Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Food and Pets Post - Lots of Baking!

Hello my Friends! :)

How did you spend your weekend? I spent mine doing a lot of baking. I finally found my toasting bread! It's a yummy Egg Bread that's just a little sweet - made with honey. It's very good toasted with butter!

This is not a dough that will fit into a loaf pan. I actually braided it and baked it on a baking sheet. Half of the loaf is in the freezer until I can finish the first half!

These Lemon Squares are very good. These are just too easy to eat, we finish them up in a day or two so I only make them occasionally now!

Too much lemon sometimes upsets my digestion, so I made a backup dessert: Crispy Oatmeal Cookies. They have some cinnamon and nutmeg mixed into the dough which makes for the perfect Autumn cookie!

For dinner the other night, I tried a new recipe, a savoury Vegetable Cheesecake. It's more like a quiche than what most people know as a cheesecake. It's really good and very filling. If you have zucchinis to use up, this recipe calls for four of them!

Produce is so cheap this time of year so I took advantage and got lots of it! These are very healthy and very delicious Mushroom Burgers, served with fries.

This is a new one for us, Buffalo Cauliflower Fajitas

Alex loves the hot spiciness of this meal and he drizzled Blue Cheese dressing on top. 

I can't handle spicy, so I made mine without all the spices. I did use my homemade Salsa and Sour Cream though and it was pretty good. You really need a lot of fresh cilantro to make my version tasty. I'd say that Alex's version was much better.

For dinner tonight I have a Tortilla Soup planned. Tomorrow is the Fall Equinox, do you have anything special planned? I'll be making another soup, this time it'll be a nice mix of Apple and Butternut Squash. I'll post the recipes next Sunday!

Window tomatoes: I had to pick my tomatoes because the nighttime temperatures are hitting the freezing mark now in the mountains. They are mostly green and I'm hoping they ripen up by the window. I used the "Panorama" setting on my phone's camera to get this shot.

Some of the tomatoes were nice and red, I'll be using those up this week.

In total I harvested 74 cherry tomatoes and 68 regular tomatoes (all mostly green). Not too bad I guess, but my secret dream is to be able to harvest over 100 pounds of large red tomatoes!

Cheese news!!! CHECK OUT MY RACLETTE CHEESE!!!! Isn't it gorgeous?? I posted a cheese update yesterday on Rainy Day Cheese Making and honestly from yesterday to got even MORE orange. That's the rind forming! Great progress! It stinks to high heaven too so I know it's going to be delicious! It'll be ready in December - just in time for a Christmas Raclette dinner! :)))))

The Lazy Pet Files: I opened my cupboard to put some clothes away and found Baby Oscar all squished up on a blanket on the shelf. I don't know how or when he got in there but he wasn't in any hurry to get out!

Every morning after the cats finish eating, I put their dishes on the floor so the dogs can lick them clean. Lazy Marlene doesn't bother to get up anymore, she just stretches over to lick the bowls. Can you believe this???

If Leo could live on this cat shelf on the porch, he would. He hangs off it asleep...I don't know how they balance themselves!

As I watch television in bed, Jack often stares at me. Is he sad? Suspicious? Pining? I'll tell you what, I was eating a cookie and he gave me his best "I'm a poor neglected hound dog" face!

See you on Thursday for Rain's Art Date! Our theme is Mechanical, will you join in? :)


  1. That egg bread sounds quite yummy. Here's a question for you. I was told Canadian flour contains more gluten/protein than US flour and those of us in the US should use bread flour instead of all purpose flour. Do you know anything about this?

    Your food always looks so good. Hopefully your tomatos will ripen ok.

    Your animals are about as energetic as mine lol.

  2. how are you guys not overweight? The food looks fantastic!

  3. i can't get over that you can make your own raclette! if it smells, it must be good! jack cracks me up. they sure know how to give us the 'needy face'! look at those tomaters!!! they should turn red! all of the food looks so good! yum!

  4. I have had the best visit with you!! So much going on up there at your place.
    That food!!! OH,that FOOD! And those precious pets!!! Be still, my heart!!
    I have a small crock pot cooking pinto beans right now. Nothings nearly as tasty as your recent meals but it will be filling and a good Autumn meal. Adding some leftover rice and a good bit of sliced smoked sausage will make complete meal.

    I have enjoyed our visit and now I'm going back to those recipe links and saving them to my laptop.

    Making cheese??? You can do anything!!

  5. My Rare One went nuts buying a flat of peaches at Costco, and then her neighbour gave her a bunch of apples off his tree. So I've been baking like a fiend all week too, including an apple crisp and a peach cobbler.

  6. Poor Jack, he's hoping you'll share. Everything looks soooooo yummy. I made fettuccini alfredo with baby peas and broiled chicken breasts. Saturday I made another cheesecake and this time it was awesome. A perfect dessert for today. I over baked a cheesecake I made last week and it was so tough. Ugh! We couldn't eat it so I threw it out.
    Tomorrow I'm baking a shepherd's pie. I made bread dough and formed it into breadsticks and freezer bagged them for when I need them. I'll be baking them with the shepherd's pie.

  7. Just love the look of your food and the Vegetable Cheesecake sounds (and looks) delicious.

    You did well with your home grown tomatoes.

    All the best Jan

  8. Yummm...those loaves made me hungry! 🍞🍞You are obviously a good baker.😊

    Hugs to all your pets, even the visiting squirrels. I love them all.

    Veggies, Yarns & Tails

  9. We have been watching British Bakers, and oh I want to bake some.

  10. Rain, thanks for all the information you put into your posts! Thank you for all the recipes!! Much appreciated! Your fur babies are so cute! Big Hugs!

  11. Rain, I can eat gluten. It has just been "suggested" we try to break away from it for nutritional value. Heck all I have been making lately is "white" bread. LOL. I think I.m8ght try your egg bread. Sounds super yummy.

  12. your pets are so full of character! I love them all.

  13. Oh my goodness ... your little critters are simply precious!!!! If I had that many green tomatoes, I would make a dish that we call...Maters-Taters and Onions. You fry the taters and onions till soft then put the diced green maters in and fry them till soft and sprinkle corn meal over all of it and fry till everything smells luscious!!! Update on the pumpkins...8 so far and more coming, with 3 being the size of a basketball... I also have 4 little decorating mini pumpkins... they are so cute!!! We are harvesting black walnuts for a couple of weeks, so the full days continue! Have a perfect art day, and thanks for sharing your yummy food!

  14. Rain,

    Mmm, yum! I've been thinking about making some oatmeal cookies and now that I've seen yours I have to do it. I know DH won't object but I have to remind myself to stay strong and no overindulge. I want to reach my weight loss goal (105lbs) by mid-Oct. We'll see. ;) I hope to join you on Thursday. I'm working on a sketch. It's time to hit the elliptical again. Have a good week!

  15. Wow looks great! I bought raclette cheese and did a fondue type recipe. Melt the cheese in a small cast iron skillet in the oven, serve with lots of good stuff! Yummy! On my blog...

  16. The egg bread looks and sounds yummy and the Buffalo anything has me and I do love the blue cheese with're making me hungry! I love lemon squares..they are a fav in my family. They request them instead of birthday cake. I wish I could take a few of those tomatoes off your hands! LOL! Did you say "crispy" oatmeal cookies? I am a crispy cookie person so I will be trying those!
    The "pet parade" is darling. Marlene is a hoot and my girls loved cat foo too...dry or wet. Jack is could put him on a street corner with a sign and a cup and with that look you would get lots of money! LOL! I miss my girls so much but I can't have any more dogs. Too expensive and I'm getting too old. I can barely take care of myself anymore! LOL! But if I could I would in a heartbeat. I've never been without a dog in my life not that one could replace another but it is a lonely time for me. I was never lonely with my girls around. Give yours a hug from me!

  17. another delicious post - love it.

  18. Your pets made me LOL. The eyes, the eating while laying technique, and how anywhere's game to cozy up.

  19. Everything looks so delicious. I cant wait to hear how your raclette cheese turned out :)


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