Thursday, March 11, 2021

Thursday Art Date: Space

Hello Friends!! 😊 (I'm so sorry I have not visited your blogs this last week my friends, my time has been consumed with Marlene...I WILL VISIT YOU ALL THIS WEEKEND!!!)

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Space. I've been doing a lot of art lately. A good friend told me that doing things with my hands releases the mind, so I've been producing LOTS of art (and lots of thoughts!) Bugs donned his lab coat and telescope to check out what was going on in space...he is about to discover the Daffy Constellation - whether he likes it or not!

Marlene is improving!!!!!!!! 😂😂 If you kept her in your thoughts, prayers and heart, I can't thank you enough. Your comments on my last post were so heartfelt and genuine, thank you so much!💗

Leanna: I am praying that your Lucy gets better soon. It took Marlene 4 full days for the Vestibular symptoms to calm down.  💗💗💗

Her eyes stopped darting, she can walk pretty much alone now (a little wobbly) and she seems more interested in life. She is still incontinent but has finally started to poop!!! To pet owners, this is always a cause for excitement if they haven't in a while lol...I have to force feed her, which is a challenge because she still won't eat on her own, but she takes some food from my hands now and then so there is a wee bit of interest. I'm hoping and praying she continues to improve! Today I am bringing her back to the vet for a follow up analysis to see how far her kidney disease has progressed and hopefully to confirm that her liver damage is not progressing. Wish us luck!!

Here are Leo, Jack and Charlie cleaning up Marlene's bib!

Turn up the volume for this 18-second video! I was going to the back of the house to fill the bird feeders just past 8am when I heard a pack of coyotes howling and yipping. They were likely just at the back of my property across the river. It can be an intimidating sound for sure! 

Okay back to space...I tried my hand at Luke Skywalker in ink and graphite. I loved the first two Star Wars movies (1977 and 1980) very much and though I tried to watch the modern ones, they are not for me! In fact, Star Wars was one of the first movies I ever saw in theaters. My grandfather took me and we waited in a super long line that day to see it. Great memory!

A favourite actor of mine is Sam Neill. Here he is in charcoals. Oh he's great! He's probably best known for his role in the Jurassic Park movies. He also played Merlin in the tv mini-series. But he's done a slew of movies, including one set in space called Event Horizon. I don't recommend you watch it if you scare easily as it is suspenseful and a wee bit disturbing. (Right up your alley Nicole!)

But if you want to look at the official trailer, here it is! 

The last week has been so stressful and I really haven't done much but care-take for Marlene and try to keep my emotions from spilling over. I feel so emotionally drained though. My dogs are my heart and I can't express how devastated and desperate I feel when one of them suffers.

I did manage to make a few poutines though with different gravies...a red wine gravy and a chicken gravy.

...and a strawberry shortcake because I (miraculously) found fresh, juicy, sweet local strawberries at the grocery store! 

I'm very set in my ways when it comes to pizza, but decided to try something new. This is my "CLT" pizza (Cheddar, lettuce, tomato) with a little swirl of bbq sauce! It was delicious! I'm a fan of pairing pasta with pizza, so I made some spaghettini with Alfredo sauce to go with it!!! 😋😋

Well, that's all for this week folks! I'm spent! Please check out the link gadget below to see more "Space" artwork!


Duck on Diagonal Wires

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  1. Great artwork. That strawberry shortcake looks fabulous. Will be giving the Goddess two shiny baubles for the health of Marlene and Lucy. Somehow, I don't understand but Lucy is doing fine. Her last episode was three weeks ago. I've been monitoring her carefully. She is supposed to get her eval for her cataracts in two weeks so we are elated that we found a great vet in San Antonio who will do the surgery for us.

  2. I am THRILLED that Marlene is improving. So very happy for you both.

  3. Bugs with his telescope is a creative take on space. Love his view. The portraits are so good too. Glad Marlene is improving somewhat but those vet bills don’t sound like fun. The food looks colourful and delicious, never tried lettuce on a pizza. Thanks for finding time to host us this week.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that Marlene is feeling some better, sweet thing. While the coyotes sound eerie in the video, your property sure looks pretty in the snow. :) I really like Sam Neil as an actor. You've done an excellent charcoal of him, Rain.

  5. So good to read that Marlene is showing signs of improvement, you are a brilliant carer and I am so hopeful for you that your vet can reassure you that she is stabilising. The important thing in all of this is that she is aware of how much she is loved :) Food looks great as always - as a veggie I would eat anything you make with cheese in it!

  6. That sounds better and I hope that she will feel even better. All the best to Marlene and a lot of strength!
    The coyotes sound scary, only good that they are further away.
    The pictures drawn are great, I love it on black!
    The trailer is great and exciting.
    The food looks great, the pizza and the cake is delicious with strawberries.
    I wish you all all the best, whether two or four-legged friends, hugs Elke

  7. Ha ha. Bugs made me laugh with that telescope. So did the pooches with Marlene's left overs. Who needs a dishwasher when you have a dog?

    Good to hear Marlene is feeling better. I have my fingers crossed for you both.

    Like you say, pretty dramatic even scary sounds from those coyotes, but sounds I would love to hear for real.

    There's far too much cheesecake there for the two of you. You need to send me some.

  8. The news about Marlene is cautiously optimistic. It seems she is improving a bit. I know how concerned you are. I'm amazed you were able to find time to create such incredible food, much less create such wonderful art. You are a superwoman, dear Rain. I sincerely hope you get good news from the vet today, dear.

  9. Fortunately, things are going in the right direction with Marlene.
    Your dogs are beautiful, the food looks delicious.
    The cake looks good, would like a piece.
    Greetings Irma

  10. lol, Bugs seem to do well as an astronomer!
    Sam Neill was one of my favorites too but I don´t think I have seen Event Horizon. I like all Star Wars movies, but you have to see them as separate ones. The same basics but different stories.

    Glad Marlene is improving.
    Take care!

  11. Hello Rain,

    I have been thinking of you and Marlene, I am so glad she is doing better. I know exactly how you feel about your furbabies, they are in our hearts forever. Cute photo of the sweet dogs. Love the Bugs with the telescope sketch! Your cheesecake looks delicious. I am not positive and it may seem weird but your duck on a wire has a beak like a Cormorant? Have a happy day!

  12. So glad to hear that Marlene is improving! Fresh, local strawberries? Are they from a greenhouse? Love Bugs, he looks so studious! Have a better week.

  13. is a word the has many meanings!

  14. Glad to hear that Marlene is doing well. As for pizza we too have our favourite and rarely deviate from a tried and true version. In our house we split the cooking, but Miriam always does the pizza, right from scratch, even making the dough. Why mess with perfection?

  15. I am so glad to hear Marlene is doing better. Best of luck at the vet today. Big hugs!

  16. your sam neil is! i am so happy that marlene is improving and i hope she continues to do so. yum...poutine!

  17. I am so glad Marlene is doing better. That comes from all you are doing for her. Bugs looks so official. Event Horizon is Mr. M's favorite movie. Your spread looks amazing. Hmmmm your pizza sounds interesting. Take care of yourself as you care for Marlene. Hugs N

  18. Rain,

    Love Bugs gazing at the stars. For next month's A-Z Challenge, I'm going to sketch Looney Tune characters. :) Saturday morning cartoons were such a big part of my childhood. Even to this day I think the old cartoons are hilarious. There's nothing like great entertainment of yesteryear!

    Fabulous ink and graphite illustrations. I want to try doing this some day. :)

    Your foodie shots look so yummy, yummy good! The strawberry shortbread looks delicious!! I have yet to make Alfredo, so I may have to try doing it.

    Thanks for sharing and hosting, my friend!

  19. Your portrait of Sam Neill is terrific -- so compelling! And glad to hear Marlene is rallying and improving!

  20. How you found fresh local strawberries in March in Canada is beyond me but I'm glad you did! Your shortcake looks gorgeous!

    And good news on Marlene. Every day is a gift and I know you are taking full advantage of those days. The good thoughts and prayers keep coming.

  21. So pleased to read that Marlene is slowly improving, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

    Really enjoyed seeing your art and food pictures.
    So good to find strawberries, that strawberry shortcake looks delicious.

    Take good care.

    All the best Jan

  22. So grateful that Marlene is doing better.

    I love Sam Neill. He plays the executive officer to Sean's Connery Captain in Red October.

  23. Bit late to the party (as always *LOL*). I love the old Star Wars movies, too, and always had problems to sort in the new ones. Never managed to get them in the right order. *LOL* Your duck on the lines looks very much like a cormorant. Do you have them in your area? Have a great day, Rain! And enjoy that strawberry cake. YUM!

  24. Bugs wears that coat very well, i'm happy he discovered that Daffy constellation oh how it sparkles. Really admire your Sam Neil charcoal piece, what a diverse actor he is I have always liked his more sinister side.
    I gave a little shout for joy when I read that Marlene has shown signs of improving, I told Hubby about her and we have both kept her in our hearts and thoughts over the past few days. Dogs always seem to enjoy food from the hand, everyone of ours have shown more interested on what's on our plates rather than their own. Take care of each other and extra hugs gentle to Marlene.
    Tracey xx

  25. Thanks Everyone :) Marlene refuses to eat on her own, the only thing she wilfully eats is pizza crust...she's a girl after my own heart that's for sure!

    Eileen and Kokopelli, I was pretty sure the photo was of a duck...I took it from my car and it was very far away, used my zoom and only saw shadow...but maybe it's a Cormorant!

    Rosalea and Jeanie, those strawberries had to have been from a greenhouse because there is still a lot of snow on the ground here!

    Cathy, that's so neat that you'll be doing the Tunes!! :)

    If I've forgotten to answer a question, please forgive me and feel free to ask again!!! My mind is all over the place lately!

  26. I can understand your anguish, I would feel the same way. Love that strawberry shortcake.

  27. Well, my dear Rain, anyone who has owned a pet and loved them the way you do yours, knows the pain you are suffering ... and Marlene is suffering. My heart goes out to you all, even the other pets, who by their nature are fully aware of what is going on. It would be my hope that she could miraculously recover, but it is also my hope that she will not have to continue to suffer ... those are the hardest decisions, made tenable only by the fact that you may be sparing her more pain. Be strong and be kind, Rain and your answers will come to you.

    How you can do art and cook wonderful meals with all this going on in your life is amazing to me, but I do understand the benefit of distraction. Your portraits, once again, are perfection (though I am still watching every Star Wars and Star Trek movie/program out there, the first had to be the best and probably the reason we, as a collective, still flock to the theaters to see more). My son spent much of his lay off time watching the new Star Trek series, so for Christmas I made a picture of Spock and Micheal Burnahm with his and his wife's face superimposed ... we all got a big laugh out of it. So Pizza and Pasta? Like carbs much? I know I would be bursting out of my seams if I lived with you (can't kid myself, I am anyway, even with my own effort to eat right). This year of lock down has been a disaster weight wise, so I am looking forward to getting out and about, away from the kitchen long enough to avoid the snacking. I hope this coming week brings resolve for you and your family ... my heart goes out to you. And, before I go, I have heard coyote yips and howling from a close proximity and there is nothing more chilling ... I keep telling myself they are more afraid of me than I am of them, but I am not convinced ... stay safe and be careful...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  28. Star Wars is one of the best SF movies, but only the episodes created by George Lucas, not Disney! I'm glad for you that Marlene is doing well. The strawberry shortcake seems very tasty!
    Wishing you a nice weekend!

  29. All that yummy food! Your coyote video was trippy! OMGosh to have them in your backyard. Hope Marlene continues to be on the mend.

  30. Hello Rain! My fingers are feeling better today so I wanted to comment. I've enjoyed your drawings as usual and the food makes me gain a pound or two just looking at it. So happy Marlene is improving. We have coyotes in the field behind us, well, they have been sighted by neighbors, if I ever see one I will be wanting to move, but from what I read, no one can escape them anywhere. xoxo

  31. Whatever Marlene had to eat must have been tasty because even the cat was interested in it. IMHO the only good coyote is a dead coyote.

  32. It was wonderful to read this updated post, Rain, and to learn that Marlene is making some steady progress. I hope she continues to do so but realize how tough it has been especially with the hand feeding. Still you found time to make some amazing foods, as always. We have never paired pizza with pasta but it's an interesting combo. The strawberry shortcake looked delicious just from a photo. The charcoal of actor Sam Neill was wonderful and so detailed.

  33. I'm so glad Marlene is feeling a little better, and imagine that takes a load off your mind. I've often dreamed of looking at the sky through a powerful telescope. Seems like it would be fascinating. And now I have a taste for noodles(lol) Hugs, RO

  34. I am so happy for Marlene!! I will keep you both in my prayers!!! Love hearing the coyotes!! Amazing! Very excellent art Rain!! The Sam Neill face is so cool! I am full just looking at your food! LOL! Big Hugs Rain!!

  35. Oh, Rain, I am so happy that your sweet Marlene is feeling better! I don't have a dog but my children have them and one was very ill this winter and we worried so much about him. It turned out he had an allergy to his food, especially chicken. Once his diet was changed he was much better.

    I enjoyed hearing the coyotes! They roam in our hills but sadly serious mange killed many of them the past few years. The first time I heard them I was on a trail appropriately called the "Coyote Song" trail.

    Your food looks delicious--especially that delightful strawberry shortcake. That is always my pick for a birthday cake.

    Your drawings are exceptional this week! Very perfectly mysterious

  36. i am glad Marlene is improving dear Rain

    wonderful wonderful art as always!
    the love between pet made me emotional

    coyote used to live in surroundings of our native village ,they would come at night and take away chicken from houses
    i hope there they are no threat

    enjoyed the trailer like must watch movie


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