Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thursday Art Date: Candies

Hello Friends!! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Candies. I recently saw some Pez dispensers at a local candy store and decided to look up to see if there were ever any Looney Tunes Pez dispensers...sure enough, every Looney Tune was "pezzed"! I was never a fan of this candy myself.

My favourite candy when I was a kid was Bottle Caps. The best one of the pack was the root beer flavour! What was your favourite candy as a kid, or even now?

These days I mostly enjoy chocolate for my candy fix...but I am also a very big fan of anything jelly! I have a nice memory of my grandparents offering me jelly fruit slices on Sunday afternoons when I'd visit them. 😊

I'm very happy to say that Jack's surgery went well! The poor baby had sixteen of his teeth removed. At first when they told me that I was shocked, but after learning that dogs usually have 42 teeth, it didn't seem all that bad. The surgeon also removed the eye tag that had been irritating his left eye. He's on pain meds and antibiotics and he's resting. I'm feeding him baby food and he's getting all the water he wants. I am NOT leaving his side. I'm sure he'll be back to his normal spunky self very soon! Gratitude. πŸ’—

This week's highlighted artist is my friend Christine! πŸ’— Her blog showcases her minimalist art, food and recipes and much more! This is a photo of one of her lovely florals.

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Candies" creations! 

See you soon!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


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  1. I saw those PEZ candies and thought of a show I get to watch on the weekend, called The Pretender. He was always finding new PEZ candies and eating them. I've never heard of Bottle Caps. Like you, my favorite now is anything chocolate. My favorite as a child was a candy coated piece of licorice in the middle. I can't remember what they were called, though. I also enjoyed a candy my grandmother liked. It had a maple coating over a peanut buttery inside.

    Good to hear that Jack will soon be better and came through his surgery well. I'm sure that helps you relieve your stress level some.

  2. hello rain,
    but a big stone falls from your heart that Jack has survived it well and is recovering well through your care. I am happy for you.
    PEZ I know they are still around today. a great drawing of these three guys ** gg ** so you can't do anything but make people happy!
    The other sweets are great too. I don't eat that much of sweets.
    Congratulations to the chosen Christine, I love her beautiful paintings and her blog!
    Have a good, strong and nice week and get well soon, hugs Elke

  3. I am thrilled that Jack's surgery went so well. And of course he will recover more quickly with your pampering and love.
    As a child I liked sherbet best. These days? Dark chocolate - but I still have a weakness for jelly babies.

  4. So glad to hear Jack is getting better, poor thing. Look after yourself, too! Hugs, Valerie

  5. ...I love the PEZ dispenser, I woould have never thought of that!!!

  6. Hi Rain, we have the same kind of candy! But I don´t think I have seen PEZ?
    Glad Jack is ok, so far, but that was a lot of teeth taken out. :(
    He will have some trouble finding out how to eat when the pain has eased. Might not be that easy for him.
    Take care!

  7. Happy Thursday everyone
    Bravo to Christine for her featured art today

    much ❤ love

  8. Hello,

    Your Pez cartoon characters are so cute. Chocolate has always been my favorite.
    Sending well wishes for Jack, he is so sweet. I hope he recovers quickly.
    Take care, have a happy day and great weekend ahead.

  9. such good news for Jack :) his little mouth will be sore but luckily animals don't dwell on these things and he has you by his side :) My favourite candy (we call them sweets) was those sherbet flying saucers with coloured wafers in pastel shades - I still love them and the moment the wafer melts in your mouth and the sherbet comes out!

  10. Rain,

    I'm glad Jack's surgery went well. Poor felal!

    I love the Pez dispensers!! I enjoyed those as a kid and when our children were young, we got them Pez, too. Guess what? They loved 'em, too. I think I had Bottle Caps but I don't believe it was one of my favorites. Willie Wonka had a product called "Whacky Wafers" which resembled big sweet tarts but the WWs were sweet and packed with fruity flavor. That was one of DH & my favorites when we were dating. Sometime in the early 80s they disappeared and I haven't seen them since, not even at sites that sell vintage candy. :( I think Nestle bought Willie Wonka out years ago so that might be the problem. As for gummy candy, I really like Starbursts. Yum! I haven't had those in a few years but like you my go to candy these days is usually something chocolatey. Thanks for hosting the art date fun, my dear. Have a doodletastic week!

  11. Fantastic candy art and I'm so glad Jack is recovering well. I hope you are holding up ok Rain. Hugs!

  12. Poor Jack. He's braver then me though. I never go to a dentist after a childhood scare. yes, I know that's bad, especially as I like candies (sweeets). Jelly Babies and Wine Gums are my treat.

  13. Love your candy art today. I didn't like pez either but Mars Bars, jellies, you name it. You are taking good care of poor Jack.

    Apologies for misreading the theme this week, I saw 'candles' instead of candies. I remember thinking 'how are candles related to sweets'...duh! And thanks for featuring me!

  14. I am so glad to hear about Jack. Yes, he will be back to walks in the woods with you soon. Love your PEZ art and the bottle caps too. I have never had that candy. Mine was the butterfinger. Have a truly wonderful day today.

  15. Yes, yes - to Bottle Caps and the best being root beer!! I'm glad to hear Jack's surgery is over. He'll feel so much better once he's all healed. -Jenn

  16. Never heard of bottle caps before, I used to like everything that was bad for my teeth lol, but now probably mostly chocolate. Glad the doggie is OK, I had a cat that had to have a lot of teeth removed and she was feeling poorly for a little while. Elle xx

  17. Glad Jack's surgery went well! I hope he has a speedy and full recovery! My favourite candy when I was a kid was chicken bones -- ooooh, that crunchy pink cinnamon exterior and chocolate "marrow" inside! I still love them, LOL! Pez candies were crap (still are) but Pez dispensers were fun!

  18. good thing about Jack and glad he is doing better. love Pez when i was younger.

  19. candy - Werther's creme filled carmal candy.. I never can stop eating them - i can go through a whole package. Never had bottlecaps.

  20. We always used to get Pez dispensers in our stockings at Christmas, but only one refill, so they never really got used.

    Glad to hear Jack's surgery went okay!

  21. I like the PEZ dispensers ...
    I am so pleased that Jack's surgery went well, may he heal well.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  22. LOL Your illustrations this week reminded me of the age gap between us, Rain. My 1965-born younger brother would love them, but by the time all these candies came out I was too worried about my waistline and smile to partake. So happy to hear that Jack is recovering well and has such good home health care! xoxo

  23. Oh Rain! You brought back so many perfect memories with your PEZ post today! I never liked the candy, but the way those little dispensers spit them out, was always so intriguing...and yes, I would load them and reload them...over and over...the same pez pellets! When I was a kid, however, my favorite candy was a Bing Cherry bar. Don’t know if you had them in Canada, but they were very popular in Wyoming! Have a perfect weekend, and thanks for the memories!

  24. Your PEZ dispensers are cute, Rain. I did (and still do) favor chocolate candy. I especially remember Valomilk, though when I just looked them up the wrappers are not like I remember them. I remember them being just one in a clear and black (or brown - and maybe some silver on it) cellophane wrapper. Or maybe my memory is just not correct. I've also always loved Milky Way, Almond Joy... Also remember a cube chocolate candy. Was it called Chunky? Yeah, I think that's it. My favorite non-chocolate candy was SweetTarts. I remember buying giant ones in cellophane wrapper and sucking on it for hours it seems like now. It's no wonder I had so many cavities!

  25. I'm so pleased that everything went well with Jack! That is great news. And I bet you are sighing with relief. Wishing him continued good health and a speedy recovery. Sending you both love. xo

  26. thank goodness that Jack is recovering speedily dear Rain !
    your kindness is heartfelt indeed .i hope he will be back to his happy attitude soon.
    loved the art:)

    blessings !

  27. Of course Pez :) I was never a fan of the Pez candy, but my daughter still has pez containers and, in fact, I just bought her a pack of refills. I liked the fruit slices too, but my favorites were the orange not the lime. Today I think I would like the lime ... I guess our taste changes as we grow older. But, that said, I have never lost my taste for Fanny May Pixies (turtles) and really chocolate in general. I think that is a woman thing ... maybe a mood lifter or a stimulator of hormones, Ha! My FH could take or leave chocolate ... poor thing doesn't know what he is missing. Glad to see Jack is doing well. He won't really miss those teeth, especially if any of them were giving him pain. I know he is getting all the TLC he needs.
    Hope your therapy is going well for you and you are starting to feel like your old self again. We do miss your comments, but are thankful that you have managed to continue with the blog. Take care, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  28. Glad Jack Jack is recovering well. He like me has teeth issues but at least he has old age. Your bottle caps drawing is my favorite. I used to eat those all the time and loved getting them on Halloween.

  29. I liked root beer too! Cute pieces of art Rain! I think chocolate would be my favourite now too! I am so happy Jack's surgery went well. Poor little guy! Sending healing hugs! Hope you're doing ok Rain! Big Hugs!

  30. Late again to reading the update on Jack's dental surgery, Rain, and hope he will be feeling much better soon enough. You are certainly a good doggie mom and Jack looks very comfortable and cozy and wishing him a full recovery so that your heart will be lightened as well.


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