

  55. Hi Rain!
    I loved seeing the trailors of the old black and white movies...what a trip down memory lane! My Dad and I would watch "Million Dollar Movie" every Sunday afternoon and one of these classics would be shown. I became a big fan of the actor Humphrey Bogart during those years. I remember Hitchcock movies were always chilling but it's been a long time since I watched The Rope and now I want to see it again.
    Your drawings are all wonderful! Bugs Bunny made me smile as usual. Your doughnuts and bread look so good, too! I hope all your pets are feeling better and will now behave themselves. Have a wonderful week and stay warm and cozy,

  56. I haven't had a good doughnut in awhile. They look perfect. Yum!

  57. Hi Rain. So glad you power is back on, Your portraits are all wonderful and such an excellent theme

  58. Hi Rain. Had to comment even though I'm late and finally trying to catch up. Oh. yes, Stanwyck, Granger, Welles - oh my, what good likenesses you rendered. And what great movies, too. Now, Welles isn't a particular favorite of mine, but I always get a chuckle whenever someone brings him up because I immediately think of his acting troup back in the daty and smile knowing that the two dames of the bunch achieved more fame and fandom than he ever did, lol. What would the world be like without having had Endora of Bewtiched and Phoebe Wallingford from All My Children, I ask you!! Perhaps they were the real talents of the Mercury Theatre. I find it more than strange that the two biggest acting Boy Wonders of the 40s-50s -- Orson Welles and Marlon Brando -- both became so obese they could almost hide inside their bodies. heeheehee Hope your babies are still on the mend, xoxo


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