Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday Art Date: Diagonal

Hello Friends!! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Diagonal. Tweety Bird put on his snazziest rain gear to go for a walk in the rain. 😊 His plaid pattern is filled with diagonal lines, as is the rain falling! 

Here is my charcoal Sylvester Stallone from the movie Copland. Have you seen it? It's spectacular. Sly gained a lot of weight for this role by "eating a steady diet of giant pancakes served at a local pancake house." (IMDB) He played a bit of a deadbeat sheriff who eventually has to confront the mob. It's set in the 1970's and has such a great plot. It's also starring Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Robert Patrick and Michael Rapaport.

Ray Liotta is also in Copland. I love this guy...he's an amazing actor. Did you know that he cries in most of his movies? I don't know if this is trivia or not, but I've noticed it! He's good at it too! 😊 But boy, was he hard to draw!!! The reason I chose to draw these two portraits this week is because there is a scene in the movie where Ray's character talks about the "Diagonal Rule" of perpetual motion for chasing criminals in cars..."Red light, don't fight, make a right." This always stuck with me!

I highly recommend this movie if you like drama thrillers with suspense. Above is the official trailer.

On the food front, I don't have much to share this week, but there will be plenty for next week's post!! I've been eating a lot of leftovers and salads...and lots of Blueberry Muffins too!

I have given up (for now) on my bird cam because it's eating up batteries SO only lasts a week. Each trail cam takes 8 batteries, so it's not quite in the budget now! Here is a photo of some Evening Grosbeaks at the feeder barrel. They LOVE sunflower seeds!

And here is a neat shot of them in the Birch trees!

I brought Marlene back to the vet last week...she has advanced kidney failure. 😢 There is not much to do for her except keep her on the renal diet and give her probiotics. She is responding well and I'm enjoying every moment. It's not too least I don't think so. My late pug Winston was diagnosed with kidney failure back in 2004 and I was told he had about 3 weeks to live. I changed his diet and gave him probiotics and he lived until 2011, so my chin is up for Marlene!

On the way home, I stopped by one of the local farms to take photos of the deer. They are so pretty...this is a cabbage farm and they are cleaning it up for the farmers!

I never see any bucks! Deer always remind me a bit of Marlene, I think she has deer ears! 😊

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link gadget below to see more "Diagonal" artwork!


Jack, cleaning Oscar's ears!

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  1. Those deer have cute tails. I hope the new diet helps Marlene. I need to try to make muffins again. I read an article that said to not fill the muffin pan in all of its 12 slots, to fill every other place. This helps with the rise of them.

  2. We had a cat with advanced kidney failure who stayed with us for another five years. I hope Marlene does too.
    As always your art blows me away - and I do love your visiting critters too.

  3. Cute Tweety with lots of diagonal touches. The portraits are so good too. All the best for Marlene, in humans kidney failure usually means you don’t have long to live, obviously different for animals.

  4. Tweety Bird in the rain ,that is so sweet, the scene was well drawn!
    Impressive B / W drawings by the actors.
    These are great photos of these beautiful grosbeaks, I've never seen them before and the deer.
    I hope with you that Marlene can live with the disease for a while.
    Sweet das Video from this two!
    All the best to you all and take care of yourselves, hug Elke

  5. Great selection of art and photos! Hugs, Valerie

  6. So sad about Marlene but she is going to get every precious moment with you knowing how loved she is and I hope you can manage her kidney problems for a long, long time. Real shame about the bird cam batteries, maybe you can rig something up on a generator or move the site nearer the house and get some power outside to plug a camera into - i.e. security camera type stuff. We get some beautiful birds in the garden but I know Mollie will kill them so can't encourage them - I have a small feeder near the window and love watching them when I am working out in the conservatory. I just loved seeing the deer - we have little deer like these in the woods behind me (on a smaller scale than yours!) it's a tiny pocket of land belonging to a nearby manorhouse - we rarely see them so it's very exciting when we do - recently we saw some babies they are so elegant. Betty x

  7. p.s. I saw at end of Jack video you have cat daddy on the reel - he's brilliant - I am finding him great help with Mollie.

  8. What beautiful charcoal drawings these are.
    Beautiful the deer in the snow.
    Greetings Irma

  9. I like the deer, they have something tender!
    How's Marlene? Has she recovered a bit?
    The muffins look gorgeous!
    Your art is very nice!
    With you is still snow ... I wish you that Spring will come soon!

  10. Tweety Bird looks great in his rain gear. Brings color to a rainy day. Love the Evening Grosbeaks and the sweet deers. They are cute and looks very comfy and warm in there fluffy skins. (not sure if I use the right words)

    Glad Marlene is better. About the movies, I can´t tell, I have not seen them, I think. If I did it is soo long ago I don´t remember!

    Take care!

  11. Tweety is a Sweety! Great critter pics, Rain. Lithium batteries are more expensive, but last for close to a year for us, through all kinds of weather. Bucks are more wary, yes, but they won't have antlers this time of year, so you have to look for buds on their heads.

  12. The deer are so cute! Glad the farm lets them eat the leftovers of the cabbage. Is there a fence around the fields during the rest of the year? Tweety is so cute with his rain boots and coat, too. I wonder, that my trailcam's batteries are lasting so long (almost through the 2nd year now), but it might be, that I set the timer to 30 seconds for taking photos, so it doesn't take too many photos, when there is too much movement. Have a nice day!

  13. Sorry I'm so late linking. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. First, I hope Marlene is still improving. I worry about her.

    Second, I love your diagonal. It is truly clever. Let's hope Tweety Bird stays dry in his rain gear. It's quite snazzy and everything matches so well.

    Your blueberry muffins look good. I understand about left overs. I eat a lot of those, too.

    Too bad about the bird cam. Do they make rechargeable batteries for it? I'd go broke if I had to replace batteries every time I need them for my camera. I've never heard of a grosbeak, evening or morning (grin). Gotta LOVE the deer shots. Hope your week is great, dear.

  14. Thanks for today's prompt Rain. Thos muffins look delishhhhh


  15. those grosbeaks are beautiful. a cabbage farmer close by??? cabbage is seriously one of my favorite vegetables because it has endless uses. i would be making kim chi and sauerkraut and halushki and korean pancakes...everything! i love those charcoals.

  16. Tweety walking in the rain is very appealing and reminds me of when my daughter was just a little girl and we would go for a walk in the rain together, she in her little yellow rubber boots, with her own umbrella of course. Back then we seemed to have those nice, gentle rains, which were perfect for a walk. Of late, it seems to be a deluge or nothing,

  17. And they call it puppy love. I can hear Oscar now, "Ew gross! Fog germs! It'll take me hours to het the stink off!"

  18. Your Ray Liotta portrait may have been hard to do, but it turned out SPECTACULARLY! Those eyes! That mouth! Wow!

  19. Hi Rain, love that lil Tweety and you nailed Sly's and Ray's eyes for sure. Now I'm hungry for blueberry muffins, yum! Have a great week, xoxo

  20. Beautiful art and photos as always Rain. I know you will give sweet Marlene the best possible care. I hope you still have lots of time left with her. Big hugs!

  21. Rain,

    Your Tweety is adorable. I'm doing the A to Z Challenge next month and have decided to sketch Looney Tune characters. I find it difficult to draw a small Tweety in a scene. I may have to focus on creating an illustration on a larger scale so I can get more accustom to Tweety's shape and features.

    Your charcoal drawings are fabulous. I love both Sylvester Stallone and Ray Liotta. Ray portrays a crazy or evil character really well. I haven't seen Cop Land or at least I don't remember having seen it. I will see if I can find it for us to watch.

    Mmm, blueberry muffins! Those look yummy!

    The birds are cute little things and the deer...oh my, lots of deer! How cool to come upon a field full of them.

    Saying prayers for Marlene. I hope the diagnosis isn't as grim as the doctor says. Maybe, she'll respond well as Winston did.

    Thanks for hosting the creative fun, my dear. Have a doodletastic week!

  22. As always lovely art and great photos. Yes, I have seen that movie and I agree it is a good one. All the very best with Marlene. You are doing the right thing. Your muffins look amazing. Have a great day today.

  23. I really like the diagonals in your Tweety Bird picture. Hopefully, Marlene will live a long time on the renal diet and probiotics. Fingers crossed. Those muffins look delicious!

  24. I watched the trailer, it does look like a good movie :) I hope diet helps Marlene ~ Your a good mom. I love the grosbeaks and the deer are precious, I'm sure the farmer wouldn't say the same! Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Love, Karen

  25. I do hope the new diet will help Marlene.

    I do like the diagonals in your Tweety Bird picture.
    Your muffins look very yummy :)

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  26. So cute how Tweetie Pies tail feather pokes out from his plaid coat hee hee. Loving those charcoals again Rain, i've added the film to my watch list.
    How magnificent do the birds look in the tree, the bright yellow really stands out against the snowy landscape.
    I'd give anything for a blueberry muffin right now, they really are my favourites. Hugs to you and the furbabies Tracey xx

  27. Your deer look so different from ours Rain! Ours have longer ears.

  28. Hello Rain,

    Tweety Bird is a favorite of mine, even when I was a child. I guess I loved birds even back then. Your Evening Grosbeaks are beautiful, lucky you! I wished they would stop by my yard, they were seen in the area. Cute captures of the deer! Your muffins look yummy! I will keep your sweet dog in my prayers for good health and that the diet helps Marlene. Cute video of Jack and Oscar! Take care, enjoy your day! I wish you a happy new week!

  29. Thanks, Rain, for the update on Marlene and I am sure that your loving care will help prolong her life despite the dire prognosis. The deer were amazing to see and even more so was that there's still so much snow as we do not have any here in Nashua, NH, now. The video of Jack and Oscar was beyond cute and amazing that they get along that well. Looking forward to seeing the new food pics, but the blueberry muffins looked awfully good!

  30. So many deer all together! Nice pictures. :) Jack and Oscar are too funny. So glad to hear that Marlene is feeling better and you have hopes she may do well for some time. If anyone can keep her well, I'm sure it's you and Alex.

  31. your portraits of actors are astonishingly good !
    the tailor remind me movie ,it was great watch long ago

    i am sorry for for the Marlene ,good thing that she is responding and this rises hopes .

    oh these muffins are inviting :)

  32. oh how can i forget the birds
    great photos ,loved them and deer are so handsome

  33. I love your portraits! Sylvester Stallone is so cool! Thank you for all the gorgeous nature photos!!! I'm smiling! That video is so cute! Big Hugs!


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