Thursday, November 4, 2021

Thursday Art Date: The Workshop

Hello Friends! 😊😊😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is The Workshop. Bugs and Daffy are switching production companies and posing for a scene from Disney's Pinocchio! Gepetto's Workshop produced a sweet and loveable little boy didn't it? πŸ˜Š

A workshop is anywhere you create something right? I decided to do a silhouette watercolour, perhaps a self-portrait, of my kitchen workshop! I love painting silhouettes! I've got a delicious, warming and cozy stew going!

Look what I forgot to bring out for Halloween!!! I made my own Bones Man!! πŸ’€

The "a" key on my laptop keyboard has decided to stop working. I tried cleaning the keyboard, I tried compressed air, nothing works. You would not believe how many A's I use in my typing everyday! I am copying and pasting A's all through this post and it is tiresome....dare I say annoying???!!!! 

So I will keep this short my friends. I hope to get a new keyboard tomorrow!

Today's featured Artist is Aimeslee from Paper Paisleys Art Adventure blog. Aimeslee is a fun-spirited lovely lady who makes gorgeous and creative homemade cards! Please visit her! πŸ’—  


(If you do not want to be featured, just let me know in the comments and I'll respect your wishes!)

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "The Workshop" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


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  1. Love your creativity - and your bones man looks great.
    I hope your new keyboard arrives - and count your lucky stars it wasn't the e which failed.

  2. I love your idea of Bugs and Daffy playing/imitating Gepetto's workshop. Daffy is being brave playing Pinocchio. Not sure how good Bugs is at hand sewing.

    I say my entire home is my workshop, but, as a rule, the kitchen is not one of those places. You are the queen of cooking and cheese making, so you always have something yummy going on. Gotta love the Bones Man you created for Halloween from those Cheetos.

    I hope you find a good keyboard and that all the letters work. I had one where the T's stuck. Sort of as bad as the A's.

    Have a lovely week, Rain and please stay stress free.

  3. Lovely workshop post, your kitchen is indeed a workshop! Hope you get a new keyboard soon.

  4. I love that silhouette. That would be perfect for your kitchen. Put a simple frame on it and maybe do a few more to make a set. That would be so cute.
    I know the feeling when a key gets stuck and doesn't want to work anymore. I found a quick fix for either cleaning under the key or replacing one. I don't know if you are mechanically inclined but I found this video helpful.

  5. Fun post, love the art, especially your silhouette of cooking stew. My cooking pots are a tad smaller! Sorry about your keyboard, mine is playing up, too, but I can't change it as it's part of my laptop! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  6. ...with my keyboard several keys will print twice instead of once, old age makes strange things. Thanks Rain for hosting, I'll be back tomorrow.

  7. Hello Rain,

    I love your Bugs, Daffy and the silhouette art work. The keyboard trouble sounds frustrating. I am sure your kitchen is a wonderful place to work, with the delicious stew cooking. Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. My workshop is the Great Outdoors and I am in it every day! The great thing is I don't have to do much of anything. It just welcomes me every time and provides the finest entertainment I could wish for. Actually today is the day we will be cleaning the nest boxes at SpruceHaven and winterizing them all. We will put some nice clean wood shavings in the owl boxes and with luck screech owls will find them a great winter roosting spot. Last year in three of the six boxes owls took up residence. Yesterday we had a dusting of snow to remind us it's time to get this done.

  9. i love that silhouette! it's so well done. it's 28 here this morning...brrrrr!

  10. hm, so that is the problem? Maybe it is the keyboard and not my fingers that don´t want to type the same letter two in a row. Like tt most timed it become tat. :)

    Love both art this week. :)

  11. Well done!
    I finally did some art. It's been a tough time here.

  12. P.S. I hear you about the keyboard. sigh.

  13. Its a publuc holiday here in T&T as the hindu community celebrates Divali. Covid protocols in place

    Happy Thursday


  14. I love that snack of bones! I missed them this year, but you like them as well! Im off to visit All your linked in friends! xo

  15. I agree with you about silhouettes. It leaves so much up to the viewers imagination also.

  16. Nice art my friend. However, those bone Cheetos are to live for. I have never seen them before. Have a great day.

  17. I adore "Pinnochio Duck." Very clever. I can relate to your stuck A. I had a problem with that on my other keyboard and eventually broke down and bought another! (I use an external keyboard with my laptop) It helps!

  18. It is nice to see that Bugs and Daffy are still getting callbacks.

    Agree with the sticking letter. Somehow, the lesser used letters like "X" and "Q" are never subject to this.

  19. Hi Rain, I featured you and your wonderful blog on my post for Friday. Hope you will visit and enjoy the nice comments. As for your culinary creations for Halloween, they are awesome!!! I just love your creative talents and would love to taste every single one of them.

  20. Sorry about your stuck 'A' hope you get a new keyboard soon.

    All the best Jan

  21. Hi Rain! Wow, what a surprise, a real honor to be featured, thank you! Fun artwork this week from you! Since I constantly crave Cheetos I am very envious, lol. Argh, not good about your laptop keyboard, not at all. The keyboard for my trusty desktop is only $10 on Amazon so maybe you can hook one of those up to it??? Have a good week! xoxo

  22. I hope you get your new keyboard, Rain. I had one go out on me once too and it is annoying. I like your bones man. LOL

  23. De-rest R-in, I cross my fingers t-ht you soon get - new keybo-rd!!!! It's re-lly - problem to get -long without -n "-". Bugs -nd D-ffy -s Pinocchio -nd Gepetto -re -bsolutely -wesome. -nd I -lso love your be-utiful silhouette self-portr-it. The skeleton to e-t is gre-t!
    -ll the best from -ustri-

  24. s you are always whipping up something delicious (not in a big black pot though, I presume. :) It has been and continues to be rough times around here. My daughter is have all kinds of difficulties and our house is bombarded with nurses and PT's. I also was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on my face, of all places, and Friday they carved out a big swatch of my cheek ... I will be scarred for life, but I will be cancer free. Life is a test ... who knows if they ever pass it. Stay safe, my friend, you are one of my few respites.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  25. When George W. Bush moved into the White House there was a report that the outgoing Clinton people removed all the W keys from the keyboards. Ha ha...Saturday Night Live said the Bush team promised to get to the bottom of things and find out "ho did this and ho." Hahhaha...sorry, bet you didn't think you'd remind someone of George W. Bush today!

    My hats off to you for your copy-paste dedication.

  26. Hi Rain!
    Sorry I haven't been around! Sometimes, I am on Instagram, to check in with my work and I check a post of yours. I have been so bad with everything, because I have been busy with work. I have missed you and your art and your fur babies and of course, your yummy food! I hope your "A"'s are working again! Love your Bones man! LOL! I will try to catch up more tomorrow! Big Hugs!

  27. I thought this was going to be a tricky one but I managed something, and enjoyed seeing all the real workshops Elle/EOTC xx


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