Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thursday Art Date: Fine Art - Expressionism

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Fine Arts: Expressionism. I hope that this month of September's fine art themes will challenge you! It's certainly challenging me! Bugs Bunny decided that he wanted to pose for Edvard Munch's The Scream. Notice any fine details in the background? 😊 

Expressionism depicts a feeling or emotion that the artist wants to convey or is feeling as he/she creates the artwork. I am going to do self-portraits for each theme in September, thanks to my friend TB for that idea! This week, I wanted to convey a very specific emotion in charcoal pencils on black art paper. What do you feel when you look at my piece?

I recorded myself drawing this in time-lapse, click on the photo or on this link to watch the video!

Speaking of videos, I also posted a real-time tutorial of my charcoal drawing of Mr. Spock. Click on the image or on this link to watch!

My spiritual channel is slowly gaining momentum! I'm so happy! Click on the photo or on this link to watch my latest video!

I had my second Covid shot on Monday and my gosh...the side effects were worse than the first time. I had a fever for 24 hours, dizziness, felt drugged up, nauseous and had a terrible headache. I prepare my Thursday posts on Wednesday afternoons usually and as I type this, I'm still feeling off. I hope to be better soon and I also hope I never have to go through this again, but I'm so happy it's done! I had the Pfizer shot btw. All I've been able to manage is looking out the window, watching the birds for the last 3 days.

I wanted to share these photos of a very beautiful sunrise - I've never seen a sky like this since I lived on Prince Edward Island, none of these photos were altered!! I was up so early, just after 5am and I had the dogs out with me. The coyotes were howling and the sun was rising...gosh it was beautiful! I found coyote poop just past my driveway this morning...they always leave their poop in the middle of roads and trails as a territorial gesture. The droppings are usually black...that's how you can tell. The ones I've seen lately are filled with blueberries! I'll have to keep an eye out from now on when I go out early in the mornings or late at night. (I hope you don't mind that I DIDN'T post the poop photo lol!)

Due to my loss of appetite, I don't have much to show for food this week! Since my oven crapped out on me months ago, I've been really missing my baked meals - especially pizza. I'm testing out a few recipes for toaster-oven pizza and I think I'm close to finding one that is really amazing!

This week's highlighted artist/blogger is Debra from She Who Seeks blog! Debra is a lovely lady, a very funny lady and her blog is always a treat to visit. She recently made my Fake Tiramisu recipe and it was such a fun post. Please visit her blog! πŸ’— 


That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Expressionism" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


Upcoming Art Dates For Rain's Thursday Art Date:

September 9th: Fine Art - Minimalism
September 16th: Fine Art - Pop Art
September 23rd: Fine Art - Sculpture
September 30th: Fine Art - Surrealism

Click on the links for ideas and inspiration! Remember it's all about creating. You can showcase your paintings, drawings, photography, sculpting, baking, poetry...whatever you like! 🎨

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  1. Your scream piece made me chuckle! Sorry to hear the 2nd shot gave you trouble.

  2. Those dawn shots are completely incredible. Wow, wow and wow again.
    I hope you get over your reaction to the shot quickly.

  3. Great sun shots. I may borrow one.

  4. Good Morning Rain, love the attention to detail in your scream painting with Bugs buddies walking away in the background. I feel my own face could have been placed there after the last few weeks. You look deep in thought in your self portrait, we can really go to town with expressionism, if only I had a wall sized canvas..
    Hope your soon feeling on top form after jab two..
    Take care Tracey xx
    P.S Stunning sunrise pics btw x

  5. Glad you are feeling better now. The art and photos are gorgeous, love the sunrise photos. We don't have coyotes here, so I've never heard one howling. Have a great day, Valerie

  6. I feel like such a terrible person, Rain. I have meant to visit for WEEKS and life got in the way. Every time I was about to visit, I had to put out some fire, either at home or due to my Art Journal Journey blog. It has taken so much of my time this past month and for that I am SO sorry. Thank you for visiting so often when I didn't reciprocate. You are a true gem.

    I am sorry to read you had problems with your vaccine. I got the J & J in April and felt NOTHING. I didn't even have a sore arm or a headache the next day. I keep wondering if it even took! At least you know yours is working.

    Although my forte is NOT drawing, I hope to join in again next week. I love what Bugs did this week. That was SO clever.

    Your sunrises are gorgeous. I wonder if it's partly to do with the fires that are in the west. They have certainly affected our sunsets.

    Please stay safe and feel better soon, dear. Thanks for being such a great friend.

  7. lol, the self portrait probably shows as a reaction to the Covid vaccine. :) Strange you reacted that hard. I did not even feel it. Not even the needle point. A well trained nurse I´d say.

    I guess everyone knows of the Scream painting.

    Lovely sunset.

  8. Hello, Rain

    I always enjoy your Bugs sketches. I have not heard a coyote howling for a long time, it is an eerie sound. Your sunrise images are just gorgeous, the sky color is stunning. Your pizza looks yummy! Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. ...Bugs sure has an expression! I hope that your sunrise was the start to a beautiful day. I'll be by in the morning to link.

  10. The scream is instantly recognizable the world over, so this should draw a response from many. Sorry to hear that your second shot caused so much grief! At least now you are protected. Thanks for the dissertation on coyote scatology!

  11. Great pics, Rain. Would the colour of the sky be from the smoke heading east from the fires? Your charcoal pic looks so sad, but Bugs sure is putting on a good act! Have a good week.

  12. Rain,

    Bugs is a Scream! I wondered if you might do a knock off using Bugs as the model. :D Okay, I got Expressionism can be a self-portrait but I didn't understand that it's meant to express feelings/emotions. Well..I failed at this project. Oh well...the good news is I had fun failing.

    Getting the Covid vaccine sounds like so much fun NOT. I hope you're feeling better today. I hear folks who are fully vaccinated are still getting Covid. Saying prayers for you feel more like your self again soon, my dear!

    What a beautiful, beautiful sunrise! The sky looks like its on fire. I tried baking pizza...actually finishing up the baking when our oven element went ZIP once and the pizza didn't do too well. I'll be eager to read how you accomplished this feat. Your cheesey pizza looks yummy!

    Thanks for hosting the creative energy this week, my good friend. Have a doodletastic week!

  13. the bug expressions are amusing indeed dear Rain :)

    special thanks for the sunrise glimpses ,i really enjoyed them sooo much .i share your love for Nature my friend :)

    okay looking at your self portrait i feel you are thinking deeply or God forbid you look sad ,though painting is exquisitely done and very beautiful .

    best wishes for all your wonderful inspirational channels !
    hugs and blessings!

  14. Hope you are feeling better by now. Really great expressionism pieces. The photos are just magnificent. Try to get some rest.

  15. Amazing dawn colors, so worth rising early to capture them Rain.
    Sorry you had a bad reaction to the 2nd shot - hope all good now.
    Just watched your garlic bulb harvesting video - great fun!
    Art is lovely as always - you always amaze me with your talents.
    Hugs - Mary

  16. Hey, thanks for the shout-out, Rain! I'm honoured to be your highlighted artist/blogger this week! I love those sunrise photos -- amazing! To me, your self-protrait depicts sadness, an expression we're all familiar with from time to time, alas. Love Bugs! Is that Tweety and Granny in the background?

  17. Lovely photos.
    I'm so sorry you were ill. I was sick 4 days and lost 5kg! It was terrible. But it's all done. I hope you are better soon.

  18. Your sunrise photos are beautiful. Sorry to hear you got do sick after your second jab. But that is a good thing. Means your body is ready to fight if you do get exposed to the virus.

  19. Happy to hear you have now gotten all Covid shots. Hope the after effects don't last too long. Luv today's prompt. and Bug Scream.


  20. I enjoyed your garlic video by the way!

  21. Your self portrait seemed to me that you were feeling sad, perhaps after getting that 2nd virus shot. I have heard that some people do have reactions similar to yours, Rain, thankfully we did not and I suspect it may have more to do with a person's age than the type of vaccine. We got the Moderna version and are also in the seniors age category. Thanks for the emails too. It was great hearing from you, my friend!

  22. Aww. Look at me. I am famous now. Thanks Rain! I think Seneca would approve of the picture.

    The sunrise is amazing. We get blackberry seeds in our bear poop at The Ranch.

    Sorry to hear about your reaction after the second shot. What you described was exactly what happened to me as well. It was not fun at all.

  23. Your toaster over pizza certainly looks amazing. I love your charcoal self-portrait, Rain. So cool. So now I have a question... do you and the dogs have to be wary of coyotes when you go out, or do you and the dogs cause them to flee? I hope you're feeling better already, friend. SOrry you got sick with the second shot, but I hear the sicker you get, the better it took (if that's any consolation).

  24. Oh, and I forgot to give you a WOWEE! over those sunrise pictures. Beautiful shots!

  25. BEAUTIFUL moon pics. Love your art also. Sorry you reacted with the shots...I had both of mine with no issues what so ever. But I am back to wearing a mask for protection. We have gotten really bad in TN again. I am so over all this. Take care and I hope you feel better.

  26. Poor Bugs, he is screaming in fear ... will we ever know what scaring him? I see sadness in your portrait, hopefully just in the picture. I am assuming you are past that momentary sadness and all is well again :) I commented on your Spiritual post already so I don't need to say much about it here except your spirituality is awesome :)
    All I can say is I'm sorry you had such side effects. I had the Pfizer series and had no side effects except for a barely discernable tiredness for a day or two after the second. Now they are telling us we need to get a booster after 8 weeks (I know, you don't want to hear it) so I am feeling a little unsafe again until I can get that. This current variant is really dangerous and spreads like wildfire even among the young. So back to the drawing board and finding a source and a time ... will this ever end? Your sunrise photos and scary gorgeous ... the remind me of the skies in California over the burning forest fires. As for the Coyotes, yes, be carful mainly with your dogs. I know they will go after a dog for a meal ... did I tell you about the huge male coyote that ran past Izzi and me while we were out on out night time potty run? He didn't even look at us, but it was scary. I think they are afraid of humans so as long as I have Izzi on a leash I think they won't bother her ... fingers crossed :0 . So I hope you are feeling better and can get back to your cooking (can't let all that garlic go to waste :). Stay well and safe, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  27. I am so sorry that you had a bad reaction to the Pfizer. Sometimes, that happens. Looks like your tutorials are a success. I love your photos of the sunrise. I have a painting of a lighthouse at sunset, which reminds me of your photos of the sunrise. Blessings!

  28. I am sorry to read that the second vaccination left you feeling so rough, hope you are feeling much better now.

    I LOVE your sunrise photographs, they are all AMAZING.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  29. Love the nature shots! I hope you let your doctor know you had some bad side effects to that injection. I know a lot of people don't bother reporting side effects but they really should know. Hope you recover soon!

  30. I am sure you know this, but you want to have more reaction to second shot. The first one stimulates your immune system and the second one tests it. So you passed! It's a beeotch to have to want pain lol. But it means you have protection now to some extent. I've had a bad pain week so will stop now. xoxo

  31. Rain - so glad you got your second shot, and I know just what you mean about the side effects. My son and I both had the same thing after the second shot. We guessed it was coming, so at least that made it bearable. Love the sun shots! Wow! At least it was natural and not from smoke!

  32. Hi Rain, I sure enjoyed this post. Your art is wonderful. The red sunrises ... wow, that is amazing. I wonder if you were getting smoke from the western wildfires? I love seeing your hummer feeders! Happy to see you take an interest in those little birds! Sorry to hear about the side effects of your second Pfizer shot. I also had Pfizer and both shots left my arm very sore for a few days. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Take good care and have a great week ahead! John

  33. Sorry you were hit by the vaccine truck; I hope you recover soon. Man, that sunrise in your neighborhood. Phenomenal.

  34. Dear Rain,
    I really like your pictures. Great, screaming Bugs Bunny Γ  la Munch. Your self-portrait seems melancholy to me. Or maybe just tired? ;-)
    Congrats that you had your second Pfizer shot - but not at all nice that you have such side effects. With both vaccinations I had almost nothing. But I think it is better that you have now received the vaccinations, because an infection might have been worse for you than for me?
    The sunrise is really AMAZING --- (and I'm glad you didn't photograph the coyote poops; -DDD)
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Hugs & best wishes, Traude
    PS: Thank you very much for your kind words to the farewell of our dear Maxwell...

  35. Sorry to hear you'd felt off but at least all in a good cause. I feel having followed you on YouTube I know you so much better as I read hearing your voice! I didn't realise you had another spiritual channel as well - you are so busy and productive. Cheering your work Rain and your wonderful artwork.
    Wren x

  36. Love your blog! Yes Deb sent me this way, always has great ideas for fun! I will be interested in all your postings! fellow Canadian Yippy!

    Expressionism painting is excellent, I can think of many other subjects to SCREAM about though hahahah! I also read your recipes are amazing SSO I must catch up on those as well.

    Your photos are brilliant! Im so happy to have found your creative place, and huge Thank you to the always supportive "She Who Seeks!"

  37. Hi Rain. Yes the vaccine had that effect on some people we know, fortunately not us two. At least you got to do more birding, of which you npow need to look out for autumnal (fall) visitors from "Up North". As to the "drugged up, nauseous and terrible headache" Sue gets that from too much G and T but not quite Edvard Munch - Nice rendition. Hope you're feeling better by now. Wednesday we're off to beloved Greece.


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