Thursday Art Date: Fine Arts - Minimalism


Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Fine Arts: Minimalism. I went very minimalist with my art this week! It was actually hard for me not to put too much detail, great challenge for me. I had to erase a lot and tell myself "MINIMALISM RAIN...." 😁

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Here's my weekly self-portrait. My illness from the second vaccination lasted 5 days. Glad that's in the past.

My latest tutorial is up on my art channel, click this link or the image to check it out!

My latest video is also up on my spiritual channel, click this link or the image to watch!

I'm getting close to a really good pizza dough that I can bake in the toaster oven! I hope to share a recipe next week.

I'm happy to say I perfected my no-knead bread recipe for the toaster oven!! It's DELICIOUS and it cooks perfectly. Very small loaf though, I will pretty much have to make one every day. This dough hangs out on the counter for 18 hours and it rises beautifully. Here's the recipe: No Knead Toaster Oven Bread.

I made my Eggless Faux Tiramisu with chocolate pudding and brandy to dunk the lady fingers. It was SOOO good. I'm thinking some kind of strawberry pudding would work well with this too...maybe with Frangelico liqueur for flavour!

It's cheese making season! I have a bunch of Camemberts going and I'm hoping to make some Colby and Jarlsberg this fall as well!! Finding time is the biggest hurdle!

The furries are all doing okay. Here's lazy hound dog Jack. He's just so happy to be in bed that he doesn't care that we put a hat on him lol!

Here's a little 50 second video of the pets. I love how they hang out with me all day long. πŸ’“

This week's highlighted artist/blogger is Marsha from Lefty Crafter blog. I met Marsha when I first joined a knitting/crafting group called YOP (Year Of Projects)...I had to quit knitting because of my hand pain but met so many nice bloggers there - including the very talented knitter, Marsha. She's the sock queen too, I don't know how she does it, but she knits SO many beautiful pairs of socks!!! Please visit her blog! She's on Instagram too! πŸ’— 


That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Minimalism" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


Upcoming Art Dates For Rain's Thursday Art Date:

September 16th: Fine Art - Pop Art
September 23rd: Fine Art - Sculpture
September 30th: Fine Art - Surrealism

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  1. Glad you are feeling better now. Love your art although minimalism is NOT my thing! Great video of the furries! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie

  2. lol, Bugs and Porky don´t need much curves to be recognised. :)
    Your self portrait is good as well.

  3. I am not sure that minimalism is something I can be accused of, Rain! But the image of a tiny hummingbird feeding on tiny jewelweed perhaps qualifies.

  4. Good one, Rain...loved it! A few lines can convey so much. I'll be checking out your toaster oven bread recipe, because my oven does not go on in the heat of summer!

  5. You did get me with that one line link into your post haha. Lovely minimalism efforts! Your toaster oven recipes look delicious!

  6. Rain,

    I agree with Monica, your Looney Tune characters are easy to recognize. These are fabulous. Why didn't I think to do this? Oh yeah because I really don't know what I'm doing and somehow missed this as possibility. lol That Jack is the epitome of "lazy hound dog". :D I have a partial fondness for Baby Oscar because he shares my daddy's name. :) Your furbabies are quite content with the company they keep and in this 50 seconds they are all purrfectly happy to just rest. Thanks for sharing and for hosting the Thursday fun. Have a doodletastic day, my dear!

  7. LOL
    Luv your minimalistic samples Rain
    Happy Thursday everyone
    Stay Safe


  8. Rain, I can always count on you for visual treats! I'm definitely going to have to try your no-knead bread recipe. Sounds so minimalistic in work, er, simple. :) That's my style!

  9. You are sure busy. Glad you are conquering the toaster oven. The animals all look content. I just wanted to reach into my PC and grab that bread.
    Love your art especially your portrait. Have a great day.

  10. Oh, very clever! Took me a moment, but I figured out how to access your "real" post today! Love your minimalist Loony Tune characters. And I'm happy to hear how well your chocolate tiramisu turned out!

  11. ...less can be more! I'll be back tomorrow morning.

  12. Ha Ha, you got me on the minimalist link. Your drawings are definitely minimalist and so, so good! Your bread must taste delicious after sitting for 18 hours, the longer it sits the better tasting it is. Yum!

  13. I love the minimalism Rain. So well done!

    Bread every day means it does not go bad - nothing wrong with that!

    Remind me - what do you use as a "cave" for your cheese? I think if I want to continue with it I will need to find something to use as it is the weak link in my process.

    Are grackles considered attractive in Canada? Here, they are nothing but loud pests. We have doves as well.

    The video of the furries was very sweet. Charlie has eyebrows like Poppy.

  14. I am a huge fan of minimalism.

    That's all I'll say because this comment is minimalist,

  15. Your minimalism is fantastic. It gives bugs, porky, road runner and you a whole new perspective. That no knead bread sounds interesting and quite easy to make. It actually doesn't take any longer than most sourdough recipes. Thank you for your kind words about my blog and knitting. I am so sorry you can no longer knit. But look at all the other fascinating things you have accomplished.

  16. Congrats on the bread! Soon as we get all of our fruit processed and situated I'm going to start making some bread and play around with some recipes. I found a nice whole grain no knead bread with little seeds in it that i may try. Will you be able to get a full size oven sometime soon?

  17. Hello Rain,

    I love you take on minimalism. Bugs, Porky and the Road Runner are great.
    Love the self portrait too. I am trying to learn an easy pizza dough. I have made the no-knead bread, it wasn't bad. Take care, enjoy your day!

  18. I am so sorry I am late leaving a comment. I have not been well all day. Even before I linked, I was sick, but I really wanted to play this week.

    Bugs is SO iconic, and so is Porky Pig. It would be hard to miss them. You did a great job with minimalism. You draw everything so well. I am always in awe of your drawings, whether cartoon characters or serious fine art.

    I have to admit, I was excited to create something minimal. I don't draw, so the idea of something minimal actually appealed to me.

    I was glad to read you are feeling better. I know you've had a rough few months.

    I swear, every time I see Leo, I think he is Bleubeard's brother or twin. I was also delighted to read all the fur babies are healthy. what a great relief.

    I feel like a slug. My toaster oven was given to me and I use it to bake polymer clay. That bread looks beautiful, though. I want your jack cheese (grin). One of my favorites. I'm into white cheeses. Thanks, too for sharing the tiramisu recipe. I might try it once it gets a bit cooler in my world. Again, I apologize for being late visiting. I am off to change your button on my sidebar, too.

  19. Ha! The minimalist art is funny and your self-portrait is very cool. I am salivating at the sight of that pizza crust omg. AND THE BREAD! Yup, my weakness is dough. May haveta try that bread recipe. My bread machine bread is ok, but I do love a good oven-baked bread and with my arthritises kneading is not fun. XOX

  20. Minimally Bugs is awesome and still the Bugs Bunny we all know and love. Your other cartoon characters are terrific as well. Your self portrait, though, is the best ... I would have known you immediately even if you hadn't told me.
    So I visited your Spiritual Rain and learned a lot about you and about things you care about ... the Tarot cards are so much more than I had imagined them. I can understand why you are drawn to them. You are proving yourself to be a deep thinker ... caring way beyond the surface. I really do enjoy listening and watching your presentations. As for the food ... leave it to you to develop a recipes for the toaster oven ... delicious looking ones at that. Once again most of those things I am not eating because of my diet, but I can still swoon over them, especially the Tiramisu, yummmm :)
    Great shots of Jack with his hat. The one of his nose and foot sticking out is prize worthy. Do you have County Fairs where you live? I used to enter my photos in our County Fair and it was fun to come home with ribbons :)
    It is so good having you as a part of my life and your followers have become friends as well. At a time when it is hard to get out to be with others, you keep me connected with a wonderful world. Thank you, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  21. Minimalism is not my strong suit. I prefer to maximize everything LOL.

  22. Hi, Rain! I've enjoyed both your expressionism and minimalism art. You are endlessly creative! And always I adore the videos and photos of your fur babies. I'm having my Pfizer booster tomorrow. I was sick from both of my previous shots, the second time worse than the first. My symptoms were like yours and as long. I'm a little worried about tomorrow's shot, but even if I get sick, it's well worth it! This week I posted on expressionism and minimalism. Have a great weekend, my friend!

  23. Even though the tractors were minimalist, Rain, it was easy to tell who they each were, and your portrait was great too. It was fun to see the furry friends and they all looked very comfy and at home. The tiramisu recipe looks like one I may try, but sometime in the future as we ar cutting back on treats now (sigh).

  24. I really like these minimal drawing. Your self-portrait is wonderful. That small curve of a smile is perfect.

    Have a lovely day.

  25. I was just checking the news and saw a huge storm is heading into the Atlantic Canada area and Greenland hope you guys are ready for some possible snow and wind!

  26. Haa haa you nearly got me :D I especially love your self portrait Rain and Jack in the hat is quite adorable. Minimalism really isn't my thing, I struggle with Clean and simple cards... but I could have shared a blank page this week hee hee. Happy creative weekend Hugs to all the fur babies Tracey x

  27. I agree with the other smiling comments, there are wonderful minimalized drawings. They are fantastic, Rain. Each of them I can understand.

    In my scene, we love this.

    Have a wonderful Weekend.

    Hugs, Heidrun

  28. You got me! I love your minimal drawings. Very clever, Rain. :)

  29. LOL!
    Great post for your chosen theme.

    Take care, have a great week.

    All the best Jan

    PS Pleased you are now feeling better after the vaccination.

  30. you nailed it so beautifully once again dear Rain :)

    what an amazing art ,few lines did great magic and conveyed superbly what you wanted to say :)

    Loved the minimalized Rain ,i really appreciate how you do things with such perfection ,this seems so spontaneous of you to me ,you have gift i must say ,self portrait is quite a task i think .

    your food is never minimalized but so appealing yummy indeed :)

    enjoyed the friendship of your pets :)

    minimalism is also essential for spirit ,the more we keep our souls free from negative thoughts and emotions the light we feel inside :)
    hugs and blesssings my amazingly talented friend!

  31. Your minimalist drawings are perfect! I wasn't sure what it meant until I saw your lovely drawings. I didn't know your hand pain kept you from knitting. I'm so sorry and also sorry that you had 5 days of reactions to the vaccine! I slept for a long, long time!
    YOur food and your cheeses look so good. YOur no-knead bread for the toaster oven looks better than mine that I cook in a regular oven! Very nice loaf! I love the video of your family...they are all so precious! Take care....hugs ~ Sam

  32. Hi Rain, That was a pretty tricky start but it sure put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing your creativity ... you are amazing! So happy to hear that all the pain from the second vaccination has gone. So happy you are protected now! Take care Rain. Wishing you happy days ahead! John


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