September 26th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Mechanical

"Love Lost" - watercolour February 20, 2018

Hello Friends! 

September 26th's theme for our art date is: Mechanical. (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday September 26th to post your link!)

What's your version of Mechanical? Do you automatically think of machines and things that are made by machines?

Mechanical can imply routine and lack of spontaneity.

A person leading a mechanical existence can be defined as a person who has been taught a specific way of behaviour by following trends taken from society or culture.

A mechanical person can come off as inhibited, shy and not comfortable with themselves; maybe set in their ways and lacking a love for life. It could imply coldness, loneliness and sadness in a person as well

There are lots of ways to interpret this theme! I'm looking forward to your version!

Here is some music to inspire you, this is "Powerhouse". I'm sure you've heard it though you may not know it by name. This song has been used in so many cartoons during scenes where there are lots of things mechanical going on!

This is part of a great montage of Looney Tune scenes where Powerhouse was used! (Start the video at around 59 seconds.)

Here are some internet images to inspire and motivate you!


  1. i loved the way you mentioned mechanical life style of man of a society dear Rain !

    i agree with you that such STUCK life can be devastating for the soul of that person unless he learns how to keep things in BALANCE and take sense of joy
    and freedom from his routine

    oh how i should say that i loved these sample images
    specially the tree with clocks inspired me most ,something powerfully struck into my mind
    thank you so much for being such amazingly creative and incredibly versatile

    i wish i can paint ,i have intention to learn this gift if life allows me latter in leisure times ahead :)
    the last image is so scary lol ,how we are sinking into an ocean of technology is sad sometimes

  2. Rain,

    Thanks for the hints with your photo suggestions for next week's theme. I was coming up blank on this one but I think I have a direction now. :)

  3. I last image really makes you think - it is becoming apparent that we react/respond mechanically and our technolog is beginning to rule us! I didn't feel inspired to paint this time but there is plenty here to think about! thanks.


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