Thursday, January 7, 2021

Thursday Art Date: A Facial Feature

Hello Friends!! 😊😊 How is 2021 treating you so far?

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is A Facial Feature. When I asked Bugs Bunny if he intended on keeping his New Year's resolutions this year, look what happened!!! Just like Pinocchio, when Bugs tells a lie, his nose grows!

Groucho Marx (charcoals)

I had a lot of fun with this week's theme. One of my favourite comic trios is the Marx Brothers (I'm not counting Zeppo!!). I have all of their films and I watch them often when I need a good laugh. Groucho's real name is Julius and he was definitely the most quick witted. His trademark eyebrows and mustache are great facial features! I love to read biographies and Groucho Marx's is one of my favourites. Though, if you read Chico's daughter's see Groucho in a very different light (not so favourable!). Gossip aside, the comedy is what I love!

Hook (ink and graphite)

More eyebrows and mustaches! I recently re-watched the 1991 version of Peter Pan, the movie is called Hook. Robin Williams plays Peter and Dustin Hoffman plays a brilliant Captain Hook. I think it's his best performance! (If you're a fan of this movie, would you agree that Bob Hoskins as "Smee" is also a brilliant performance?)

New Year's Eve was a cheesy affair! I made a Baked Camembert in puff pastry with my Homemade Firm Camembert melted wonderfully! I also tried a pull-apart bread for the first time! I made a loaf of my No-Knead Bread, cut diagonals in the bread, brushed it all with garlic butter and stuffed it with Mozzarella and Parmesan, wrapped it in foil, 10 minutes at 350 C in the oven...oh it was good!!!

Alex and I toasted 2021 with some apple cider bubbly and we feasted on my homemade profiteroles. (I promise the recipes will follow at some point!!) I filled the cream puffs with pastry cream, whipped cream and ice cream - what a treat...and easier than it looks!! (Truth be told, Alex had to wake me up at midnight! I just couldn't make it lol!)

New Year's day we had Chicken Pot Pie, barbecued chicken legs, mashed potatoes and my Homemade Fruit Ketchup. Dessert was homemade cheesecake with mulled wine. I tried to make a tree design with vanilla ganache. It reminded me of a football when I was done, a delicious football though! 😊

One of the trail cam's picked up a coyote running down the road in front of the house. I've been hearing them yip and howl each morning when I wake up.

I took this photo of my beautiful dogs on New Year's Day. No snow.

Two days later, here is Charlie diving her nose into the fallen snow to sniff around! I had to don my snowshoes to walk her down the road that morning! Today I'm grateful for my snowblower!

A heartfelt thank you to my Blogging Friends for your wonderful cards this holiday season! Getting a card in the mail is so thrilling and you all brought so much joy to my life:

❤️ Thank you Pam, Heidrun, Gwen, Christine, Karen, Andrea, Phil, Dorothy, Nik, Dino, Tammie, Maria, Doug and Bill!❤️ (If you want to be on my Christmas card list for 2021, please send me a message with your address via the Contact Form on the right sidebar!! πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰

❤️ Thank you to ALL of my Friends who have visited and left comments in 2020! I am so excited when I get comments! I'm like a contestant on The Price Is Right running down the aisle!! 😁❤️

A dear friend informed me yesterday that she never received my card πŸ˜• If you've sent me one and I didn't mention your name in my thanks...ugh...what to do???

I'm linking up with these wonderful bloggers today, please visit them for some really interesting posts! And why not join in on the link parties? You can meet some really nice people!! 😊

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Chickadee (ink and graphite)

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  1. Hey, I gained 10 lbs just from looking at your food photos in this post! Yikes!

  2. I really love your imagination. Bunnochio is hilarious. Groucho looks like I remember seeing him in photos. Never saw him on tv, though. And I am not much of one to see movies, so I never saw Hook. It sounds good, though.

    I know better than to visit when I'm hungry. You certainly provided a feast for New Year's Eve. Your bubbly sounds good and your cream puffs are making me look for something sweet to munch on. I have to tell you, I could eat every one of those mashed potatoes. They look delicious. I'll share your cheesecake with you, but I'm not fond of chicken, so you may have my share.

    You need to visit my internet friend Barbara. She got a trail cam for Christmas and installed it. The first night she got something that blew me away.

    You will be amazed, too.

    Seeing the photo of Charlie sort of reminds me of the snow and ice we got on the 1st. Put my electricity out most of the day, too.

    I'll be by soon to link, dear. Thanks for hosting this fun art date.

  3. Hi Rain, all that food you made looks delicious - the artwork with the tree in ganache, I think, is very good - that must take a steady hand. I can't seem to get motivated to be creative lately but have enjoyed seeing your art and visit all your friends who join in. It's exciting to see your camera in action picking up wildlife - I bet you can't wait to see what's on there each day. Love your dogs - they look so gentle and good. We had a tiny sprinkling of sleety snow that settled for 5 minutes and that's all but it's very cold here now, I would love to wade through snow like yours but haven't seen snow like that here in years :) Betty

  4. Wonderful post, lovely faces, adorable curry friends and yummy food. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Love your art.
    And your food.
    And your furry friends. Which I say each time I come here - because it is true.

  6. The food looks delicious.
    Dogs love snow, unfortunately no snow has fallen here for a number of years.
    Greetings Irma

  7. do you have swindle, bunny !!!! "wink"
    Fabulous drawn actors with their looks and quirks.
    * wow * what a delicious baked cheese with the crackers.
    The New Year's Eve dinner is just as great what ideas you had about it.
    Coyotes howl, what kind of animal world you have, I am always amazed. and your dear dog gang.
    I wish you a good time, hugs Elke

  8. If I have one food weakness it is cheese and I would have been in heaven with all the delicious cheese dishes you portray. It must be quite amazing to make your own. Yesterday I bought a little Stilton, some Danish Fontina and some Asiago and it was forty bucks!

  9. Poor bunny, to wake up to that nose was probably terryfying. :)

    The snow comes and goes these days. We have a little of it and then it melts. The fields are now so wet I can´t walk in them. And hardly can the deer.

    Your food look so tasty so it is sad to see when the apetite is more or less gone :( I hope it comes back soon.

    Take care and stay away from politics :(

  10. Groucho is definitely the king of facial features ~ and Lucile ball could arrange her face to fit any scene as well. Terrific drawings and wow, does your feast look yummy! the picture with the cheese oozing has my mouth watering and it's only 6am! hahaha ~ I bet the dogs sniff like crazy after a coyote has been on the property. I see my card as part of your collection, and even the little creative extras too! Maybe we should do Valentine's too?! Enjoy the weekend & the snow ~ Love, Karen

  11. Your artwork!!! It's all wonderful, Rain. As is your always. I hope 2021 is an amazing year for you.

  12. Your charcoals are always so amazing Rain. You have such a gift. And the baked Camembert looks amazing (as always).

    Keep the fur kids close. We regularly lose pets in our neighborhood - and it is an urban neighborhood, mind you - due to coyotes.

  13. Your art is amazing as always and all of your beautiful food has my tummy growling, it looks so delicious! I love the New Year's Day photo of the fur babies, they are so sweet. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  14. Bunnochio...hahah. The eyebrows and mustaches are well done too. Wonderful food reminds me I have to lose 5 pounds at least. Thanks for hosting always so promptly. I still gave your lovely card on display.

  15. Rain,

    Tell Bunnochio the best way to keep new year's resolutions is by not making any. lol Great job! Your charcoal drawings are amazing and your foodie pix are incredible. I told DH the other day that you planned to make cinnamon buns but later you told me you decided to make cheesecake. He was ready with fork in hand to make the trip north. lol You'll never go wrong in the kitchen making any kind of baked goods. I'm sure if visited your place, he'd swear that he'd died and gone to heaven with all the baking you do. :) Have a doodletastic day and keep warm, my friend!



  17. I just love your art. Such a cute Bugs Bunny. The food looks so creative, and I love your furry friends. Such a blessing!

  18. Your bread, cheese and appetizers are making my mouth water. The photos look like they belong in a food magazine. I am in awe. And now, very hungry.

    Your portraits are magnificent. It's one thing I cannot do well. Now and then I get a home run (I almost burst with pride when a three year old recognized his year and a half-old brother in a painting! Who needs a chi-chi art critic?!) but that was pretty much a fluke. Bravo.

  19. You must work hard to use up all those calories dear Rain!!!! All looked delicious - you know me anything with cheese I adore - but my doc at Dec. check up said "cut out cheese" - I could have thrown a soft Camembert at her!!!!

    Happy New year to you all.
    Stay well, be happy.
    Hugs - Mary

  20. OHHHH MYYYY Gooossshhhh. I am coming to your house next New Year's. What a spread. Everything looks so darn good. How do you stay so fit? LOL Love Buggs just too cute. Oh and Groucho! just too good. Have a very good day today.

  21. I do like your Groucho Marx portrait, and that's a great photograph of your three dogs. Food looks delicious...

    Have a great day and a good weekend when it arrives!

    All the best Jan

  22. You are brilliant with your art Rain! Is there anything you can't do??? Look at all that food! Wow girl!! Yes, recipes and a doggy bag too! LOL! I love the picture of your puppies! And, your coyote is cool! I didn't know about your Christmas card list! Sorry! I will sign up for this year! Big Hugs!

  23. Beautiful pups! I love that drawing of Groucho.

  24. Rain - I saw your comment about Tete de Moine on my blog. I am SO EXCITED you are making it. If you have success, you can count on us to buy a future batch!!!!

  25. I love the facial expressions of Groucho. Those eyed and eye brow emphasized so much.

  26. ...Rain, yet again your home is filled with yummy treats. I think that I gained a few pounds just looking at them. Thanks for hosting the party.

  27. The food looks amazing! That's a lot of cards to get. Wow! So thoughtful. I got three cards this year and that was it. Then again, I lost the cards I was to mail out. Have a nice weekend.

  28. Groucho and Hook thrilled me. You are so talented.

    from "by EAGHL"

  29. Fantastic art, just love all of it. Your bread and cheese look wonderful. I do make my own bread, but not cheese. Would love to have a go.
    keep safe, hugs Wendy

  30. Yum...Yum...and Yummy! Lol ! Happy New Year! Stay warm, friend!

  31. Rain ~ awesome artwork ~ love your beautiful doggies too ~

    Moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  32. marvelous art!! Impressive how you go from cartoon characters to those super charcoal, ink and graphite drawings. Marx is amazing!
    And then there's all that mouth watering food- oh my- I would need to walk miles after enjoying that sumptuous food:):) Always a treat to see the pups. Happy PPF!

  33. Good Morning Rain. Only now am I catching up with remembering what day it is. The Christmas and New Year is so disorientating. Not happy this morning as new lockdowns here mean no bird ringing other than one's own garden which isn't helpful in mid winter.

    Luckily when I opened your blog page your positivity and zest for everything cheered me up immediately. Now if only I could join in that feast and sample the profiteroles!

    Those hounds of yours can sure pose to good effect – great photo.

    And good to see you branching out (no pun intended) into bird sketches. They do say the feet are the most difficult part.

    Now I have to find a post for next Thursday and join in your day, if I remember.

  34. Hello Rain,

    I am always amazed at your art work, you are talented. I love the Bugs Bunny with the long nose and Groucho Marx. It is wonderful to have your personal snowplow, so cute. I love your dogs. Your bread, cheese and the cream puffs all look delicious, YUM! Our mail is so late, people here are just receiving mail sent weeks before Christmas. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for the comment and visit.

  35. What pretty cards! Love your art of course...the chickadoodle is very cute! Happy weekend! Save some of that food for me! lol

  36. I like your Groucho sketch! I also think it's best to forget Zeppo. Your New Year's food looks really tempting.

    Have a great and healthy New Year. I was wishing everyone a better 2021 than they had in 2020 but the direction so far isn't hopeful, politically. Insurrection wasn't what I was hoping for. Peace was what I was hoping for. So glad we only have a few weeks more of this administration to contemplate.

    be well... mae at

  37. Fortunately, the photographed food do not make me fat! LOL
    Your bread and cheese look very tasty.
    ~ Stay safe and well ~

  38. Happy New Year!
    ...also to your beautiful dogs. :)

  39. So sorry I am so slow with my comments this week. My daughter is getting extensive dental work done at the UIC Dental Clinic. It is a long ride to and from and takes up most of my days. But, here it is Saturday and I have a moment to say ... poor Bugs. A Pinocchio nose? He can't even get by with a good fib that makes someone feel better. Oh well, it is best to be honest and that is why it is easy for me to say your Groucho is absolutely awesome and captures the peronality. I hadn't thought of Groucho in years until I saw this ... makes me chuckle just thinking about his antics. And, boy are you reaching back in time. Peter Pan and, of course Captain Hook. Again characters I haven't thought of in years. Probably wouldn't even remember them without your little boost. Your portraits and characters are soooo good. I just can't help thinking you should be doing more with your talent ... like selling prints or entering shows. Do you have a fairgrounds near you where they will display local artist. It is a shame for the rest of the world not to see your work ... though selfishly, I love that you share it with us on your blog. Your food ... I don't even want to talk about it. You eat so well and you cook so well and you create so well. You are the only person I know who would make your own cheese and cook everything from scratch. You are probably all the more healthy for it but it is beyond me how you keep so slim ... some people are just blessed, I guess. For sure you are ... I am laughing at your picture of the coyote. Only you could know that is what it is. But I am glad you were not close enough to take the picture yourself. I had one trot through my front yard one morning while we still lived on the lake. He was gorgeous and healthy, unlike many who look like they are starving or mangey. I have that picture somewhere in my mountains of files. If I run across it, I will post it :) Another beautifully done Thursday Art Date, Rain. Not to forget ... all of your Christmas cards are wonderful. That is such a good idea to share cards at Christmas. So until next week ... stay well, Rain.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  40. Beautiful dogs! I love that drawing of Groucho.

  41. you have so much talent rain, a true gift. i think hook was my favorite, there are so many wonderful details in that piece!!

    as for your food and cheese, another talent you have been gifted with!! bread and cheese 2 huge weaknesses for me, i could live on those alone!!

    happy new year, i wish you could come and cook for me!!!

  42. Hi Rain, “Bunnochio” … now that is great. :-) Thanks for the smiles … a bit of comedy makes these pandemic days so much easier to tolerate. I am excited to find your No Knead Bread. I want to try that out. The past several months I have gotten into making my own bread. The funny part is I like it more than the expensive bread at the grocery store! :-) I don’t claim any special skills … just using basic recipes. Love the pictures of the dogs. Lastly, you mentioned Chicken Pot Pie on New Year’s Day. CPP is one of my favorite meals! :-) I definitely lean toward comfort food. Thanks for sharing this neat post and thanks for your kind comments on John’s Island. Take care and stay safe! John

  43. Well done, Rain. Your drawings again are wonderful. Especially captain Hook. I love the Story of Peter Pan.

    Wish you a very good week. Cheers, Heidrun

  44. I always enjoy your drawings and the food looks yummy

  45. Great facial features! The food looks yummy too.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  46. Free art work! Happy New Year! I bought a wall hanging calendar with lots of photos from Nova Scotia and think that I'd love to get up to that area someday. That's cool that you have so much Wildlife around you although if you get chickens that might be a little bit challenging. Your food looks wonderful! I've actually thought about making the choux dough pastries before, looks yummy! We can't do a lot of dairy but luckily now there is coconut whipped cream that I could use to fill those for hubby and I to have a sweet treat. Looking forward to your recipe! Stay warm

  47. Rain - sometimes, I think the people responsible for casting do not get enough credit. Hook - Robin, Dustin, Bob? Perfect!!!

    Your ganache may have made it look like a football, but I bet it did not taste like old leather!

    A fabulous post! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!!!

  48. The facial feature is wonderful, and your dishes made my mouth water, especially chicken pot pie and cheesecake. I should’ve seen “Hook”, thanks for the reminder.


  49. Ha ha ha...Bunny and his long nose. So much wonderful food. Nice to take your dogs for walks in the snow.

  50. Bunnicio, hahahahaha, love it. I agree, he is Smee! :-)

  51. Your creativity absolutely astounds me. Everything you do is perfectly wonderful ... Delicious homemade food, ! cheese!, your own trails and really almost anature park, wonderful dogs, your art, this lovely blog ... I don’t know where you find the time for all of this goodness, but I am so glad you share it and I enjoy each visit!

  52. Hi Rain, sending much belated New years wishes to you and Alex and the pets too. Your feast for two looked so delicious and the cheese melting in the bread is something I might consider trying with a future batch of homemade bread. This holiday season, I made my first-ever baguettes (twice) and while neither recipe was "perfect" none went to waste and some leftovers turned into homemade breadcrumbs as well. It was fun seeing all your holiday cards from fellow bloggers. Thanks for yours as well. I'm saving it as well along with a snowman original that a neighbor gave us as a card. I have never been a Marx Brothers fan, but my husband finds them funny so you are in good company for sure. How is Marlene doing these days?.

  53. Your dogs are gorgeous we have a crazy poodle in Australia who has never seen snow - I wonder what he would think. Your spread looks lovely the baked camembert has turned out so well!

  54. Bunnochio made me laugh :)

    i think new resolutions demand bit more will power from bugs lol though he looks cute with long nose :)))

    oh i have seen the hook few times with kids and we the whole family loved Robin Williams and watched his all movies specially hubby :)

    sorry if i could not visit recently to your other blogs it's because of lack of time in my super busy days but yet i keep thinking about you and your never ending adventures ,FASCINATING always and really inspiring
    i too never received your card and i feel sad about it :( but hey our hearts are more connected aren't they :)
    what a precious gift from friends wow !!!!!!!!! so many pretty lovable cards :)
    i so loved the pet image ,they look so lovely and cool :)
    wishing you and hubby a warm new year filled with love of family and friend and grace of lord!

  55. Hello Rain, I'm late to this party as usual but so much here as usual to see and comment on. I am just in awe of your drawing abilities, what a perfect Groucho and my hubby approves! He is Marx-manic and a huge Groucho fan. Also like your Hook a lot although I'll pull age rank and say I remember vividly still seeing Hoffman for the first time in The Graduate when it first came out, and his best performance for me is always Tootsie - he was Oscar-robbed! Rainman second. I love to read bios of the Golden Age of Hollywood characters! ANYway, on to the food, good lord! Why do you not weigh 400 pounds????? What a buffet! And wonderful card loot too. Will consider signing up to exchange even though I shouldn't, already have way too many to make for. Well-drawn chickadee too. I mailed 2 cards to friends in Ontario from Texas on 12/26 and they've yet to get them. Sad doesn't begin to describe it. If we could just have one institution that we could rely on, right? Nope! XOX

  56. Rain, you are such a dear talented soul. always blow me away with your sharing. and your abilities with creating food and assembling your creations in your meals is outstanding. so pleased that I discovered your blog. cheers and all the best, Gwen

  57. Hey....I did miss this post. I had to go back and see what I missed. You got a lot of cards. I had a friend that did a small tree and she hung her cards on it. It was so cute. I think I might do that next yr. I loved Groucho Marx and the Marx brothers and I have heard in the past that Groucho was not exactly the guy you thought he was. I need to check that book out and read about it. Sounds interesting. Great drawing also. And I love the HOOK pic. I have that movie and I really enjoy watching it. One more time...I LOVE your food pics. You should have been a chef....presentation is always amazing.


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