Thursday, October 27, 2022

πŸŽ¨πŸ˜‹ Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Trick Or Treat and Love My Dog Cake!

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art and Dinner Date! 😊😊 (The 2023 art date prompts are ready!)

🎨For our 🎨 Art Date 🎨, today's optional prompt is Trick or Treat! Please feel free to share any art you've created, we would love to see it! Bugs Bunny is dressing up as Daffy Duck this year. He's trick or treating at Witch Hazel's house! I hope she's in a nicer mood this time, the last time Bugs went to her house, she tried to toss him in a pot and cook him! 😲

I drew Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas with ink pens and graphite pencils. I watch this movie every Halloween season!

Here are some painted ghosts for you! I'll be uploading the painting lesson on my kid's channel this weekend!

πŸ˜‹For our πŸ˜‹ Dinner Date πŸ˜‹, I made some fun Halloweenie food! Here is a Mummy Stromboli...after I put all of this together, I realized I should have called it a stromBOOli!!

A Spider Marinara Dip Bowl made from pizza dough! You just tear off the legs and dip them into the Marinara Sauce!!

Eyeball Spaghetti! Always a favourite!

Here's my Spider Web Cheesecake! I'll upload the how-to video this weekend! I made all of these ahead of time so I could record them and upload them to my YouTube channel! 

Boo-ritos from Halloween Past!

I think we'll be eating our annual Boo-Rito's on Halloween! ☺

I also made a treat for the dogs, the Love My Dog Cake!!

On the video front:

For Rain Frances Art, I recorded the Jack Skellington drawing lesson.

For Rain Frances Art For Kids, I have How To Draw Count Dracula!

For Rain's Kitchen and Garden, I'm sharing my Halloween Spider Marinara Dip Bowl!

The Eyeball Spaghetti video is a YouTube #shorts video, meaning it's recorded vertically and under a minute.

Here is the Love My Dog Cake video, at the end of the video I give Jack and Raven a slice and they love it!

Here is How To Make A Mummy Stromboli For Halloween!

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more 🎨 artistic πŸŽ¨ and πŸ˜‹ delicious πŸ˜‹ creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— 


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  1. This is a true WOW-post! Can´t wait for my lunch-break to check out your videos!
    We don´t do much Halloween here in Germany yet, but I love the food-fun!
    (Last time (pre COVID) one kid came for trick or treat, one!)

  2. Love your art, and as always your cooking has me drooling. Including at the dog cake (my bad).

  3. Lots of scary art and frighteningly delicious food, hugs, Valerie

  4. I like your Jack Skellington drawing :)

  5. Hello, Rain

    Love your Daffy drawing and the Jack Skellington image. The food looks fun and delicious. Take care, enjoy your day!

  6. oh dear your Halloween food is outstanding i must say dear Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are amazing all rounder :)

    loved all the art here !
    hugs and blessings1

  7. You are going to have dog lovers cringing at the mere thought of ripping off its legs!

  8. Wow Rain, you outdid yourself this week. I am loving your ghost painting (and the drawings of course also). And the strombooli and your other Halloween foods-wow! How fun. I've never made the dogs a Halloween cake, but I once did make dog biscuits. I need to do that again I think. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great rest of your week. Hugs-Erika

  9. You have outdone yourself with this Trick or Treat post! Wonderful art and food and videos I can tell you love this season.

  10. What a great post, Rain! LOVE your Witch Hazel, Jack Skellington, mummy stombooli and eyeball spaghetti! Have an awesome Halloween! (Now I'm off to check out your upcoming 2023 art prompts!)

  11. Your food looks lovely as always Rain.

    Beyond The Peanuts' Halloween Special (always one of my favorites), my next favorite themed Halloween movie it Sleepy Hollow (the Johnny Depp Version). Their envisioning of the Horseman was terrifying (plus, of course, having Christopher Walken play the Horseman was delightful).

  12. Great Trick or Treat art and food. I was thinking of making up some T or T breads. I might do that today it is so cold and that would warm up the house.

  13. super fun post Rain! I loved everything-great art and awesome foods for halloween too everything looks delicious hugs

  14. Hi Rain, I love the eyeball spaghetti! Wishing you a fun Halloween :) Betty

  15. Oh Rain, I haven't visited lately and I've missed so much! Your posts leave me amazed. You are such a talented lady! Your art! and Your cooking! Oh my goodness!! How could anyone be so creative and so full of ideas. Wish I were an artist and could join in more.

  16. Luv that daffy trick o treater. And the yummy creative dishes. Awesome MrSkeleton too😊


  17. i am so tired but i thought i would check blogs right before bedtime and your food has made me so hungry! it looks amazing! i was so busy today that i never had a chance to eat.

  18. sure are in the Halloween spirit, have a spooktacular time.

  19. You always have such fab Halloween food Rain. Love those blue ghosts especially. Elle/EOTC xx

  20. You really know how to celebrate Halloween ... LOL! I love all of your recipes and their names and I agree Strambooli would be perfect. Bugs is a hoot, as always. I love your drawing of Jack Skellington ... my granddaughter used to love that movie ... she probably still does, and like you she is probably watching it on Halloween too. I think I might surprise my FH with Boo-ritos on Halloween. He will get a kick out of them. This was a really fun post, Rain ... Stay safe and don't get spooked :0

    Andrea From the Sol

  21. Greatful artwork again, Rain.

    Sorry for lost comments. I know very well what you wrote from my own huge experience in the last half year. It`s not funny.

    On the other side, we have good humour ... or isn`t.

    Many, many hugs to you by Heidrun

  22. You did a fabulous job on your illustrations. My favorite is of Broom Hilda and Bugs, though. All of of your food looks frightfully delicious. You won't find me running away from a single bite! I love Stromboli! I made a sausage, onion, and green pepper pizza for this weekend. :) I can't wait to return to the art dates but I've been under the weather for the past two weeks with seasonal allergies. I'm doing better but still not 100%. We've had too much on our plates since returning home from vacation. My immune system got too overloaded I suspect. I'll be okay, though. Have a doodletastic week, my friend!

  23. Love all the Halloween goodies you have created, Rain. We used your pizza dough again this past week, tasty as always. I hope you have a fun fright night planned, xoxo

  24. Love your art, and fabulous selection of Halloween food.

    Enjoy these last few October days.

    All the best Jan

  25. As much as I enjoyed ALL of the Halloween art, Rain, Jack Skellington is my favorite, that food was such fun just to look at. I can imagine that you and Alex had a fun night eating most of it (?) Thanks for posting the videos on the food prep and I will be watching those shortly. Our Halloween was a very quiet affair with dinner and a movie at home. Our movie choice was Beetlejuice and later this week The Addams Family.


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