Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Thursday Art Date: May Flowers - ๐ŸŒธ Flowers Blooming ๐ŸŒธ

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art Date (posted on Wednesdays)!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š Today our theme is May Flowers - Flowers Blooming! Flowers sure are blooming here in rural New Brunswick! Bugs Bunny is doing a little plein air painting in the flower garden today! The prompt is optional! Please share your art! ♥

May 28 Update: I've been visiting blogs and commenting this morning, but got that error message again saying I've reached my limit of comments allowed, try again tomorrow. So please bear with me! I'll be by soon! I guess I'll have to do a little each day!!♥

On Friday I'll be joining our friend Nicole's Friday Face Off! Every Friday she hosts Friday Face Off on her blog, where you're encouraged to show off your art face! This is from Nicole's blog: "Only one rule, your post hast to feature a face, human, alien, or animal. It can be in any art medium." Please join in on the fun! ☺ I'll also be joining Gillena's Art For Fun Friday! Let's share our art! ♥

If you'd like to watch the video of me doodling, be my guest!

I did some art therapy this week too. Besides October, May is probably the busiest month for me. There just seems to be so much that needs to get done outdoors that I find myself overwhelmed at times. This was a very relaxing watercolor painting that I did...I took my time and didn't worry too much about the end result.

I recorded myself doing this real-time painting video, it's up on my Rain Frances Art YouTube Channel!

More art! I put together a #shorts video of me drawing Yosemite Sam! (Shorts are vertical videos that are less than a minute!) 

I'm trying to come up with a cartoon "me" for introduction videos...this is what I've got so far. It was surprisingly LONG to get this drawn! I'm trying to learn animation's a bit over my head though. (That oval thing I'm holding will hopefully end up being a pizza!)

My best student, Lily, followed along with my How To Draw A Blue Whale lesson on my Rain Frances Art For Kids YouTube Channel! She's doing SO well!! For those who have commented on Lily's drawings and paintings in past posts, THANK YOU!! I've forwarded all of those comments to her mom - I think it's so important to encourage and validate kids who do beautiful and creative art! ♥♥

Speaking of kid's art videos, my latest is up, How To Draw Hammers!

I'm so pleased that I was able to harvest a few dozen sprigs of asparagus over the last week! I left 2/3 of the sprigs in the bed to encourage strong and solid root formation! But as of next year, THEY ARE ALL MINE!!!! Oooh can't wait! ☺

Our favourite asparagus dish is to make some Crepes, sprinkle in a little Cheddar cheese, place some steamed asparagus inside, roll them up and bake them until the cheese is all melted! I'm joining in on Kathy's Food Wednesday post today! We share foodie photos, recipes and ideas, it's a lot of fun if you'd like to join in!

Remember that fresh Upland Sandpiper who was flirting with me? I found him! And her! There are two of them living in the blueberry fields across the road!

Potatoes and raspberries! Here's my latest gardening video I did for Rain's Kitchen and Garden YouTube Channel! I got my potatoes planted in my raised bed; and 3 raspberry plants planted in another raised bed. I'm so happy that is done, it's hard to be out there with the black flies!

My three little furries are all doing well! ♥♥♥ Baby Oscar's ear infection is cured....Jack is just Jack - my little sunshine...and Dana is doing well on his meds. Did I mention this? Dana the tabby cat's behaviour started to take a nose dive when his lifelong friend Leo passed away last November. He'd been attacking Baby Oscar and Jack, incessantly meowing and "barbering" (over-grooming). He was grieving poor baby...but his behaviour was really disrupting the family. We took him to the vet for tests, he's in good health - so he's on an anti-depressant for cats - yes, that's what you read. At first I wasn't too excited about it, but it's DOING WONDERS for him. He's calm, affectionate and sweet again. ♥

I know I haven't been commenting much lately but I am following your blogs and visiting to see what you're all up to! ♥ The baguette video is recorded and is in line for editing! This week I'm transplanting most of my seedlings and planting more seeds into the ground and my raised beds! Monthly shopping just did NOT happen this week and we are bare bones for food, I'll have to force myself to get this done next week...just means I get to be more creative in the kitchen! ☺ June will be a fun month for the art date if you want to follow the prompts, it's all about:


That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more artistic creations! See you soon!!! ๐Ÿ’— ๐Ÿ’— 


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  1. May is always such a busy month for gardeners in Canada! My Rare One put in her last tomato plant yesterday. Big job done!

  2. Good morning Rain, what an awesome post-I will be back soon after I get the groceries put away. I go food shopping really early so very few people in the store, and I just got it all down the hill and steep steps to the kitchen-before it started raining again yeh haha
    I always loved fresh asparagus we have grown it over the years your dish looks delicious and I love your art very much too. Thank you so much for supporting Food Wednesdays hugs Kathy

  3. Seems we are doing all the same blog hops together, so I will see you at Nicole's for Friday Face-Off. Right now I'm here for Kathy's Food Wednesday.

    Before I forget, you were concerned that your cilantro might not grow. What you saw (actually 2 weeks ago when I showed the pots of it) had overwintered outside. I am fairly certain my winters are a lot colder than your chilly spring. Have no fear. It seems unaffected by cold and snow.

    May appears to be a very busy month with planting and the start of mowing for the first time of the year. I can relate.

    Your how to paint flwoers uisig watercolors was fabulous. If only my watercolors would behave so well.

    I love your cartoon YOU. And it wouldn't be you without pizza and an animal in the picture.

    I love asparagus. I really wish I had a spot I could dedicate to allow it to mature for three years. Maybe someday if and when the bamboo is finally snuffed out. I have never made a good crepe, but I have learned they don't have to look perfect to taste good.

    Your raspberries may take two years before you see real fruit. It actually took three years for mine to get fruit, although I got flowers after the first year. I assure you, they will spread like wildfire unless you cut them back severely in autumn.

    Yes, cats get depressed. I read there is a body blanket they can wear that will also calm them. hope Dana's meds work. I miss Leo, too.

    See you tomorrow for TAD, dear.

  4. Oh, green asparagus as crepe sounds great (I don´t like the white one, but Hubby loves it).
    Good idea!

  5. Thanks for sending your lovely artistic world Rain

  6. I LOVE asparagus... unfortunately i'am the only one in this house that enjoys it.. so i never make it.. My Grandpa had two HUGE gardens in Florida that had asparagus... and for years after he passed we had asparagus coming up in the yard that we happily snipped off and ate.. lol Happy Food Wednesday! Hugs! deb

  7. Lovely flowers Rain! Nice faces for Nicole too.

  8. Those asparagus crepe rolls look mouthwatering, Rain. I love that colourful flower makes one feel happy. I wish I could draw or paint.

  9. You have been busy. And creative. As always.
    Love your work (including your droolable kitchen work) and am very glad that your furry family is well.

  10. Yes, you have been as busy as always, Rain, and now is certainly prime gardening time. Hope that the raspberries and potatoes have a successful growing season. Looking forward to the baguettes video too. The abstract faces video was fun to see.

  11. You do keep busy and very creative :)
    This was a lovely post, thank you.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  12. You are very creative Rain.
    The food looks delicious.
    I'm glad the dog and cats are doing well.
    Greetings Irma

  13. Hello Rain,
    Your art work is awesome, I love the Bugs Bunny cartoon. Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies. So glad all your furbabies are doing well. Great capture and video on the Sandpiper. Take care, enjoy your day!

  14. Just home from a week on Grand Manan, Rain. I will go out today and see if I can buy local asparagus. We make a great Asian dish with it, and if I can find it, it will be on the menu tonight!

  15. Sis! This is a fantastic blog post. I am thrilled to see everything you are doing. The videos are excellent. You are so comfortable in front of the camera. Love seeing you working in the garden. I love your teaching method and Lily is so cute. Can't wait to see your new pet photo coming soon. :) Thank you so much for doing a video for FFO Friday Face Off. It actually take a good mind to sit down and draw abstract faces. I love how the raspberries come. I was looking at some yesterday but they were already fruiting and didn't look good at all. All in all I enjoyed this post so much. Have a great day today.

  16. Wow! You are so talented and Lily is following right along ~ great post, artwork, videos etc. ~Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Asparagus crepes are a great idea! We've eaten most of ours raw, but I'd like to try the crepes too.

    Love your watercolor flowers. Very cheerful!

  18. Today I'm sharing someone's art other than my own -- the work of audio book reader Dick HIll and the words and paintings he created after learning of his cancer diagnosis. He's an inspiration to me and I hope to you, too.

    LOVE that all the animals are out of vet troubles! Best news ever. And oh, that food looks fabulous!

  19. I missed the upgrade to "Garden and Kitchen". Where have I been?

    Drawings are lovely as always Rain. I especially like the one of you and the puppy dog.

  20. Wow, an antidepressant for cats? I learned something new. Your asparagus look terrific and what an interesting way to eat them.

  21. Love the art, Rain, you have been busy (as usual). Love the pride on Lily's face! Yummy food and pretty pets! Never hurts nowadays to eat every last molecule in your pantry as the groceries are so expensive now. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  22. ...I hope that you are having a blooming, beautiful week!

  23. Such fun! Wonderful art! Love your cartoon. The asparagus looks yummy.

  24. May really IS busy! At least in the country.
    I guess you are having run in your garden.
    Lovely post, as always.
    (ใƒ„) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  25. a delightful post from beginning to end- it's got it all!! Love the art and how you are inspiring the youngsters too. your garden and cooking skills are top notch too. I would so love those crepes!!
    Glad to hear your fur babies are all doing well. Have a wonderful weekend Rain!

  26. Hi, Rain! Just quickly posting my link. I have a plumber coming very shortly. I had started with one post and ended up with another. I'll be back. Love the sketch of you and Jack! XXX

  27. Your drawings are so amusing. Love your simple recipe for asparagus.

  28. Joyful joy is what I see and read on your post. Thanks, Rain. I needed it right now. Good cheer! :-)

  29. I love that Bugs Bunny is painting plein-air! The sun seems pleased as punch about it too. Your abstract faces are cool! Fun video.

    You have certainly been a busy bee this month. Nice watercolour painting and it even has a relaxing feel to it.

    Great cartoon of YOU! Gardening tools, pizza, fur-kid — no paintbrush/art tools? Or is this specifically for your gardening videos? I look forward to seeing it finished.

    I absolutely love seeing kids do art! I miss the days when my granddaughters would visit and paint at my table. We had so much fun. Great work on the blue whale, Lily!

    I love asparagus! My son will only eat it when I roast it with other veggies. I can eat it any which way.

    I hope the sandpipers stay safe.

    I'm glad to hear all your fur-babies are doing well. Poor Dana. Yes, pets grieve and it can cause behavioural changes. The anti-depressants will be temporary, won't they?

    Have a great weekend,
    Serena. x

  30. Don't you ever get tired ... seems like you are forever adding to your schedule. So you know, there are only seven days in a week :) I am wondering if Bugs learned to paint from you ... he seems to know what he is doing. Perhaps he is watching your videos as I am and learning a lot about water color painting ... now all I have to do is find the time to try it. You are a natural teacher Rain ... low key and yet clearly know what you are doing. I think your "me" cartoon is amazing ... can't wait to see the finished product.
    I love that Lily has a repeat performance on your blog ... she is a cutie and very talented. Clearly learning a lot from your kid videos.
    I love your asparagus recipe and I think I am going to try it with soft flour tortilla's or even the cauliflower sandwich thins ... I'll let you know if it works :)
    Awesome that you were able to photograph your Upland Sandpiper ... just a little hint. Stop walking while you are videoing the bird. It will be clearer and less bouncy. Love that your furies are doing well. We had to use an antidepressant once with one of our cats when we moved into a new house. It worked well and we were gradually able to take her off of it as she became accustom to the new digs. Our Chachi is struggling. He is diabetic and as a result is now blind so he has to call us when he wants to find his way somewhere. He can find his food dishes without help, naturally, but needs light to follow to make his way around. But, that said, he seems content and loves being loved. I keep thinking he won't be with us much longer, but he just keeps plugging along. Enough of my babble ... so enjoy what you are doing. Keep up the good work, but don't be afraid to take a break from it now and then ... you have earned it. Stay well, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  31. Rain - so much in this post; I can see why you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed! We are on "vacation" in Grand Cayman, and leave tomorrow - then my gardening truly begins!!!

    I love your cartoon me. It captures so much about you - gardening, cooking, furry babies! That asparagus looks delicious!

  32. Hi Rain. I'm a bit behind for Thursday, but definitely wanted to get by. Not only to see your post but to check out your Food Wednesday crepes. They look great and I never thought about making veggie crepes like that. They look yummy! Bugs is quite the accomplished painter too. I like this week's theme, and I'm with you about the 2 busy months. That has definitely been May for me also. Hope you have a great weekend and rest of the month. Hugs-Erika

  33. My favourite is the Bugs picture. I'm very impressed with the growing of asparagus.

  34. Interesting that Dana has some meds for the grieving. Our little cat gets valerian which we use in a plug in (it's suspended in an oil for aromatherapy) it helps her anxiety and I also find it nice too. Jack is so sweet, I love seeing pictures of him- he's my favourite. I think your avitar/pic of yourself needs some cheese! Betty

  35. loved the first art and all others as well ,so pretty blooms and beautifully drawn as always dear Rain .

    you have huge place to manage no doubt it keeps you so busy but you are happy and it matters most :)
    i liked the art by your student it is lovely !
    sorry that Oscar was hurt by Jack and is doing fine now such a relief .

    i enjoyed quick look of outdoor . and i was so tempted by asparagus dish :)

    more blessings to you and family!

  36. Wonderful pictures! The first one is awesome!

  37. So good to hear the fur babies are doing well! Our kitty cats did grieve Milo, but we kept them on the move while we were in Florida, and since we have been home, they seem much more cuddly, and insist on being close to us. Looking forward to your garden ventures! Take care, my friend, and please get in some porch sitting and watching the nature treasures that were made just for you to see.

  38. How exciting is that? A pair of Upland Sandpipers breeding so close to home. I once saw an Upland Sandpiper on the Isles of Scilly, off Cornwall. It was after the usual autumn Atlantic storms when birds migrating north to south in America get sucked into the storms and landfall on the western extremities of Britain and Ireland. It caused quite a stir at the time and ended up quite tame as the twitchers fed it with grubs and worms.

    And now you have made me hungry again with your asparagus, one of if not my most favourite veg. If only it wasn’t so expensive.

    Good to see you YouTube posts doing so well and gaining so many readers. Well done Rain.

  39. Rain,

    I wish I had time to devote for the art dates but right now that's not going to happen for some time. I'm sorry, my friend. I like your Bugs illustration painting the pretty spring blooms. Perhaps when I have free time I can use your weekly prompts for inspiration to doodle something new. Right now, during my down time I am colorizing some old sketches and at some future date I will share them on my blog. The way things are stacked on my plate I may not sure when I can return to full time blogging routine again. It is what it is and I'll just do the best I can. Enjoy your summer, my friend!

  40. Hi Rain thank you for stopping by my blog today. for the summer months we will just have food wednesdays on the first wednesday of each month-mostly do to lack of participation and many being busy in the summer time hugs

  41. Always love your blog posts. The art is so cute - i knew from Instagram i could see a bigger view over here of Bugs...Those crepes look so good!! Glad that the medicine is helping your tabby. How sad he was grieving and nice for him he can calm down now.

  42. I like Bugs Bunny doing his painting with the sun shining down. I love asparagus and they are not cheap. It is good to see your asparagus growing so well. Gardening is hard work but the reward is worth it. Jack is a beautiful boy.

  43. I have become a big fan of your art. You grabbed a pen, watercolors and etc and just went to town, improving all the way. Great job. So glad the furs are doing well. Like child you hate when they are sick and they can't tell you or tell you what they want. I can always tell how Lily Bit feels, the Tortie comes out in her when she don't feel well. She gets grumpy.

  44. I finally made the TAD rounds, Rain! Thank goodness I did! I feel like the creativity and personal sharing has exploded since you opened up the topic choices. Not that I didn't and don't love your topics. I have my post on pink ready to publish just after midnight on Friday. I'm ahead!!! Did I catch my tail? I'm not sure, but I'm enjoying the moment!!! I have learned so much about art from you, my amazing friend! And lots of other things too. Sending you a big hug!

  45. I love that she shared a picture!!! You're a great teacher, Rain!


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