Thursday, August 12, 2021

Thursday Art Date: Weather and Weather Lore

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Weather and Weather Lore. Bugs Bunny was having a great time singing in the rain for this week's art date!! I drew him with Sharpies and Prismacolor Pencils, then added the rain effect with Photoshop.

After a violent storm at sea, a three-hour tour turned into a 15-year shipwreck for Gilligan and the rest! 😊 I drew Bob Denver with ink and graphite. I loved this tv show!

Here's one of the many silly scenes from that show!

Kermit the Frog drawn with Prismacolor Pencils. I remembered Kermit singing the song "Rainbow Connection" and since a rainbow is a phenomenon of weather, I think it fits the theme!!

Here is a cute little video of Kermit singing that song in the swamps!

One of my favourite scenes from the Wizard of Oz is when Dorothy looks out of her window during the tornado and sees her nasty neighbour turn into a witch! Actually this scene really scared me as a kid! I drew it with ink and graphite.

For the Weather Lore portion, I chose Red Sky At Night, Sailor's Delight, drawn with ink and graphite.

And finally, a little snow! This is my charcoal drawing of The Snow Queen. I was inspired by Tilda Swinton's portrayal of The White Witch in the Narnia movies.


My latest art tutorials are up on my YouTube channel! Click on the images above or the links below to check them out!

Let's Draw Eddie Van Halen (time-lapsed)
Let's Draw Kermit The Frog (real-time with voice)
Let's Draw A Sailboat on the Sea (time-lapsed)

Also, I have started my spiritual channel on YouTube, Spiritual Rain. Many of my friends know that I don't follow any particular religion or spirituality, but I do love the earth, nature and the seasons. I read Tarot cards and try to work a little magic into my days! This is what my channel is all about. I will be adding a new video every week. I hope that you enjoy it, if it's your cup of tea!!

As for food, I have been so busy with the videos that I've forgotten to take foodie photos! Once I get into a proper schedule, they'll be back!! Here's a little pasta dish with fresh fettuccini!

Here are Charlie and Jack, enjoying a walk in the fog with me! All of the pets are happy and healthy! 

I won't be able to join link parties for a while I think! But I would like to highlight two lovely ladies, Eileen from Eileen's Saturdays Critters and Angie from Mosaic Mondays. I've been participating in their link parties for quite some time and I met so many beautiful people that way! Please visit them! 💗💗 


That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Weather and Weather Lore" creations! See you soon!!! 💗 💗 


Upcoming Art Dates For Rain's Thursday Art Date:

August 19th: Reflections and Mirrors
August 26th: Rough Textures

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  1. I like all your choices for the theme of rain. Many were my favorites too. :) I enjoyed watching your video. And listening to your soothing voice.

  2. Hi Rain I love the picture of your dogs. Fun theme this week. The weather is very much on my mind too with the news of wild fires, climate change is becoming frightening and unless all of this small World pull together we are going to be too late to care for this beautiful planet. I will take a peek at your spiritual channel, I have the same leanings as you. No time for painting over here, just getting over a nasty virus, getting through a particularly stressful week at work and now it's time to get outside with nature for some walks :)

  3. HI Rain, lovely art and photos again. But I can't believe you're neglecting your food! Good luck with your new YouTube channel! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Another great post.
    I am thrilled that the animals are happy and healthy.
    One photo of your delicious food gets me drooling, and I love your art.

  5. Hi Rain, love Bugs singing in the rain and the salingboat. The boat is gorgeous. :)

  6. Hello, dear friend! How cute, Bugs singing and dancing in the rain! I don't know Gilligan's Island, I think it was never shown on Austrian TV. But of course I know Kermit and the Wizard of Oz, and I can also remember the scene with the neighbor who turns into a witch! You did a great job of Tilda Swinton as the white witch of Narnia! I'm not unhappy that you don't show so many food photos ;-) (Because I always get an appetite when I see them!) How nice that all your animals are doing well!!! (Unfortunately our cat Maxwell worries us a lot. He felt better after the doctor's visit, but now he is apptiteless again and we fear that he no longer wants to live ...)

    To your question - how would I make oregano syrup? Well, probably like I made the mint and lemon balm syrup, which turned out delicious: with a lot of sugar and lemon juice (or citric acid and possibly orange juice) and a little water, let it steep for a day and stir again and again, then add more water, bring to boil and fill into sterilized bottles. Maybe honey would go well with it, too. It's the same with thyme syrup, and it's good for coughs. (But I would actually want the oregano syrup as a "normal drink", not as a medicine ...)
    Hugs from Austria,

  7. Hello Rain: I feel safe in posting a link this week since weather affects us all. On Tuesday we had to cancel our walk due to rain. And weather has been a dominant theme both in Canada and around the world of late, what with the western part of North America burning up, devastating floods in Europe, fires in Greece, droughts in southern California, Greenland ice sheets melting, and so on. It is not going to get better any time soon I fear.

  8. Congrats on your videos. That is wonderful. I hope things are well in Canada. I heard they were opening borders so Canadians could come to Tractor Pulls this year, but not sure if that was true.

  9. Fun to hear about English weather lore and find the German equivalents. Glad all the pets are happy and I hope so are you. Wow about the fog. Almost looks like fall! Have a great day, Rain!

  10. ...I would be happy with a day of rain right about now. Will be back in the morning.

  11. Your pasta bowl is so cute! I loved Gilligans Island too and Kermit the frog singing that song. Ernie was a favorite too.

  12. You really thought this out. I love watching Gilligan. All great art. Your dinner looks great. The dogs look happy and healthy and you are busy with Youtube. Love your new spiritual channel.

  13. I like your drawings, and the fettucine looks delicious! Keep doing what you do with the videos. They bring you much joy and happiness.

  14. Good Thursday everyone. Thanks for prompting us Rain.


  15. I recognized the 'singing in the rain' reference right away, good one! The other pieces are wonderful too! Yummy pasta.

  16. Great choices for your theme.

    So nice to see Charlie and Jack, enjoying a walk in the fog with you.
    Pleased to read that all of the pets are happy and healthy!

    Have a great week.

    All the best Jan

  17. Hi Rain, good choice for the rain theme, so appropriate for your name as well! The Rainbow Connection is a wonderful song and of course, frogs are among our favorites! I was never a fan of Gilligan's Island, not for any special reason, but I have seen many video clips and of course the theme song becomes like an ear worm if heard often enough. Singing in the Rain with Bugs might give Gene Kelly some serious competition, if only he were here to see B. I plan to check out your new spiritual channel later this week.

  18. Ooh, it's been a while since I've eaten fettucine. The last time we had pasta here we had angel hair, I think.

  19. Kermit playing his Banjo - LOL. And it's good to see Charlie and Jack enjoying the weather. I find that dogs really don't mind what the weather is doing unless it's at the extremes of too hot or too wet. Over here it's "Red Sky At Night Shepherd's Delight".

  20. i am always amazed by almost everything you dear and do it so beautifully dear Rain !

    your art is getting strikingly amazing day by day wow!

    dancing bugs in rain reminds me myself roaming joyfully in our front yard back in my native home :)
    SPLENDIDLY DONE each art my friend hats off to you!

    special thanks for sharing this lovely song by sweet frog oh i absolutely LOVED it!!!!!! so fascinating indeed .

    congrats for the new channel dear friend !
    i am more than sure you will do great in this too as i see you do everything with so perfection :)
    food looks appealing as always and i loved your pet on a fogy path ,such a gorgeous walk it must be :)
    more success and more joy to you and family!

  21. Your best news, of course, is that all your pets happy and healthy. Same here for the time being ... I have one old cat who is struggling, but still happy though time is not on his side :(
    Ahh now, Singing in the Rain ... a favorite of mine and I could practically tell you the whole story because as a kid, I went to the theater with my Grandpa (he ran the projector at the theater) and had to stay until he was off work, so I saw Singing in the Rain about 6 times ... maybe more. I have long since lost count :)
    I wasn't a big Gilligan's Island fan, but I do remember Bob Denver in the staring role ... and your picture is right on, just as I remember him.
    Who doesn't love Kermit ... my kids grew up on Sesame Street so I know most of the characters. It was an awesome, worry free time in our lives. Sadly not so peaceful anymore.
    And Dorothy ... I think I may have told you that my mother played Dorothy in a Faculty Players Production at the University. She was awesome and we got fan mail at our house for weeks ... what fun it was. I would love to add a picture, but don't know how it is done ... could you share? You are becoming so tech savvy, I am impressed :)
    I am looking forward to your new channel ... I know nothing about Tarot cards, but would love to learn and as for Nature ... my greatest love is nature and my biggest fears are what man is doing to it. I will be a follower for sure.
    Another wonderful day in the life of Rain ... love it, love what you do and how you do it.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  22. What a talented lady you are. Your posts are always so interesting. Gilligans Island! Sure remember seeing them all. Love your sweet dogs, and your food dishes always make me hungry.

  23. I knew that was bugs singing in the rain even before I read your description. Well done with the portraits. They are wonderful! Happy PPF, Rain!


  24. Great sketches, Rain, Gilligan brings back memories for sure. He never got enough credit, going from Maynard G. Crebs (the coolest cat on TV) to a goofy shipmate and it was all perfectly believable, lol. And...Ginger or Mary Ann? I was always a Ginger fan, even though much later I read Anita Lousie was rather a diva and not a team player in real life. xoxo

  25. Wonderful versatility in your excellent creations ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  26. a delightful post that brings back such fun memories of old movies and TV!! Sweet photo of Charlie and Jack taking in the fresh air:) Happy weekend!

  27. Hello Rain,
    Cute sketch of Bugs singing in the rain. Kermit is cute too, well done.
    Your Gilligan sketch is awesome. The pasta looks yummy! I love your sweet dogs, I am glad the pets are happy and healthy. Take care, enjoy your new week!

  28. Just love your drawings, they are always recognisable. Have a great week.

  29. Your artwork just gets better and better! The snow queen is exquisite!
    Hugs ~ Sam

  30. You are amazingly patient ... so here goes again :) Fingers Crossed !
    my mom as Dorothy


  31. Hi Rain, Thank you for the link to Spiritual Rain. I've watched, given a thumbs up, and subscribed. :-) So nice to find this element of Rain. :-) Best wishes to you ... have a fine week ahead. John

  32. Never seen Gilligan's Island on TV. But I love your drawings again, Rain.
    Have a good week.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  33. Your art just keeps on looking great. I love it. Your food always makes me water at the mouth. YUM.

  34. Oh I love Kermit! And you're getting fog? Is it turning into Early Autumn weather up there? Days are getting shorter here which is nice at least it's not quite so hot, beautiful doggies

  35. Love Kermie, my favourite. I once owned a little 'Kermit Green' car! Great shot of the furries! Glad you are doing something you are passionate about, Rain. Wish I had enough data to check out your tutorials. Good luck with them.

  36. Rain,

    Is that Bugs singing in the rain or is that Gene Kelly or was that Fred Astaire? Hmm, I forget which male lead was in that film now. Oh bother! Great sketch, though! And, look at Bob Denver as Gilligan? You are quite good as a portrait artist. Just your Kermit drawing! I can almost hear him singing "Rainbow Connection". Oh that scene from The Wizard of Oz scared me, too. All of your artwork is brilliant, my friend. Sorry for the late visit. Have a good evening!


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