Thursday, November 24, 2022

πŸŽ¨πŸ˜‹ Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Jungle and Prize Winner!!

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art and Dinner Date! 😊😊

🎨For our 🎨 Art Date 🎨, today's optional prompt is Jungle. Tweety Bird decided to imitate a Toucan this week! Actually it's more of an impersonation of Toucan Sam from the Froot Loops cereal box. Please feel free to share any art you've created, we would love to see it!

I also painted a Toucan with watercolour paints. Toucans live in the rain forest jungles of Central and South America.

πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡ Congratulations Dorothy! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡

Nobody guessed my really cryptic reference from last week's Bugs Bunny drawing, but Dorothy taught me something new so she gets the prize! Here was her guess:

"Rain, does your question have anything to do with the fact that Homer Laughlin China designed that dinnerware exclusively for Warner Brothers?" 

Here was the reference: There was a British sitcom from the 1990's called Keeping Up Appearances. The star of the show came from a working class family but went out of her way to look as regal and proper as she could. Of course, hilarity always ensued from her antics. She often mentioned her "Royal Doulton with the hand-painted periwinkles" as a way to pomp herself up in front of her guests. And because Bugs' pinky was up, it was a joke about how some people see the pinky up as a sign of good manners - in fact it's the opposite according to etiquette expert Emily Post, so please tuck that pinky in (unless you like to joke around like I do!) πŸ˜ƒ Dorothy I'll be mailing out your prize in the next few weeks! ♥

πŸ˜‹For our πŸ˜‹ Dinner Date πŸ˜‹, I baked up a storm! I am continuing my Bread series and this week's bread is Buttermilk Biscuits! These were so good!

I also made some Christmas cookies for the freezer. Chocolate Crinkles and some Rum Balls! (recipes and videos coming soon!)

I made some delicious Fruit Ketchup too. I love this on mashed potatoes! It's really good with scrambled eggs too. If you have a nice sharp Cheddar, you can plop a little on top and the flavour combination is divine. I used to serve my fruit ketchup with meat pies (tourtières) as well.

On the video front:

⬆️⬆️ For Rain Frances Art, I'm sharing How To Paint A Toucan with Watercolors!

⬆️⬆️ For Rain Frances Art For Kids, I have How To Draw An Owl!

⬆️⬆️ For Rain's Kitchen and Garden, I'm sharing last week's pumpkin bread video: How To Make Pumpkin Bread!

⬆️⬆️ I'm also showing you how I rehabilitate little saplings that I buy from Costco. It's horrible to find a little tree covered with that fake snow gunk. I try to save one every year by removing that fake snow and planting the tree on my land!

⬆️⬆️ And I'm sharing the recipe video for the Buttermilk Biscuits!

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more 🎨 artistic πŸŽ¨ and πŸ˜‹ delicious πŸ˜‹ creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— 


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December 1st - Bells
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December 15th - Gift Wrap
December 22nd - A Christmas Scene
December 29th - New Year's Eve Party!

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  1. Congrats to Dorothy and ALLLLL your food looks good and I love the birds. What fun, Rain. Have a groovy weekend and boogie boogie, baby.

  2. I had a colleague. She was big, wore clothes for tiny models and had that pinky finger out.
    I could´ve gotten your riddle, thinking of her...
    Rum balls... my Granma used to buy those...
    Your ketchup-recipe went to my cooking-list, thank you :-)

  3. You are so cleaver with your art Sis. I will make your pumpkin bread tomorrow. I love that you save the flocked trees. It always bothers me to see that. Tomorrow is Thanks Giving in the states. I have my dinner ready to go. All I have to do is pop it in the oven. So food and football tomorrow for Mr. M. I will be in my art room. Have a great Thursday.

  4. Keeping up Appearances is/was a fun show. And my mama taught me that having a pinky out was VERY bad manners.
    Have your usual creative/productive week. And stay safe and well.

  5. Hi Rain, loved the biscuit video. I love biscuits and Honey has a Kitchen Aid so I'm a gonna hit him up to make some. Toucan Tweety's hilarious. Fruit ketchup? I think I'd haveta get used to that, but it looks good. Have a great week, xoxo

  6. Hello Rain,
    Tweety bird is one of my favorites, love your Toucan and art work.
    The biscuits, cookies and the fruit ketchup all look delicious.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  7. hm, never either heard of or seen that sitcom you write about.
    I like the Toucan, I have seen a few on my travels. :)

  8. Good morning Rain, awesome videos will be checking those out. Congrats to the winner Happy Thursday hugs

  9. Congratulations to Dorothy. I think I remember that British sitcom. Wasn't the main character's name Bucket and she pronounced it Bouquet? Sadly, in real life, for some people status is everything.

  10. Happy Thursday to all. Yum i luv the biscuits Rain


  11. Congrats to Dorothy! Enjoyed your toucan art pieces. The food looks amazing!

  12. Rum balls. So much goodness.

    Happy (American) Thanksgiving Rain!

  13. Oh, Toucan Tweety Bird is TOO CUTE, lol! And groan, NOW I recognize the periwinkle reference once you explained it! I used to watch "Keeping Up Appearances" years ago. My parents absolutely adored that show.

  14. Hi Rain,
    Your biscuits look so tasty! Pumpkin bread looks
    delicious too.
    I love your Toucan painting...Amazing birds.
    Thank you for hosting.

  15. Debra, I really thought you'd be the one who got the reference! We both have similar senses of humour and I had a feeling you'd seen Keeping Up Appearances, call it my intuition lol! ☺☺

  16. Always an abundance of creativity here ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Congratulations to Dorothy.
    Keeping up Appearances was such a fun show :)

    Lovely toucan art and your food looks delicious.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  18. I love your inspired toucan Tweety!
    And your are 100% to can is beautiful too. I love to technique on that Rain

  19. now i've learnt how to paint a toucan ! and i must try to make buttermilk biscuits.

  20. ...Rain, you sure have a bunch of neat ideas again this week. Thanks for sharing and hosting the party.

  21. Love Tweedy new nose, maybe kitty cat won't recognize him.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  22. I would never have got the competition answer even though I have watched the program in my distant past :) it was a good one and your winner is very deserving :) I love the idea that you rescue a fake snow saturated sappling, it makes me sad to see all the trees in the shops with their roots cut off here in the UK - I appreciate growers raise vast numbers and they grow fast but it just seems wrong somehow, we have found rooted ones to be unhealthy in the past so don't buy at all now but I will have my fake tree up and I will look in the woods for any fallen branches that might make a nice display.

  23. Rain - those rum balls sound and look decadent - perfect for the holiday season!


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