Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday Art Date: Fine Arts - Surrealism

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Firstly, thank you so much for all of the love you showed me last week, it meant a lot. I left thank you's on your blogs, but to those who don't have blogs, CynthiaInOlympia, Celie and Tewshooz - I really appreciated your comments, thank you for your love and support. It's getting easier, but I really miss Marlene so much. ♥♥♥ I'll be by to visit your art date posts for the last two weeks; and everyone's blogs this weekend. 💗

"The Son Of Rabbit"

So.....welcome to Thursday's Art Date ☺, today our theme is Fine Arts: Surrealism. Bugs Bunny posed as René Magritte this week for a version of his self-portrait titled The Son of Man. 

By the way - for those who don't know, if you click on the links at the end of the post where I list upcoming art dates, you'll be brought to pages where I explain the theme and show image examples - might inspire you! You can also click on the links on my right side bar as well.

Here's my self-portrait for the theme of Surrealism. This was mixed media: ink, graphite, Sharpies and watercolour paint.

I decided to keep busy busier this week and created some art for the last two weeks I missed. This is my Pop Art Looney Tunes drawing, you can always click on the photo to enlarge it. I drew the cans but used Photoshop to finish the cans with fonts I found online, the "Campbells Soup Font" for the word Acme, and the "Acme" font for the description of the contents of the cans. Lots of fun.

And my self-portrait for Pop Art. Debra said I was the tomato queen so that gave me the idea to be a Tomato Superheroine! I drew the image of myself, but used Photoshop for the yellow dotted Pop Art background and font. It's actually called "Wonder Woman" font!

Speaking of tomatoes, this is about 120 of the 140 pounds of tomatoes: pizza sauce, salsa, spaghetti sauce and plain canned tomatoes. We are set for the winter. The other 20 pounds are in the freezer.

I also had the chance to can some carrots, beets, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. I also froze a few packs of celery and a whole cabbage. If the prices are still good next time I go shopping, I'm loading up again. I want to shop from my pantry this winter as much as possible!

Here is my Looney Tune drawing for the theme Sculpture. It's a rendition of Discobolus by the sculptor Myron. 

And my self-portrait for "Sculpure" as Medusa! I've had days like that! I'm glad to say I didn't get a very accurate likeness of myself! Don't look too long though, I don't want to turn you into stone! ☺

Here are some links to my latest uploads on YouTube, I'm sorry I neglected to add some of these to last week's post:

You can click on the photos or the links below if you'd like to watch them:

Let's Draw Kiefer Sutherland (real time)
Let's Paint a Silhouette by the Moon (real time)
Autumn Equinox and Mabon
The Wise Dog Tarot and a Tribute to Marlene

Food has all been about comfort....Cheesy Poutine

Chicken Burgers topped with mayo and honey Dijon mustard.

Mushroom Burgers - I mashed up the burger so it would be more like a sloppy joe! I usually make these with green onions, but I added my garlic scapes to the mix and it was really delicious!

This week's highlighted artist and or blogger is Nancy from Little Homestead in Boise blog. Nancy's blog is TOO underrated, she is such a sweet lady. She's a homesteader, has backyard chickens and practices self-sufficiency. I envy her preserving talent! She also has a very beautiful and cozy decorating style, as seen in the above photo of her fall decorations! Please visit her blog, you will learn a lot! 


That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Surrealism" creations! See you soon!!! 💗 💗 


Upcoming Art Dates For Rain's Thursday Art Date:

October 7th: October Spooks - Alien Worlds
October 14th: October Spooks - Being Watched
October 21st: October Spooks - Broomsticks
October 28th: October Spooks - Villains

Click on the links for ideas and inspiration! Remember it's all about creating. You can showcase your paintings, drawings, photography, sculpting, baking, poetry...whatever you like! 🎨

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  1. Wonderful art this week Rain and the food looks delicious! You will be well fed this winter!

  2. Lots of fun art again today, Rain, and lots of wonderful food. Well done on all that canning, you have a good store for the winter. I would need years to use up so much! Have a good week, take care, hugs, Valerie

  3. Dear sweet Rain, I'm having a terrible night. I can''t see. I'll be back soon when I can fix my eyes,

  4. Rotten blogger is refusing to show me any images. I will come back later and hope it has relented.
    Be kind to yourself and have as good a week as you can.

  5. glad you are back drawing. :)

    I have two favorites this week. And they are both You! Your first portrait is stunning and Medusa is really good. Medusa don´t seem to be as evil as she is in the tales. I did read most of the greek tales when I was young. Loved them.

    Take care!

  6. Surrealism is a topic you can really have fun with, Rain, and you obviously did. There is no limit to what a vivid imagination can produce.

  7. The Son of Man? That caught my eye. Did you know Jesus is called the Son of Man? I looked up the painter and it is not about that at all, but still it was nice to see. 😊 Funny...I just read this apple inspired Norman Rockwell to paint a man with an apple for a head and led to the name of Apple Computers too. Amazing world. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Rain,

    Keeping busy is good therapy at times of sadness and when you're creative then it replaces the gloom with joy. You'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, dearie!

    I like your Tomato Woman sketch - super clever. Eat your heart out, Linda Carter! Now on sale, Acme products in cans! :) Great idea. This month's themes have been a fun challenge. I like your Bugs sculpture. Your self-portrait sculpture is scary. This reminds me of movie poster but I can't recall the name of the film. I hate snakes! Good art, though. :)

    Thanks for hosting the creative fun, my dear. And, yum look at all that good looking food? Your chicken burgers, do you use ground chicken or chicken breasts? Sounds really yummy. Have a doodletastic day and

  9. Hello Rain,

    You are so talented, I always enjoy your Bugs Bunny artwork. The Tomato Woman and your self portrait are great too. I would like shopping in your pantry, you have a nice selection of canned food, well done. The owls at the end are so cute. Take care, enjoy your day!

  10. wow! look at all of those canned veggies. you go girl!!!

  11. Indeed Surrealismus is a funny sight of Art. Love your drawings again, Rain.

    Thank you for hosting.

    Have a good week.

  12. sure have been busy canning, I need to do grape jam and apple sauce and then I'll be done.

  13. Wow Rain! So many tomatoes! And the pictures are all lovely (I especially like the one of the carrot and Bugs!).

  14. Thanks Rain for the shout-out, I so appreciate that,nice to have more readers at my little blog.
    Good for you canning so much food and being prepared! I love surrealism! Nice artwork

  15. All your art is marvelous this week, but my faves are Surreal Magritte Bugs, Acme Soup Cans, and Superhero Tomato Woman!

  16. Really enjoyed this lovely long post :) Can't believe the amount of jars of sauce you have made - enough to fill a supermarket shelf! It has turned cold here in the UK, I am wearing a knitted long sleeve top for the first time since March and just put the heating on. UK gas bills are likely to rise by up to 60% this Winter so I am going to have to get used to layering up! I like all your art but especially Medusa. Am going to look at your spiritual things online now. Betty :)

  17. Hi again, Rain. As promised, I am back. Last night I made the mistake of showering before I linked. I had just purchased some new bath wash and was anxious to try it. It smelled SO good. Sadly, I got some in my eyes, and could barely open them. That bath wash was TOXIC! Any light was complete torture. I was barely able to leave that first message. It took me forever to write what I did.

    Bugs did a great interpretation of Magritte. VERY clever, dear. Lovely self portrait, too. Really unique.

    Of course, I loved the Acme cans you created for your pop art entry. what little I know about Looney Tunes, these are all very appropriate and very funny. Nice use of both fonts, too.

    Speaking of clever fonts, Wonder Woman has nothing on your Tomato Woman. And you sure have produced a lot of tomato canned goods, too.

    Bugs looks good in sculpture art. He even looks better than Discobolus. I have to admit, Medusa never looked better as you.

    I don't draw, but I love your tribute to Marlene. I still hurt with you over your loss of this beautiful family member.

    Comfort food is always important in a time of hurt. Yours looks SO good!

    Nancy looks like she enjoys autumn. She is certainly self sustaining. I love how she thinks, too. Her idea of bartering makes me happy. Thanks for sharing her blog with us, too.

  18. Uhh yeah I would call you the tomato queen for sure. Gret canning this week. I have to do mine in smaller batches. Love all the art you really outdid yourself.

  19. I always enjoy your art, and you food looks good too.
    That is a lot of canning, well done.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  20. Wow, look at all those jars of canned food! Lovely!

    I really like your cans pop art. Very clever!

    I agree Nancy's blog is one more people should know about. I always love seeing what she's up to. (just like you!)

  21. You have been busy doing the things you love to do - art, cooking, canning, and just enjoying life. Great!

  22. Hi, Rain! I'm up for this week. I'll be back shortly to comment on your post! Hugs to you, my friend!

  23. You have outdone yourself, Rain! Your self-portraits are beautiful! I have got to learn Photo Shop! I am really impressed with your hand-painted Ben-day dots. They are painstaking to do. I always love what you do with Bugs, and great job on the cans! Speaking of cans, your preserves have captured summer and will taste so good in the winter. I think I'm going to make meatloaf sandwiches for lunch after looking at your scrumptious comfort food. The themes for October are going to keep me busy! Have a lovely weekend my friend. Keeping you in my heart and prayers!

  24. Great job in the canning, Rain! Very proud of you in preparing to shop from your pantry this winter! Wonderful! Love the art work this week! Have a perfect weekend! We are sending hugs from the ridge!

  25. I linked in twice this week. I liked the prompt that much

    Happy weekend to all. Stay Safe

    Much 💖love

  26. Oh Rain, I'm so sorry to hear about Marlene. As usual, I'm late seeing your posts. My heart just breaks for you. It will take a while. I will sure be thinking about you.

    Rain, is there anything you "can't" do?!! Honestly, you're beautiful, you're an artist, and a wonderful cook, and cheesemaker, and animal lover, and all that canning...all those tomatoes! Wow! and not only that, your blog is way above my head. :) but I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Love, Henny

  27. Good lord, it's an onslaught of creativity! LOL Glad you seem to be doing better, keeping busy and then some. I'll chuckle over all your humorous art all week. My fave is your surrealistic selfie - Cowgirl Frida Rides Again! All too cool. Have a good week! xoxo

  28. There is really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. You outdid yourself this week, making up for past weeks and putting your energy into positives ... a sure way of dealing with pain. So Where to begin? Your self portraits of course. You really have a handle on the key features that make your portraits look like you. Somehow, I haven't been able to do that yet so I am seriously jealous :) Medusa doesn't look as scary knowing it is you ... and snakes don't scare me for the most part unless I don't know if they are poisonous...Then I am weary. Nobody could be more appropriately named "Tomato Woman" than you. My mother used to can tomatoes when I was young. We lived on the University Experiment Station (a farm) so we had every kind of tomato you can imagine. I still prefer them fresh, but home canned is the next best thing. You surely won't go hungry this winter but your pigment may take on a reddish tint :) Bugs is always a winner in my book even as a sculpture, Ha! You make me smile ... I have to admire how you can pull all of this creativity out of your hat. Red and White cans without the word Campbells written across is something of a shock ... probably what Pop Art is about, right? And your labels are a hoot. I'll take a can of boulders, thank you :0 My week has been busy so didn't have a chance to visit your spiritual Rain, but will try to get caught up soon. I don't know if I can handle so much Rain at the same time ... I feel giddy and a little drunk. But, that said, I love it all ... Hope you are starting to feel some relief ... the pain never leaves, but somehow it becomes tolerable. Stay strong, Rain ... you have much to feel good about.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  29. Hello Rain. I’m glad you enjoyed my pictures from Greece. Skiathos is very beautiful.
    So sorry to hear about Marlene, I know she was very special to you.

    Goodness you have been busy with your tomatoes and I think your Tomato Woman is very funny but probably accurate. I can only think that you are expecting a hard winter or determined not to panic buy at the next scare?

  30. Hi Rain, I enjoy seeing your art, very beautiful it is. I see all the canning you have done and it took lots of work and is very impressive. Enjoy it all during the winter months. Have a wonderful week!

  31. How you have time to create art with all else you do in the food line, yt and all is beyond me, but well done! I am such a slacker!

  32. You truly captured bits of yourself in all your self portraits. Well done and fun too.

  33. Thanks for your comments my friends! ♥♥

    I'm going to answer a few questions:

    Cathy: For the chicken burgers, I normally grind the chicken (I use chicken breast)...but I got lazy so I just boiled it for about 35 minutes, shred it up and mixed it with an egg, some Parm, breadcrumbs and thyme. Then I put it on the pan for about 5 minutes per side (covered). I kind of made it the same way I make the mushroom burgers! When I ate it, I realized it probably needed more seasoning, totally forgot the salt!

    Phil: I try to can tons of food each fall. My motivation is to never leave my house in winter lol...haven't hit that dream yet, but each year I'm getting closer! Last winter I think I went grocery shopping only 4 times from January through to April.

    Thanks for your kind words about Marlene, to Henny and Phil. ♥♥

  34. PS: If I forgot to answer questions in the last few weeks PLEASE remind me!!! My mind has been terribly distracted!

  35. I love your art, beautiful. And your vegetables, best yet.

  36. i'll try again post wouldn't go through...i liked everything i see here art, cooking, etc. you're such an interesting lady with all you do. i enjoy coming here. so if my other post did go through and hasn't shown up yet, i said it twice. lol

  37. Rain I did not get that your self portrait was opening up your torso, just as well, I was not grossed out haha. Maybe if you had put a bloody border there haha.

  38. you are incredible dear Rain !

    your self portrait for surrealism speaks to alot! wow i think this portrait shows your spiritual growth strongly (my guess) i stared at it for quite long and it just hold me there ,i am so proud of you to deliver surrealism this way amazing!

    i am glad you are feeling better now. i so liked your second portrait too ,yes you are tomato queen no doubt but there are many other crowns you wear at the same time :)

    wow so much you have preserved for the winter ! everything looks great and tempting including your mouthwatering food oh dear lol

    much love ,health ,peace and joy to you and all you love!

  39. I like your art pieces, all except Medusa because I don't like snakes. Food looks yummy. Pretty fall decorations. Have a great week.

  40. Hi Rain, I'm late checking back in with you. I'm so sorry to hear about Marlene. I wish you strength dealing with the heartbreak of losing her. Your new post is loaded with interesting art and photos! You have so much talent and creativity! Thank you, as always, for sharing. Best regards to you from Seattle! John PS All the tomatoes ... wow, wonderful!

  41. I always love seeing your art. So cool and such a great job. have been busy canning! That is awesome. Winter will be here before you know it and you will have that stuff put back and ready to eat. Great job.


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