Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday Art Date: ✨ Unicorns ✨

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art Date! 😊😊 Today our theme is Unicorns! I drew a scene from the Looney Tunes' "What's Opera Doc?" short film from 1957. Although the horse in this short isn't a Unicorn, I took creative license! 😊 

From Wikipedia: "The story features Elmer chasing Bugs through a parody of 19th-century classical composer Richard Wagner's operas, particularly Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman), and Jac Tannhäuser. It borrows heavily from the second opera in the "Ring Cycle" Die Walküre, woven around the typical Bugs–Elmer feud. The short marks the final appearance of Elmer Fudd in a Chuck Jones cartoon."

Here's the "What's Opera Doc?" short from Vimeo...I love this so much, it's brilliant - the art work, the a kid I cried at the end of it!

I have a new #Shorts video up on my art channel!

Here's my ink and graphite Unicorn. These creatures always look a little sad to me.

Here are some foodie photos, as I'm joining in on Kathy's Food Wednesday party! I mentioned last week that Alex and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. Well this was the spread!

We had a cheese platter with my Homemade No Knead Bread. None of this cheese was my homemade stuff...I need to find time to start cheese-making again!

Some Homemade Croutons to go with a nice spinach salad.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Fried Stuffed Olives

Goat Cheese Popovers
 (these taste A LOT like little Yorkshire Puddings!)

Homemade Veggie Paté
 - first time I made this, it's a winner!

And finally, store-bought, Rain... "Tuxedo Cake"...wowsa...that's a moist chocolate cake with layers of chocolate and white chocolate ganache. It was heavenly with a little Spumanti bubbly!

For St-Patty's Day I made some Irish Coffees. 

It's been another busy week! I FINALLY got my new roof!!! It's tin and the colour is Coffee Brown! I qualified for some government assistance for this roof...that's why I've been waiting patiently since last July. I'm so relieved it's finally done - every time we had a wind storm, I would find shingles all over my property!

Jack and Baby Oscar are fine now! They both responded very well to their treatments and they are good as new! ♥

But now Dana has issues. He's licking his belly raw. He has a history of licking his belly when he feels stress. We're trying to comfort him as best we can but I'm sure the pet losses of late have affected our furries as much as it's affected us. What do you think of his new orange soft collar? So much better than those plastic ones! This is keeping him from licking and his hair is starting to slowly grow back.

We got him a big pack of cat toys to try to keep him busy and let his stress and energy out in a healthy way. The cats love these, especially the shiny foily ones! Jack loves the feathers on the stick too, he can chase that forever! I'll try to get some videos for you of them playing, it's really cute!

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Unicorns" creations! See you soon!!! 💗 💗 


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  1. I do love unicorns though the pesky virginity requirement means I will never see them.
    I am glad that your animals are improving and love that soft collar. And of course they grieve.

  2. I was going to comment on how fat that unicorn was until I watched the video. Very clever and great use of creative license. That was a great take on Wagner's operas, too. I can see why you cried as a child. I loved the quip by Bugs at the end.

    You really outdid yourself for your anniversary. I am going to try to make those fried stuffed olives, but I may use a different cheese.

    Glad you got your new roof. That's great news.

    Sorry to read about Dana, but that is one cute soft collar. Have a super week, dear Rain.

  3. Oh my goodness - I've never seen that cartoon before (didn't watch many as a kid). My hubs, and maybe my sons have sung "Kill the waaaabbit, kill the waaaabbit" numerous times, though I can't think what the context must have been. I had no idea until now where that came from. lol

    Love the soft orange collar, Rain. Those are a great idea. I hope Dana is all better soon.

  4. Congratulations on your new roof! We have a metal roof as well. They last forever. -Jenn

  5. Hello Rain, I like your colourful unicorn. The meals you have been making all look delicious - I am a big cheese lover. Your roof looks smart, your property should be warm and secure now, glad you got government assistance as that's a big outlay. So sorry for little anxious kitty, of course our Mollie has similar personality and it makes me so sad to see her creeping around apologetically in her own garden, afraid of everything that moves. The cat collar you have there looks so much nicer and more comfy than those awful brittle plastic cones vets dish out.

  6. Sweet unicorn and fur children, Rain.

  7. glad to learn ypur furry friends are recovering. But the highlight of today´s post is the ink and graphite Unicorn. That is a beautiful piece of art. :)

  8. Have a fun art date, Unicorns always remind me of fairy tales and Harry potter! Glad the furries are doing better, love that soft collar! Hugs, Valerie

  9. Your art is beautiful.
    What delicious food is on the table.
    Great that your new roof is on the house, I think you have a beautiful house.
    I hope the animals are doing well.
    Greetings Irma

  10. Hello, Rain

    Love the unicorn and bugs bunny sketch! Your celebration meal looks delicious, I would be happy with the cheese, bread and wine. YUM! Great news on the new roof, it looks great. I am so happy your furbabies Oscar and Jack are good as new, YAY! I hope Dana's issues can be resolved. Take care, have a happy day!

  11. Good morning, enjoyed your post, always loved your art, and loony tunes too are fun.
    awesome food spread wow we haven't made our own cheeses in years now-we used to do most everything when we were younger.
    those soft collars look so much more comfortable for our furry family members. congrats on your new roof too.
    Happy Thursday Kathy

  12. Rain,

    You illustration brought a smile to my face. I remember the short film well. I love the Looney Tunes! You just never outgrow those good old cartoons, do ya? Anyway, you did a marvelous job on your art pieces. The ink and graphite design is stunning! The details, especially in the eyes are amazing. I can only hope to be half as good as you someday. :)

    Congratulations on celebrating 9 years with Alex! The years just zing by, don't they? Your anniversary feast looks super yummy. I think we had a piece of Tuxedo Cake at Olive Garden many years ago. I can't remember how well we liked it now. I guess when we start dining out again, we'll have to look for this dessert on the menu again.

    That's happy news to read about Jack and Baby Oscar. I just love your kitty's name! You may remember my daddy has the same name minus the'Baby'. :) Dana looks so cute with that thingy around her neck. I guess this is to discourage her from licking her tummy while making her look a bit fashionable.

    Thanks for hosting the artsy fun, my dear. Have a doodletastic day! ;)

  13. A new roof is a cause for great celebration and you had an anniversary and St. Patrick's Day to add to the mix! Wonderful!

  14. Funny and beautiful unicorn art Rain! Delicious array of food as always. So happy about your new roof. Hope Dana feels better soon love the soft collar

  15. One of my favorite Looney Tunes.

    The dinner looks amazing! Congratulations!

    The soft collar is an interesting idea. We had to put one on A the cat as some point and it was a hard plastic cone - not a fan favorite!

  16. Great post, Rain! First of all, love, love, LOVE your Bugs 'n Unicorn art! That's one of my fave cartoons too. I've also had a slice of that Tuxedo Cake -- so sinfully decadent! And what an adorable soft collar -- so much better than a hard cone! HRH loved those foil balls too, but her fave cat toys were always the wee mice.

  17. I always smile coming here. That is one chubby unicorn! I love coming here to see what you are up to---from your art work to your food to your pets. Love it all! xo Diana

  18. Love Dana’s collar, Rain! It’s funny that my little Tinker-butt kitty used to dehair her belly as well, but she stopped when I started playing the Tesla healing videos all night. Great food spread and happy anniversary! Have a perfect week!

  19. So much to love in this post ... I have to say, I have never seen a fat Unicorn until today. It puts a whole new perspective on the subject. And, your ink and graphite drawings just get better and better. What's your secret? As for the lemon soft collar, I love it ... where did you get it. So awesome and even looks comfortable :) Izzi used to lick her paws raw. Always in the summer. We thought it was an irritation from playing in grass that had been sprayed with weed killer or fertilizer. I used to have to wash them every day with BPO-3 shampoo. It seemed to help. You can probably get it from your vet (yes, I know, another donation to his retirement :( ) And your food, once again testing my resolve to not eat fattening foods. Even the store bought cake is tempting. I still want to know how you manage to keep your girlish figure. You must have a metabolism from heaven. All in all, another wonderful visit to Rain's ... you never cease to amaze ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  20. Your anniversary dinner is to die for! And I'm glad all the pet-kids are back in good form. I love the kitty "collar of shame" like a lemon. That's really cute!

    Thanks for the Looney Tune! I think a whole generation can't listen to a lot of classical music without thinking of cartoons! Hey, any way it works!

  21. Oops. Went back and re-read your post. Not ALL the pet kids are doing well. Sorry to hear about Dana. Gypsy did that -- lick his belly raw -- after Stimpy died. He did it for a very long time and my vet was quite convinced grieving had something to do with it. Eventually it stopped. I think we also used some herbal floral essences from Green Hope Farm for grief. I don't know if that made a dif or not or if it was just time, but I'm willing to believe!

  22. The ink and graphite speaks to me. I could almost see the unicorn moving it's head and the wind in it's mane. I like the soft collar on Dana. So much better than those hard plastic ones. Glad to hear your 3 fur babies are doing well.

  23. Rain - I love the "pudgy" nature of the first unicorn - it really made me laugh. Congratulations on your 9-year anniversary, and that was quite a spread! I am copying the links to the goat cheese popovers and the veggie pate. I have never seen a soft collar like that for a cat - hope Dana's fur grows back quickly and it stays that way! Enjoy your weekend!

  24. ...nothing is better than a good roof and a metal roof will last for years! Thanks for hosting the party, Rain.

  25. Hello Rain! Your posts are always so lovely. Hope all is well. I'm going to try and participate next Thursday. :) Lovely as always!

  26. I am just not a unicorn person. Not sure why. Wow all that food. You have been busy.

  27. The food looks delicious. And congratulations on getting a new roof! Always a joy to improve one's home!

  28. I always enjoy seeing your art, and your food looks delicious.
    Congratulations on getting a new roof.

    Have a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

  29. I'm smiling at how you used creative license with the horse, he/she looks amazing as both, fun to see the opera sketch again not seen for so long.
    Your ink and graphite Unicorn is beautifully drawn Rain.
    I hope Dana will be distracted by the toys, when Freya was spayed she had a surgical jacket which covered her whole body like a onsey.. it stopped her nibbling at her stitches *Highly recommended*
    The roof looks fabulous, love the sound of coffee brown hee hee.. and just look at all that wonderful food.. I'm very partial to yorkshire pud :)
    Hugs to you all, will catch up with you very soon Tracey x

  30. I have take another look at all of this food and my eye keeps going to the bread. Your spreads are always so inviting and look delicious.

  31. To unicorns! :-)
    And to 9 years, happy anniversary!
    The other weekend we wanted to make stuffed mushrooms but didn´t find the right ones, yours look great.
    The olives sound yummy, too.

  32. Your anniversary spread looks super delicious! I'm getting hungry. Bread and cheese is really all you need... The soft collar looks great and fun, so much better than the stiff plastic ones and I could imagine also much more comfortable for the cat.

  33. Oh no...sorry to hear about the loss of some of your pets. That totally breaks my heart. Sorry your fur is having issues dealing with the stress of that also. They are like people in things they feel. It hurts me to see them grieving. As always, that FOOD!YUM....I love no knead bread. I found one of PINTEREST that is a white bread and I add diff things to it like garlic and basil or my fave is Rosemary.I LOVE ROSEMARY bread. Yay, on the roof. Something you will not have to worry with again for years to come. LOVE the drawing of the unicorn. I like to think there are really some out there waiting for me to find them. My Lily Bit loves the tunnel. I leave it out for a bit, then I put it up for a while and then when I take it out again, its like a new toy. When I was scrolling and reading about your meals, I had to double take, the napkin folded across the plate got my attention. I first thought the plate was broke in the middle! Love your upstairs window in the house which by the way is looking so adorable. Merriest 9th anniversary to you both.

  34. Rain, you and Alex certainly enjoyed a wonderful food-fest on your 9th anniversary celebration🥂 An evening of appetizer foods are favorites here as well. No Knead bread is wonderful fresh out of the oven, but my dutch oven won't fit in our toaster oven 😟, so it's traditional oven baking for me. Glad that Baby Oscar and Jack are doing better and hope Dana will be better soon too. I have to agree that the unicorn ink and graphite art did look sdad, but the first one made me smile too. And who didn't grow up loving Looney Tunes?

  35. Rain that anniversary dinner looked wonderful! I would have enjoyed it all! Happy Food Wednesday! I'm a little late to the party.. Hugs! deb

  36. I'm so glad you got your new roof! That's such a relief! Love your art this week too and yummy food! You're making me hungry and it's time for bed! lol I guess I'll dream about it! Hugs!

  37. Hi Rain. I wish I had some unicorns to post. I'm afraid I have nothing. But maybe next week for your challenge, now that I've met you through Kathy's food Wednesdays. And what a spread you had. It looks amazing. We get those tuxedo cakes from Costco and boy are they good. And I think so many people forget how pets are attached to their "family" members as we are attached to them also. That's a great orange soft collar. What a good idea. Hope he stops licking and glad to see those sweet faces. Hugs-Erika


    very nice art indeed the pencil unicorn is also gorgeous :)

    i enjoyed the video too ,by seeing it seems easy but i know there is lots of patience and creativity involve :) you have gift .

    your food is MIND BLOWING as always wow ,many stuffed things i loved all .
    great that both pets are doing good by the grace of lord!

    best wishes for Donna !

    congrats for having new roof installed . it looks great .
    hugs and blessings !


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