Thursday, April 7, 2022

Thursday Art Date: Farm Life

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art Date! 😊😊 Today our theme is Farm Life! Here's a different Looney Tunes take on today's theme! I painted the background with acrylics and used black paint for the silhouette!

This has been an exciting week! I took some time to draw a charcoal piglet! I haven't used my charcoal pencils in ages - I'd forgotten how much I love this medium!

I recorded myself drawing this baby pig! The drawing lesson is 90 minutes, real-time, if you'd like to follow along! 

I did it! I launched my Rain Frances Art For Kids YouTube Channel! Here's my 44-second announcement video!

I have 10 videos so far! They are all very easy to follow, beginner-friendly for kids of all ages! I'll be uploading a new lesson weekly! Would you mind subscribing to my channel my friends? And if you know anyone who has kids who love to learn about art, drawing, painting and crafts...please share the link! Thanks so much! I just wanted to show you my Three Little Pigs! In this lesson, I show kids (and beginners) how to draw these pigs from start to finish, and I read the fairy tale too. I'm having lots of fun! From beginner art to charcoal realistic pigs...I think I found my calling! 😊😊

PS: I have all 10 videos embedded on this page on my blog if you want to see them, or just visit the YouTube channel! ♥

All of the furries in my family are finally okay...healthy and happy! I take Jack on a walk each morning down the road to see our neighbour's horses. I just adore these animals!

I've been so busy that I haven't been cooking much - can you believe it? Food being my favourite thing in the world lol! But I did find time to sneak in a pizza!! 

Most dinners have been quick pasta dishes - I'm very happy I canned all of that spaghetti sauce last month!! I'm linking to Kathy's Food Wednesday post! I have monthly shopping today and I hope to have more time in the kitchen this week, so stay tuned for some fun new food ideas next week! 

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Farm Life" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


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  1. I LOVE your very cute piglet. Your food looks droolable too. As it always does.

  2. Fabulous art and photos. Your piglet is gorgeous! Hugs, Valerie

  3. What a beautiful art, but I think the spaghetti looks delicious, it makes me hungry.
    Greetings Irma

  4. Hello Rain,
    I love your silhouette image, the charcoal piggie is cute too.
    Pizza and pasta, my favorite meals. YUM! Love the horses, cute photo.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  5. Good morning, Rain: It's interesting that you should use "Down on the Farm" as your theme this week. Recently the by-laws were changed here to permit people to keep chickens in their backyard. One of the trails we walk regularly has high-end homes backing on to it, and in one a chicken coop has been installed and three gorgeous hens were happily scratching away on the ground. It was such a joy to see it. I will feature them on a blog post sometime soon.

  6. You have some fun friends to visit on your walks. My neighbor used to have some, but no more, and they were always good to go say hello to. I bet at least some of those horses get to know you and want to say hello also. and I love the bugs bunny on the farm. That made me smile, but not as much as that adorable piglet. You're good at not smudging your charcoal. And of course, you can't go wrong with pizza, smile. I'm glad I decided to join in. Happy Thursday. hugs-Erika

  7. Lots going on with you these days Rain. Lovely bugs farm silhouette and cut pig.

  8. The wee charcoal piglet is so adorable! His eyes are so realistic and full of soul, man! And I love your dawn silhouette of Bugs down on the farm, too!

  9. Luv luv pizza. Beautiful horses.
    Happy Thursday Rain


  10. What a fun post and I love The Three Little Pigs. Your pig drawing is perfect! Love it. I hope you have a wonderful shopping day and find time to make dinner. xo Diana

  11. I linked my farm post last week. I don't know why I can't get the weeks right. Love your post and again congratulations on the kid's channel. OMG that pizza is to live for. Have a great day today.

  12. Lovely art, lovely food.
    You are certainly keeping busy ...

    Pleased to read that the furries are finally okay, healthy and happy, that is good news.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  13. That sky looks like a great start or end to Farmer bugs day, lovely in silhouette and the sweet little piggy, how cute is he/she. When time allows I will catch up with all your video's Rain both old and new.. congrats on the new channel btw. I'm very glad to read that all fur babies are doing well.
    I hope you are too.. Hugs Tracey xx
    P.S The Pizza looks delicious and made me very very hungry.. hee hee x

  14. Your piggy is so cutely drawn.

  15. How neat to have a youtube channel to share your art! I love it!

  16. Rain - your charcoal pig reminds me of Wilbur, from Charlotte's Web!

  17. Hi Rain, how lovely that you did the childrens videos - no kids here but I will be sure to take a look. I would want to visit those horses too - we used to have some near here but they were moved as were not being tended well in the fields. I haven't painted for some time due to tendonitis but am still enjoying the Thursday posts, thankyou for continuing. Betty

  18. Your charcoal piglet is absolutely adorable! Having had pigs, I can tell you that it's very realistic!

    Congratulations on your art channel for kids! I hope it does really well. Art is such a wonderful thing for kids to learn.

  19. Beautiful as always Rain. And thank you for the drawing channel for kids! I wish it was something I had stuck with longer.

  20. I'm so glad all the animals are on the mend! FINALLY! And I really love your pig. I might have to skip over there. Finally, I think you make the best food of any blog I know. I just want to jump into the photo and enjoy!

  21. WE both have similar silhouettes only mine doesn't have a Bugs Bunny to make it more interesting. Your sky, however, is gorgeous and very realistic. Love your little Piglet ... I am always sad when I see pigs on a farm because they are so smart and they know what is happening to them when they get "sent to market". I am eating less and less meat because I can't bear the thought of what we do to our animals. I have started the Piglet drawing lesson. I haven't had much experience with charcoal, so I am hoping this will open another door for me and I do plan to follow your kids lessons because that is about where I am when it comes to art. It is nice to be able to do it on line without a classroom of artists looking over my shoulder :) Lots of carbs in this weeks menu ... yummy carbs. I love pizza and pasta, so I would be happy at your dinner table, though my body would probably explode. At my age the metabolism seems to lack energy :( I have been using tofu noodles and plant based proteins and it seems to be working for me and surprisingly it doesn't taste bad. Glad all of your pets are doing well finally ... mine are too, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop ... Our Chachi is old and diabetic so he is on borrowed time. Stay busy Rain, it suits you :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  22. Rain, that little piglet is so cute! Your drawing of it is superb. And that deep dish pizza looks amazing. I've checked out your art for kids channel, and just for fun I followed along on one of them. It was very relaxing. :)

  23. So glad to hear that Jack and Baby Oscar are feeling better and that you and Jack are getting out for walks and to visit the neighbor's horses too. Yum on that cheese pizza and now I know it will be on our menu this week. Quick dinners are always good things and nothing faster than pasta with a meatballs and a side salad. Good luck on the new art channel for kids. I plan to watch the intro video later today.

  24. Cute pig

    Smart pig

    Good pig

    What was it she wrote in Charlotte's Web?

  25. Sandi: "Some pig"!!! When I was drawing my little piggies, I was remembering the story! ☺

  26. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing with us for Food Wednesdays
    really enjoyed this post hugs Kathy


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