Friday, April 5, 2019

Mexican Fiesta, Loose Husky and Knitting Project

Hello Friends :)

I hope you're all doing well and have a nice relaxing weekend planned. I'm still on the hunt for a home...time is going too fast, eek! I thought the market would pick up in April, but it seems to have slowed down lately. Nothing new to show you! 

But I have one thing to show you in the above's snowing again. This is the snowiest winter I can remember! We are expecting another 20 cm over the weekend. As Lucille Ball would say...whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

At the beginning of March, I decided I wanted to knit myself something - ANYTHING...I chose a little handbag and it's nearly done! I just have to add a button and I'm thinking about a lining. Thanks to Stefanie for your help! :) Mahalo you sweet lady! :)

Cowboy Jack taking a siesta

Do any of you remember this time last year when I mentioned we had a loose husky in our yard? Well, two nights ago...I guess it was morning, 3am, Jack woke me up barking. Then I heard howling. Alex and I thought it was a coyote! We looked out the window and saw this:

It was that same big male husky that's been in our yard EVERY April for the past 4 years!! He was howling so loudly in our back yard. Poor thing, it was -15C with the wind that night too. We got into our snowsuits and tried to lure him over with some cooked pork.

Last year when I tried to call him over, he put his heckles up and growled and I bolted back to the house. This year though, he barked a bit, then carefully walked right over to our porch and ate the pork. He is SUCH a sweet dog! We ended up calling the police to see what could be done. They suggested we call the waste-of-time-lazy-won't-get-off-her-a$$ local dog catcher. She's the one who only took action last April because I emailed the town mayor. But she basically told us if we needed help, not to bother calling her. We explained the situation to the police officer and she called the dog catcher; so that lazy woman was forced to do something right away. Not wanting to get up off her duff, the dog catcher called Alex and gave him the phone number of the owner of the dog, since we were able to read the number of the license. She gave us the phone number and hung up. Why do they pay her??? We did all the leg work, but whatever...The owner drove over and picked up his dog Ralph. At least we know Ralph is friendly so if he gets loose again, we can just call the owner and avoid that horrible dog catcher!

We think Ralph is after our Charlie who is starting her heat. She has her heat around this time every year. These blokes travel miles for a gal don't they? ;)

I think I uttered at one point "oh, can we keep him???" Get that out of your head Rain! :)

On to the good stuff! ¡Arriba! I made a Mexican Fiesta last night complete with crunchy Cheese Quesidillas, Mexican Rice, Papas Fritas, Enchilada Sauce and a Lemon Ice Cream Pie (without the meringue)! I made some Pina Coladas...though they aren't Mexican, they just seemed to go well with the meal. See the little umbrellas? :)

Some more comfort meals of late: Linguine Carbonara with my Homemade Bread.

And a Pizza Napoletana with a thick diner-style crust.

I'm trying to keep things together lately - what with the house search, dealing with agents and brokers over the phone and by email, doing due diligence on our own by researching the potential towns and municipalities...and now it's nearly time for the monthly shopping. Alex and I are swamped, it feels like work - which I'm not too thrilled about! One little bit of good news though and I'll try to make this short! It's about real estate so if that doesn't interest you, just gaze at my pizza! :) 

Seashell (watercolour)

Or enjoy my latest painting! :) (I'm trying to keep balanced by painting/drawing daily, cooking, baking...trying to keep some kind of routine going so that I don't go loony!)

I found a house that was on 2 acres - the previous owners had built outdoor bread and pizza ovens! How cool is that??? Sadly, there are neighbours within just 20 meters on each side, so it's not for us.

When I say that some of the properties I'm interested in won't be financed by the bank, I'm just kind of making it simple. To qualify for a 5% down payment mortgage, the bank needs to be able to insure the property. That's where the CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) comes in. They will decide if a property is insurable or not. If the CMHC disapproves, the bank won't finance. In fact my new mortgage broker just told me the CMHC will rarely insure any acreage above 5 or 10 acres. That really bummed me out. But...I got some more information, I learned today that there are 2 other companies that also insure mortgages in Canada and they seem to be more flexible about acreages. So perhaps some of those homes I've vetoed due to the CMHC saying no-no...I can revisit down the line and hope the other two companies may be okay with them.

I have to say, despite the stress, I'm happy that I'm learning so much about real estate and mortgages! I hope this is the first and last time I have to deal with this though! :)


  1. You do manage to keep busy! Seems like you fit a lot into each day. I remember when I was painting, I could never seem to find time to do so. (Sounds kinda like my quilting now, doesn't it?) Your whole quest in the real estate arena sounds more complicated than I would want to handle. Especially with your desired location being so far from where you are now. I keep wondering how far away Nova Scotia is from your present location. And am I correct that are you still trying to relocate in Nova Scotia?

  2. Oh Rain as soon as you said the husky I wondered if it was the same one! Oh and I think we have a relative of your dog catcher working in our Township because she is just as useless, not here in town but down where our property is.I know it’s frustrating looking for your fir ever home but it’s out there, waiting for you. Your meal looks amazing and so does your painting. A knitted bag sounds wonderful, I love a soft bag, so much better than stiff ones, I remember knitted cross body bags were all the rage in the 80”s. Good luck with the house hunting, enjoy this exciting time!

  3. OMGosh, I didn't know that Husky has an owner. I was gonna say, to be out there in that cold? Why does it keep escaping? And WTF that dog catcher? How can she even have a job? Doesn't she have a supervisor? You're welcome with the knitting help. That's a good color you chose.

  4. glad you tracked the husky's owner down.

  5. So glad you know who Ralph belongs to. Poor does he get out? You Mexican feast looks very yummy. In fact, all of your meals look super yummy. You house search is fascinating to me. Hopefully you will find the perfect place for you and one that makes the bank happy.

  6. HI Rain! Lots to catch up on, I can't believe you still have snow...ours melted so fast that there is hardly any left.
    I love Mexican food....looks delish!
    Also I am sure this was one of the alternatives to CMHC that you discovered but when I worked for a bank we used Genworth quite often. Best of luck!!!

  7. Having a Mexican feast is a great way to deal with all that snow you're getting! When will it end?

  8. Is his Person good? Do they want you to keep him? I hope they love him and he just got out howling because he loves your dog. :)


    If ever he needs a home, well, yours would be perfect!

    I noticed your Pina Colada post on my blogroll yesterday, but then it disappeared... :( It looked good!

  9. Hello Rain! That snow video is beautiful! I know you are over the snow for this year, but those great big awesome flakes are spectacular to watch... mesmerizing! You will gain so much knowledge through your real estate search, and some of that knowledge will be useless, and then some will be held in your brain for years to come! In my humble opinion, there are a lot of areas where we educate ourselves, and it stays in our noggins for future use! I'm still sending out positive dirt prayers!

  10. It all sounds so exhausting regarding the house hunting dear Rain - you must have a lot of patience. Perhaps no more dogs for the time being - but after you find your acreage I can imagine you, being so loving to animals, rescuing and keeping many more! They'll come from miles around knowing Ms. Rain will love them.

    Sorry you have more snow - it just doesn't seem to stop there lately.
    That's a cute bag - I never thought to knit one - perhaps next winter!
    Stay warm - hugs Mary

  11. It keeps snowing here, too. There are several hundred huskies that live a mile or two up the road. A handful of mushers need a lot of dogs and every once in a while a few break free. It has been awhile since any have stopped by for a visit.
    Looks like delicious food for the transition season. I hope a decent house comes along for you.

  12. We are just sitting in a big snow flake snow fall just like in your video. Covers up the
    Ralph is too cute. Him and Charlie would be such a nice couple ;) or can u imagine the pups 🥰🥰🥰
    The food looks delicious yumm yumm yummmm and the painting is lovely.
    OMG a pizza and bread oven ... on my wish list pretty high up. We are just in the process of finishing the basement ... one day I will have an outside kitchen with a bread / pizza oven.
    Keep looking sis ... i have the feeling soon your house will be coming your way !!! Much luck and love to u 💜

  13. Oh the poor husky! You are so good to follow through on it and find the owner. Good luck on the real estate....I'm glad there are some rules in your favor now! I neighbors that close...although I have them...I don't want you to have them! LOL! Mine leave me alone now and they're old so they don't cause a lot of trouble...although they did when I first moved here. I have to go eat supper now after seeing all that delicious food! Your purse turned out darling. I don't use purses anymore unless I go out of town. It is darn cute though!
    Keep showing those house pictures....I love house hunting!

  14. That husky is beautiful! I'm so happy you got the owner! I hope the snow has stopped now! I still think you should have your own cook book Rain! Your seashell is beautiful! You will find a home soon! I know it! Big Hugs!

  15. I forgot to say, love the purse you made!

  16. Man. you are one busy person!

    Your painting is great. Love that color.

    Living in the cold as you do, I think you really need to get those carbs to keep warm! And you must be an excellent cook.

  17. Cowboy Jack is just adorable. :)

  18. I've been through the house hunting thing, and you're right, it's quite stressful, particularly when there's a deadline tied to it. I continue to keep my fingers crossed for you guys. What a magnificent dinner you've prepared, and yet another reason, I wish I lived at least 4-5 miles away.(lol) Such a beautiful dog, and thank goodness he ends up at your place. Glad to know that you know where to reach out when he comes over for another visit, and your diligence is appreciated. Hugs...RO

  19. Wow! The Mexican Fiesta looks so wonderful, and makes me want to live about 5 miles from you! Than goodness that beautiful animal knew to come to you for help, and that you now have info of where he lives in case he shows up again. Finding a home is so tough, and needing it on a deadline makes it even worse. I definitely feel your pain and have been there. Keeping my fingers crossed that you find something soon. Kudos on that knitted purse! Hugs...RO

  20. I'm sure glad the story of Ralph the Husky had a happy ending? Here, if the county animal control officer gets involved with an animal, it almost always ends with the animal being killed outright.

    Almost all the dogs I have had in my life just showed up here out of the woods, usually after being dumped off, and they just stayed. Because we have a good sized piece of land, and are way off in the woods, there's always room for one more. But we don't really keep our dogs in the house unless the weather is extreme, and then we usually put them in the climate controlled part of the barn.

    Sounds like life is good up there, Rain. You seem content, and that's not an easy state of mind to obtain in these times.

  21. As always your food looks amazing. There is a lot of love that goes into good home cooked comfort food and your meal show it.
    Maybe you need to let your dogs get together, I can see some beautiful puppies come from it :)
    Keep looking . . . the perfect property for you will come along. Rome wasn't built in a day.
    Thanks you for being such a sweet and faithful blogging friend. I know that I'm just not fully into blogging, I don't want to waste a minute that I can spend with my sweet Steve, but while he naps, I sometimes get in a little blogging.
    Have a sweet spring.
    Connie :)

  22. Do you ever get the feeling that there are two seasons? Winter and almost winter? LOL! It's probably a good thing that you did not take in that lovely husky. You would have ended up with a lot more than you bargained for. House/land hunting is one of the most stressful things ever! It calls for constant comfort food! I love that purse!!!

  23. I know that all the research in the hunt for your new home seems hard work but it does mean that when you find the right one you will be properly clued up and not make any mistakes. When you find it you can always build your own pizza oven!

  24. Yep....good to learn all those ins and outs of buying a house. Wouldn't that be cool if you could purchase one that you had to walk awawy from before. Getting a great time of the yr to be moving.....well, it is here, not cold not hot. Course you guys probably still have snow. haha....we are about done with the blooming trees and such. Wishing you the best of luck on getting that move "moving"...haha. Sorry, silly me. Your food always looks so GOOD! I can gain weight just looking at what you cook!

  25. Poor Ralph! What are his owners doing allowing him to be out in the cold like that? And that dogcatcher! Argh! Kudos for knitting a purse and painting. You'll find lots of subjects to paint in Nova Scotia! And your food ~ It looks so good!!!! We're dealing with real estate right now too. I hope that it all works out well for you. You are certainly doing the work and your due diligence!

  26. Just stopping by to wish you well and to send lots sof hugs! RO

  27. Buying house is a struggle. A house must be insurable bottom line. And it must also be constructed to code.

    Hard stuff to accept when the house you want doesn't/can't have those two.

    Good looking food.


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