Thursday Art Date: April 14th - A Fond Memory

Hello Friends! 😊😊

April 14th's theme for our art date is "A Fond Memory" (please visit my blog, Rain Frances, on Thursday April 14th to post your link!). The photo above was taken in March of 2020 as I signed the deed to my new home, virtually, with my lawyer! This is such a fond memory for me!!

Think of a very fond memory, one that makes you smile and feel comfy inside! Now express that artistically! I can't wait to see what you create, and what your memory is!

Here are some images of my own fond memories over the years!!

I lived in Orford Quebec from 2005-2009. Nearly every day from spring until fall, I climbed Mount Orford. I conquered my fear of heights one summer by riding the chair lift down the mountain!

Fond memories of dinners with Alex!

Forever fond memories of the time we babysat 2 of our friend's dogs for 9 months back in 2017-2018. Five dogs and three cats - it was so much fun!

When I met Alex in 2013, he taught me how to fish. We don't fish anymore due to our sensitive nature towards all animals, but at that time it was a lot of fun and I hold those outings deep in my heart.

Celebrations! Especially Halloween hold some amazingly fond memories for me!

I lived on Prince Edward Island for a year in 2009-2010. I LOVED it there!

One of the fondest memories of all...buying my first home and moving to New Brunswick! And making it across the border during Covid!

Great memories of the wildlife in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec.

Summers with my first dogs, Winston and Spencer!

Lovely memories of our visit to The Rocks during the summer of 2021 - something I've wanted to do since 2010!

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