Thursday, March 17, 2022

Thursday Art Date: πŸ˜‡ Angels πŸ˜‡

 Warning: BIG POST! Art, Pets, Food and Fun...something for everyone, thanks for being here!

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art Date! 😊😊 Today our theme is Angels! Sylvester always looks quite angelic when he's caught messing with Tweety Bird! I bet Granny is right around the corner to save Tweety yet again!

Here's my ink and graphite drawing of my furry angels Charlie, Leo and Marlene. I added some colour with markers and Prismacolor pencils.

My latest #SHORTS video is up on my Rain Frances Art channel if you'd like to watch it!

Do you think I can go one week without reporting that I'm continuing to finance my vet's retirement???? We had to take Jack to the vet on Monday. He had a growth in his eye that was bleeding. It was surgically removed last May when he had his dental surgery, but grew back. This time the vet (sorry) squeezed it like a pimple and cauterized it. We may have to do this yearly, but it beats more surgery for my baby. This is what he's been looking like after naps. The discharge from his eye causes his eye lids to stick shut, so I just put a warm compress on his eye for a few minutes, then gently open his eye.

He's doing well! Instead of that horrible plastic collar, we bought a nice soft one for him so he can't scratch his eye. This one is too small, I'm just waiting on a larger size to be delivered! I don't know why I never thought of soft collars before!! PS: Baby Oscar the cat is just fine!!

Life is keeping me very busy! My local wholesale market had hothouse tomatoes at an excellent price so I bought 80 pounds and canned them. But that wasn't enough torture for me, I went BACK and got another 60 pounds to make Salsa, Pizza Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce and Marinara Sauce. We are plenty stocked now until probably end of summer! Then it starts all over again!!! 

Gardening season is almost here! In a few weeks I'll be starting my seeds indoors. Until then I'm trying my hand at propagating Cilantro and Basil in water. Apparently they grow roots within a week or two and you can plant them in soil and they should grow into a nice plant. I'll let you know how this goes!

I somehow found time to start a few wheels of Camembert...they are blooming beautifully!

 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and fries

CLT Subs (Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes) with Homemade Sub Sauce: this is excellent sauce!

I'm joining in on Kathy's Food Wednesday party!

Alex and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary this week and I made a TON of delicious food! I will post next week, I didn't have time to edit all of the photos and recipes!

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Angels" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


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  1. Sylvester had me laughing at the look on his face when he was caught. What was really touching was your drawing of Charlie girl, Leo, and Marlene. Almost heart wrenching, but poignant.

    You are the canning queen. Between you and Nicole, I applaud your efforts and skills.

    Poor Jack. It sounds like the expense wasn't quite as bad as you originally expected at least.

    I want that grilled cheese. You have made me SO hungry. The sandwich and fries look SO good.

    I buy seeds for cilantro and basil. Both are very easy to grow, at least for me. Good luck with your experiment.

    Sorry I have to sit out until the end of April. I have no unicorns or mermaids and on the 1st, I start my 22 days of recycling. Hope all is now well in your world, and Jack continues to improve.

  2. Poor Jack, I hope his eye heals well, I imagine the vet bills are a constant drain on you but unavoidable of course, especially with something as precious as eyes. Your jars of tomato sauces look impressive, in the UK not many people do this, no space I suppose and shops all over the place, but I am growing tomatoes this year so will try making and freezing sauces with any surplus. I haven't had time to do any art this week although I like the angel theme. I will tell you a story instead - I think I saw an angel once the night I was told my father had died I went to the church I then belonged to, quite an old, gothic looking building. The pastor let me I could stay in there for an hour or so alone and told me to close the self locking door behind me when I left - during the time there I saw a constant shadow like someone in a cloak, something heavier than a shadow but not a human, on the back wall, sometimes it moved around a little up by the choir stalls- I didnt feel afraid and just knew it was something real that was there because of my grief - I assume an angel. When I left I said goodbye to it.

  3. I think your art is beautiful.
    I hope Jack is doing well.
    Great to see the pots with tomatoes, you can go ahead for the time being and don't have to buy anything.
    The other food looks delicious.
    Greetings Irma

  4. lol what Sylvester does we call hypocritical!
    Lol, if I had all those tomatoes I would never be able to finish eating them. I don´t eat much anymore.

    I hope Jack is getting better soon.
    Take care!

  5. Hello and happy Anniversary Rain! I am a fan of Tweety Bird, always happy to see him rescued. Lovely sketch of your angel furbabies. I am glad Jack and Baby Oscar are doing well. Vet bills are very expensive, we've been there with our old dogs too. I love grilled cheese, one of my favorite sandwiches. You are doing well keeping your pantry stocked. Take care, have a great day!

  6. I don't think we have had anything with tomato sauce for at least a couple of weeks, so......maybe tonight. Chicken parmigiana sounds good, i know we have some quinoa pasta and I just bought Romaine lettuce, so were all set. All I need to do is pick up a bottle of wine!

  7. Rain,

    Yeah, Sylvester would like to make you think he's an angel but we all know differently. Your furbaby angels is a nice illustration. Holy Tomato, 80 pounds then 60 more! The picture of your canned tomatoes is that from the first 80 pounds? I just wanted to understand how much that would yield. Anywho, it sounds like you're taken care of for awhile anyhow. There's gonna be a whole lot good foods to come with these tomatoes. Yum, your grilled cheese sandwich looks yummy! You always make me hungry. Let me scoot for now. Thanks for hosting and have a doodletastic day!

  8. I love your drawing of the pets - and you have captured Sylvester's look perfectly!

  9. Your furry angels art is perfect for this theme! And happy 9th anniversary to you and Alex! And wow, you are the Queen of Tomatoes!

  10. Very touching and sweet angels featuring your beloved pets. The cartoon lightens the mood! You have been working hard so many jars wow, you are all set for the summer.

  11. Wow!!! I absolutely luv tomatoes.
    Happy Thursday


  12. Congrats on the anniversary Rain and Alex. I’ll have a glass of wine soon and toast you both.

    Poor Jack. I couldn’t help but smile, I think he’s been practicing that forlorn look so as to gain even more sympathy? I hope he’s better by now and able to ditch his collar.

    I’m impressed by your cannery skills with those beautiful tomatoes. Not sure how much they cost but it must work out cheaper (and far better/healthier) than the jars of tomato sauce we buy at £1 a time.

  13. I think you or your husband should rethink your career choices and go into vet medicine. What a haul you've had -- and all the harder because when our fur kids hurt it is so emotional. I loved your portrait of them.

    Camembert! And all those tomatoes! I always get a load in September and we eat our way through them all winter -- but never thought of it in March. You're a busy woman and I bow down!

  14. Well awesome ... you have made it through the "Seven Year Itch" :) Congratulations and a Happy Anniversary to you both. So I am so far behind and I just realized that I didn't comment on last weeks post either ... Ugh! So your Taz is amazing and looks a little ferocious. Poor Baby Oscar ... my Fonzi had that happen once and we had to take him to the emergency Vet($$$) because, of course, it was on a Sunday. I am sure it is painful, but you probably can't tell because they hide their pain so well. Sweet Baby ... I hope he is all better now. And Sylvester ... what a hoot. You captured the perfect "who me? look. Love it!!! I love your angels of Charlie, Leo and Marlene ... so beautiful and they are up there waiting to see you again in time. Poor Jack, and at least his "cone of shame" is soft and more comfortable. I found a soft cone for Izzi when she had her ACL surgeries ... made a big difference.
    TomAtoe, tomahtoe *80 pounds ... are you kidding me? You are really a gluten for punishment, but I have to say they look delicious before and after canning. My father was a Professor in Horticulture and we always had fresh grown tomatoes both from outside and from the greenhouse ... I love a good juicy tomatoe :) Your food always look so good and it makes me hungry and sadly, I don't have anything here that looks as tempting ... probably a good thing, Ha! So it is good to see you back in full swing again. I know times have been hard, but you pick yourself up and get back to it ... and that always helps. By the way I had to enter my link again because the first one was attached to the wrong site, don't ask me why. I don't know how to remove the first one so there are two ... if you know how, be my guest :) All for now ... until next week :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  15. Such a lovely post.

    Happy 9 year anniversary to you and Alex.

    All the best Jan

  16. Oh that naughty Sylvester. Jack's face..he looks so forlorned. Hopefully his eye will be fine for a looong time. I do not think I have ever seen anyone can in the quanities you do. Quite impressive. As always, your cheese is gorgeous. Happy anniversary.

  17. Happy Anniversary, Rain! I thought I was busy, but you make me feel tired!!! Good looking Camembert! Enjoy your weekend!

  18. ...Rain, I see that you have a number of angels. The CLT looks great, can I order a take out? Thanks for hosting the party.

  19. I am so sorry that Jack has been having trouble with his eye. You made me laugh about making the vet rich. Amen to that!

  20. That was a big post, Rain! Congratulations on your anniversary! Great drawings, poor pup, and yummy food. It occurs to me that you now understand, right, why families with lots of children have so much trouble making ends meet? There's always one or more having to go to the doctor. At least your pets won't be going off to expensive college, lol. Eager to see how that basil and cilantro do, have a good week! xoxo

  21. Hi Rain. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really should start putting together posts for your Thursday art day. I had a cat named Leo also, and he might be with your Leo too, if names mean anything to cats. And I had to agree with the cost of doggie care. Jack looks sweet. Pets do become our children, don't they? Have a great weekend. hugs-Erika

  22. Dear Rain, the picture of your furry angels Charlie, Leo and Marlene is so touching! And when I see Jack's sad look, I suffer with him - poor little one! Luckily the kitten is fine again. But you're right, your vet will probably get rich from you. You were extremely busy, so many canned tomatoes! Yummie, and Camembert, I love it! Happy 9 year anniversary!!! <3 <3 <3
    All the best and have a nice weekend,

  23. everything about this post is what i like to see - (you're so creative) - wow where do you find the time... and growing cilantro and ...well. I live in the an area filled with squirrels and chipmunks and gophers and well like you ..seasonal weather and i wouldn't begin to know how to garden ..meaning food gardening. i always only planted flowers.

  24. I just love your furry angels. Poor Jack! I know what you mean about funding your vet's retirement! Between my vet and my mechanic, I must have sent four kids through college! As usual, your food looks sooo wonderful. And happy anniversary!!!

  25. The pictures of the canned tomatoes lined up behind the fresh ones are works of art! There is nothing mundane in your life -- your artistic hand shows in everything you do! (I'm thinking of how my kitchen looked when we used to can and it was nothing at all like that!). As always I enjoyed everything. Just wanted to reach in and grab one of the Camembert wheels all for myself!

  26. Good morning, really enjoyed your post. poor fur baby but the new alternative sounds much better and I was not familiar with those soft collars so much better and must be more comfortable for them too.
    good for you canning up tomato products-I do miss that, we used to preserve most all of our food. and home canned salsas etc are just the best.
    Loved your art today had me smiling
    Thank you for joining us for Food Wednesdays and Happy Anniversary too. hugs

  27. Great we both joined Kathy's Food Wednesdays I already got a recipe idea from there!

  28. Very cool video and wow on the tomatoes!
    I´ll try this next time I have fresh herbs, thank you.

  29. My you are a busy woman!!Wonderful post! Hugs! deb

  30. Your grilled cheese with fries really looks delicious. I think it's approaching dinner time so I'm looking at all today's food posts. Working up an appetite (without exercise)

    best... mae at

  31. Your food looks so yummy Rain, and this is perfect for linking up to Kathy's Wednesdays. I'm waiting for the hubby to get home for dinner, so now I am really hungry.

  32. Belated Happy πŸ₯‚ anniversary to you and Alex and best wishes for a wonderfully delicious celebration. We will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our 1st date in mid-May. Hoping that Jack is feeling better soon as he does look a bit mournful in his close-ups this week. Yikes, on all that canning, Rain. Even when we did do some tomatoes and salsa it was never in the amounts you manage to produce. How do you do it all?

  33. Awww, Jack is probably feeling all better by now. While his eye popping sounds pretty awful, I imagine it was a great relief for him. Your jars of tomatoes are gorgeous, Rain! You are so industrious. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you and Alex!

  34. Back again for Kathy's Food Wednesday and still loving all that canning you did, as well as starting basil and cilantro in water. Good luck with both of those, dear Rain.

  35. You are so talented. I really admire how you buy and use up every bit of food. Your cheese looks awesome and I didn't know you could do that with cilantro and basil. Glad your doggie is better; what a sweet face he has.


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