Thursday, October 7, 2021

Thursday Art Date: October Spooks! - πŸ‘½ Alien Worlds πŸ‘½

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Alien Worlds. I hope you're getting into the spirit of Halloween! I know I am! I couldn't NOT draw Marvin The Martian for my Looney Tunes piece this week! When I think of this character - voiced by the amazing late Mel Blanc - all I can hear is "I'm getting very very angry...."

And once again, I was very stumped by this week's theme, yes Christine...yet again!!! I started drawing Sigourney Weaver from Alien...that didn't work, then I tried drawing the actual Alien monster from the same movie and that was a I went cutesy is my ink and graphite drawing of E.T.. Tell me you didn't cry at the end of that movie!!!

Here are some links to my latest uploads on YouTube:

You can either click on the images, or on these links if you'd like to watch the videos:

Let's Draw E.T.. (time-lapsed)
Bear and Introspection

Baked Spaghetti

Homemade Open-Faced "Egg-McMuffins" with Chips, Tortilla Chips and Salsa

I still have lettuce growing in the garden!!

Pizza Poutine - the fries soaked up the pizza sauce and it was a soggy mess, but we still ate it! ☺

Lollipop Charlie - look at that tongue!

Lollipop Jack!

A work of art!

Monthly shopping happened two days ago. It kind of turned into a 2-month shopping trip! I have enough food to feed us until December, all I have to do is drive 30 minutes to the nearest gas station to get some milk every other week. I have to experiment with freezing milk too, that way I wouldn't have to leave the house for the next few months!!! 

Folks, this is the time of year to stock up on fresh harvest veggies because they are SO CHEAP, or at least cheaper than any other time of year. I'll be spending the rest of the week canning and freezing. I really feel like I'm taking care of my family this year by stocking the pantry and freezer with such nice goodies!

Photo by Miriam Bauman/David M. Gascoigne

This week's highlighted artist/blogger is my friend David, from Travels With Birds blog. David and his wife Miriam take absolutely gorgeous photos of nature at its best. David is an expert when it comes to birds, and reading his blog has taught me so much about Ornithology. David started a series in September about his travels in Atlantic Canada - where I now call home! His blog is filled with many beautiful photos and stories of his travels - please click on the link above to visit, you won't regret it!! 😊😊

(If you do not want to be featured, just let me know in the comments and I'll respect your wishes!)

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Alien Worlds" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


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  1. I hope my comment went through I will check in the morning.

  2. I am always blown away by your posts.
    Spectacular art, spectacular food (which is also art) and totally delightful critters.
    Thank you.

  3. Wonderful alien art pieces even if you did stump yourself haha That spaghetti looks good. I enjoy David's photos.

  4. I love your take on Alien Worlds. When I was an undergrad, our student body brought Mel Blanc to campus. I got to meet him and get his autograph. It was a memorable event in my life.

    I never saw E.T., so I missed out on the crying. However, I sure like your drawing. Even though I never saw the movie, I would recognize that little guy in a heartbeat.

    I got hungry seeing all the meals you created. O want to try that pizza poutine, too. I wouldn't care if it was soggy or not, it looks delicious.

    Your food really IS a work of art. However, fresh veggies are NOT cheap where I live. In fact, they seem to be even more expensive. For example, I wanted to buy a butternut squash, but when I weighed it and saw what I would have to pay, I put it back. It was going to cost me $5.50 (USD). Too expensive for me. Bell peppers are $1.99 each. Thankfully, I have some in my herb garden this year. I'm glad you are getting bargains, because these all look very healthy.

    Sorry I'm not playing this week, but I'm here to support and see what others have created.

  5. Hi Rain - we freeze skimmed and semi skimmed milk and we also buy 'long life' milk in waxed boxes. Your ET is fun.

  6. Wonderful post, Rain. Sorry, I am not joining in this week or next week, just too much on my plate and not feeling well on top of it all. Love the pics of your lolly dogs, so cute! Have a great day, take acre, hugs, Valerie

  7. Hello Rain,

    What fun, October Spooks. Et was cute, I have watched that movie a few times.
    Your meals all look delicious. Charlie is so sweet. The veggie are so colorful and pretty, just like an art display. I am very familiar with David's blogs and Miriam's beautiful bird photos. Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. Thanks for the shoutout, Rain. I really appreciate it and I know Miriam will too. As for freezing milk, we have done it and the milk restores perfectly. We just set the frozen milk in the fridge to let it thaw. Enjoy the colours of fall.

  9. i would like some of that spaghetti and poutine right now and it isn't even 7:00am!

  10. Luv ET looked at the video 😊

    Happy Thursday


  11. My favorites today is ET and Davids waders :)

    Most vegetables are beautiful :)

  12. ...your harvest is indeed a work of art!

  13. Rain,

    You and I are on the same page this morning but I sorta figured you would go this route. I like your ET. I will check out your how-to draw video in a few minutes. We saw ET in theaters three or four times the summer it came out. We even dragged DH's parents to the movies one weekend when they came down. My mother-in-law said, "ET's so ugly that he's adorable." I'm not sure how serious she was about that statement or if she was just wanting to make conversation. I don't think my in-laws really liked that kind of film but that didn't matter to them as long as they were doing something with their kids. Thanks for bringing back a distant memory.

    Mmm, your foodie photos look fabulous and I know the meal tasted ever bit as good. I think the woman you featured last week mentioned freezing milk. Years ago I remember a home school mom telling me that's what she did and I thought, that's a cool idea. We didn't have a big freezer at the time plus with a family of 5 we would go through three or four gallons of milk in a week's time so that made it nearly impossible to stay properly stocked up. I no longer drink milk because of intolerance to diary so a gallon of milk is usually all I buy every other week for DH. Even then, I sometimes am forced to toss out part of the milk before it expires. Freezing milk might benefit us to keep from throwing away our money. I may have to do some experimentation on this process.

    Thanks for hosting the art party, my friend. Have a doodletastic day!

  14. Marvin the Martian was always a fave of mine! I like your E.T. drawing too! Have fun canning and freezing!

  15. I see that my original comment didn't go through, just my question about it. LOL I love your art and who doesn't love ET? Sweets for the sweets. Such wonderful photos of Charlie and Jack. Wow! that is a haul on the veggies. All of the food looks so good. I would have to pass on the green olives though. LOL Have a great day today.

  16. Of course, I love E.T., Rain, that's such a nice Film. Do you know Max and Moritz. The first Comics ever. Two very bad Boys by the way.

    And I must smile about your sweetheart, the Lollipop Dog.

    ...thank you for hosting. Have a wonderful week.

    Hugs, Heidrun

  17. I didn't cry at the end of that movie lol. I do love your drawing though! We often freeze milk, it keeps for a long time and have no problems with it, but it does need to be defrosted slowly/naturally as it can separate a bit but then you just need to give the bottle a good shake. Elle/EOTC xx

  18. What a beautiful mound of produce! We freeze our milk to limit trips to town. It works very well, just remember to shake the bags up when thawed, as the milk separates a bit when frozen. Love ET and beautiful pics of the dogs.

  19. Marvin and ET are perfect. I love both of those characters. As for freezing milk....I used to do it all the time. I am sure Google will be full of info on it too. You have a bounty of food there. The colors are gorgeous. Happy canning and freezing.)

  20. Marvin is by far my favorite Loony Tune.

    That is an amazing vegetable collection (except the cauliflower - what is up with that?). Not having to go grocery shopping for two months would be amazing - hopefully freezing milk is a thing!

  21. Thanks so much for pointing out David's blog. I have added him to my blog roll. I really enjoyed seeing his photos of New Brunswick, where my husband's father was born and raised. Cheers and aloha from Hawaii, Rain.

  22. Your drawings are so good, Rain. I love the ET one especially. And yes, I cried at the end of that movie. Your fresh produce looks so good. I like only shopping once a month. It keeps me out of the store and safe from COVID. The only reason to go out is to go to the dr and I try to avoid that as much as I can. I hope you have a great weekend.

  23. Hi, Rain! I didn't get my post completed, but I'll have it next Friday. It's been another crazy week. Another doctor visit this coming Monday, and then my brain MRI should be scheduled. Ugh! Then, as my brother says, we'll find out if I have a brain! LOL! When you bake your spaghetti, do you out the noodles in the oven are they precooked or dry? I love Charlie and Jack with their lollypop licks! Did I tell you we cancelled our Hawaii trip? With all the Covid restrictions, it wasn't going to be much fun. ET is fabulous! You captured him beautifully! You are amazing! Cute Looney Tunes too! Your food looks delicious. You will eat very well this winter. After being forced to be home for so long, I'm finding myself more reluctant to go out. I hope have lots of time before you have to emerge again. Have an happy and snug weekend!

  24. I want to come eat with you!!! HAHA...always looks amazing and I am sure it taste that way also. Always love your art too. I still have not taken out the watercolors and tried painting with them. Think I am afraid that they will not be as good as my oils. haha... Course I love ET.

  25. What beautiful works of art.
    The spaghetti looks delicious, makes me hungry.
    I wish you a nice weekend.
    Greetings Irma

  26. David G. is one of my blog buddies too and I've learned so much about birds from him. I learn about art from you! Hugs!

  27. No, I didn't cry over ET. Honest! And every week you are very naughty, making me hungry with your baking and food pictures. As for the milk, did you consider getting a goat? Not joking, think about cheese, milk and a new pet.

    Enjoy your Sunday my friend.

  28. Oh very good photos darling
    Welcome to the Spooky Season!

  29. Hi Rain, super drawings as usual. Love ET but never saw the movie. The fruit and veggies displayed on the table is a work of art, it looks so beautiful. Enjoy it and have a grand week.

  30. Really artist, I love the ET, so good. I love the spaghetti, pasta wonderful.

  31. Your art is so fun. Made me smile.
    Looks like you make comfort food! Yum.
    wow you still have lettuce. Our nights are freezing deep 21F, lettuce would not survive
    Enjoy that beautiful produce.

  32. Well it is Sunday already and I just realized I had forgotten to finish commenting on everyone's post ... including yours (which I usually do first). Who doesn't love Marvin the Martian and your depiction is right on. I can just hear his little voice saying "I'm getting very very angry ..." But then there is ET a homely gentle alien who won all of our hearts in his movie ... a perfect capture, Rain. I did visit your Spiritual Rain and it does seem to relax me and help me find peace of mind. We are going through what will be a difficult transition in my family so it is hard for me to feel relaxed. Hopefully, as time passes, I will be comfortable with it. Your food always makes me drool. I haven't had spaghetti is a long time and when I do the next time it will probably be spaghetti squash, as I am eating fresh and somewhat clean. It suits me at my age so I plan to continue even after I have lost the weight I need to lose. And, fresh, out of the garden, lettuce would be right up my alley. I have grown it in the past and there is nothing more delicious. I envy Charlie and Jack for their lollypops and their tongues. I would like to have a big fat tongue I could stick out and waggle at out Politian's, but they don't even deserve the attention. All for now my friend ... glad things seem to be going well for you these days. Always look forward to our Thursday meetings :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  33. Your E.T. drawing is super sweet, Rain. And yes, I cried at the end of that movie. :)

  34. I like the E.T. drawing. I saw that movie. Delicious spaghetti. I am waiting for my lettuce to grow. Charlie knows how to enjoy a lollipop.

  35. Marvin the Martian now that takes me back to my childhood when cartoons were a treat on TV not 24/7 as they are now, always loved his Roman attire hee hee. E.T is amazing such a sweet face with those big blue eyes, I remember me and hubby crying over that film many moons ago. I must catch up with the timelapse video's.
    Charlie and Jack sure are enjoying those lollipops, i'm sure Freya would too especially if she knew it was mine.
    Your sure going to be busy canning and freezing that bounty of fresh fruit and veg, what a wonderful life it is to have such foods, we are truly blessed.
    Now that's a picture I would love to paint.
    Take care of yourselves Hugs Tracey xx

  36. Love your art and your food looks so delicious.
    Lovely that you have lettuce still growing ...

    I hope the week is going well for you.

    All the best Jan

  37. You are an amazing cook and artist!
    My hubby shops almost every day! sigh. It get him out of the house.

  38. What a beautiful bounty on that table! So proud of you, Rain…preserving food is priceless! Great post with my favorite…ET… love it! Have a perfect week!

  39. Dear Rain,
    I like E.T. much better than the Alien monster anyway :-) And you managed it wonderfully. But - sorry - at the moment I'm much more busy with the baked spaghetti :-DDD - I love spaghetti, but I've never had baked spaghetti, that needs to change urgently! So cute, your lollipop dogs <3 And wonderful, all the fresh vegetables, so the vitamin supply for the winter is guaranteed, thumbs up :-) We are also boiling down for the winter, but mainly from the apples on our tree: Applesauce, apple compote, apple jam. There was also apple strudel, and today I discovered a particularly delicious apple pie recipe on a blog :-)
    Thank you for your lovely words about our trip to Italy. I wish you can one day make this trip - and I cross my fingers that your dream of a rose garden will come true!
    Hugs & all the best from Austria

  40. Hi Rain, been behind on my visiting and trying to catch up before you post again! That's a stellar rendition of ET, love it! Oh my, never have had an egg sammich served like that, but I'll take the one with the ruffles chips haha. So envious of your lettuce, yum. And I fixed me some oven-baked tater tots tonite in a small corningware dish, then poured Wolf brand chili over it and grated cheese. And well, the tots WERE crispy but turned to much like your fries. Oh well, in my teen days I was the #1 seller of chili and cheese on whatever I sold at Dairy Queen so I acquired the taste early - ate it anyway! haha That cornucopia is amazing!!! And your pups can't help it, it's a Tootsie Roll Pop after all! xoxo


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