Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thursday Art Date: February Films: Tragedies and Melodramas

Hello Friends!! 😊😊 

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Tragedies and Melodramas. This is our last film theme and I hope you enjoyed it, and was inspired and challenged! It was a lot of fun for me. Bugs Bunny is very serious in his portrayal of Laurence Olivier playing Hamlet.

Hamlet is my favourite of Shakespeare's tragedies. I've watched many versions of this play and based on acting ability alone, my favourite Hamlet was Mel Gibson (charcoals). I know he's a controversial person, but his Hamlet was brilliant. I did a minor in English Literature at University and my main focus was Shakespeare's tragedies.

Here is the official trailer.

Macbeth was another favourite. I actually saw Macbeth on stage in Stratford Ontario back in the 1980's. Oh it was amazing! This is my ink and graphite sketch of Toshiro Mifune. Japanese director Akira Kurosawa was best known for his Samurai films and he worked often with Toshiro. This is from the movie Throne of Blood which is a version of Macbeth. It's so well done, I'm a big fan of Samurai movies.

Here is the official trailer.

Besides the stage version and the Samurai version, my favourite film version of Macbeth was directed by Orson Welles, he also played the lead. Here is the full movie on You Tube.

From tragedy to melodrama. I dipped into my Film Noir favourites for my next two pieces. This is Richard Widmark from Night And The City. I know I keep saying this, but really this is one of my favourite Film Noir is very dramatic and the main character is tragically doomed. He's the anti-hero, which makes you hate him, then root for him in the end - brilliant acting! And I'm a wrestling fan, so any movie that has wrestling in it makes me happy!

Here is the official trailer. For now at least, you can find a great quality version of the movie on You Tube, here is the link.

Last but not least, an ink and graphite sketch of Jackie Gleason and Anthony Quinn from the movie Requiem For A Heavyweight. It's a sad and dramatic story of a washed up boxer (Quinn) whose agent (Gleason) badly matches him with a young, strong boxer (played by a young Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)); and the resulting end of his career. I fell in love with Anthony Quinn in this movie! And I really didn't like Jackie Gleason's role at all...but that's what makes him such a good actor. I think of Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners...he played a very dramatic role in this movie. I love when comedians turn to dramatic roles, they are usually quite good at it!

Here is the official trailer.

There is another similar tragedy if you're into pro-wrestling and modern movies. It's The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. It's a sad movie based on the life of real pro-wrestlers. A little racy because Marisa Tomei plays a stripper. It's very heartbreaking if you're into dramas!

I've been doing a lot of walking outside and I filmed a little video to show you where I live. I love my rural life!

On the food front, my 53rd 39th birthday was last week and Alex made the day very special. I asked for a cheese fondue but he went all out. He made a Swiss cheese fondue with grilled cheese bites and fries for dipping! And for dessert he made chocolate mousse and Irish coffees. He lit a fire and it was a very special night! 

There is no sign of Mr. and Mrs. Woodpecker, nor the Mourning Doves...but the Evening Grosbeaks are back! Don't mind the temperature, it's really not that balmy out's just because the camera is in direct sunlight! I could go out there and sunbathe in the snow if I wanted to!

Chickadees in flight. 

Hello Redpole! And I think I have a few Pine Siskins...this one has pretty good hang time! 😊 

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  1. THANK YOU for that beautiful video. Half a world away I could feel the tension in my shoulders ebb away as I watched.
    Loved your portraits, your food and the birds too.

  2. You sure know your tragedies and melodramas Rain, well done on all the portraits wow!
    Glad you had a wonderful birthday, Alex’s dishes look delicious!

  3. What great drawings you make, you have talent.
    The food looks delicious.
    Greetings Irma

  4. A late "happy birthday" to you, Rain! Your birthday supper looks wonderful. -Jenn

  5. The area where you live looks sublime, and you do attract a wonderful variety of birds to your feeders. There is little chance we will see Evening Grosbeaks here, but we are looking daily for Pine Siskins. Chickadees are here all year and have bred in nest boxes in our yard and this year we have had Common Redpolls too. It is always fun to glance outside. Happy belated birthday. Looks like you were suitably spoiled.

  6. I loved hearing your voice! What a sweet spot.
    Happy birthday, my dear!

  7. Rain,

    I don't know what it is about the linky widget but it hates me. This time I tried patiently waiting for it to show my entry and when it didn't I entered it again. You might find three entries for me, so kindly remove the last two from the list and please if you know what's causing my woes let me know.

    Your sketches are wonderful. Bugs always brings a smile to my face. Your chalk portraits are fabulous. By the way, did you see my question last week asking about chalk markers? I was wondering if they give the same effect on black paper as real chalk.

    Happy 39th Birthday, girl! Alex did a fabulous job spoiling you, too. Yum everything looks so good.

    Thanks for hosting the creative fun, my dear. Have a terrific day! ;)

  8. You outdid yourself with your art this week. It is all excellent.

    Happy Birthday. 39 is a good year to be. In my body, I am as old as dirt, but in my mind, I see myself as eternally middle-aged. I gave up on eternally young a few years ago.

  9. Excellent art as always Rain! Happy belated birthday, your dinner certainly looks extra special. I'm so glad you enjoyed the evening. I love all the adorable bird photos, but that one close up with the little guy looking right into the camera cracked me up!

  10. So many great sketches of great actors. Your birthday sounds fabulous. Alex did a great job. The video of your area is perfect. Love how quiet and peaceful it is. Charlie seems to be in her element out there too.

  11. Wonderful movie choices and art as always, Rain! I thought Mel Gibson did well in "Hamlet" too but he was way too long in the tooth for that role. It's a young man's part because Hamlet's reactions and solutions are those of a teenager, not of a mature man with experience of how a world really works. At least, that's my opinion!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! Cheese fondue sounds to die for!

    Delighted to join in for the first time, though I'm not sure I really relate to the prompt. I'm posting the book I painted for Rick about our year, which was largely our year in the line of covid. Maybe it does make sense -- it was definitely a year of tragedy and melodrama!

  13. WOW!!! you sure have been busy! i never even knew that hamlet version existed! the food looks wonderful. happy are just a bit older than i am!!!

  14. Hey these are magnificent. I had to figure this one out. I was going to go in a different direction and then. Well... I love your art so much. Happy late birthday. Ohh isn't that nice we are the same age, 39. LOL So nice to get a birthday dinner. It is gorgeous where you live. Thanks for the video.

  15. You are 53? Wow! I thought you were 39, honestly. Incredible how time flies. Anyway, I love your art. I notice you use charcoal a lot. The different tones of grey are interesting. Have you tried to use oil or acrylic? Just wondering.

  16. too late the for the party again! I will join in one soon - so hectic here at the moment - happy birthday! I had mine this week too so we are both Pisces :)
    I love your surroundings but I don't like being cold so rather you than me! Your birthday dinner was special, what more could you want than food made with love and a crackling fire.

  17. Happy Birthday, Rain! 39, really? Could have fooled me. You don't look a day over 29. You are so lucky to have peace and quiet and not to mention the beauty of the world where you live. You have finally hit the jackpot.

  18. I'm really sorry to leave a comment so late, but I have spring on my mind and I really can't sit inside! I had to do so much in my garden, and take a walk in my big backyard (the forest)!
    We are still in the middle of winter, but the past two weeks nothing of the winter has been noticeable! This spring-like weather is truly unprecedented for the Netherlands!
    The first drawing is gorgeous! I laughed a bit ... is it allowed ?! Right?
    I haven't seen that many movies lately, but I have to say that Mickey Rourke is a good actor ... despite the aesthetic he had undergone!
    Happy 39th birthday!
    Can you describe a little bit how you experience this ... I have long passed the 53rd 39th birthday and ... already forgot! LOL
    I hope that spring will come to you soon and that you will enjoy the first spring flowers!

  19. Hello Rain. Happy 21st. Sorry, there's no link today as I have no melodrama to relate, just humdrum. Perhaps I should find another story of the intrigue, tragedies, melodrama and life changing moments of twitching?

    I know nothing of controversy surrounding Mel Gibson but I do know you made a fine portrait of him. And wow, you have so many Evening Grosbeaks you make me very envious.

    Creases? You don't make this any easier do you? It's many a year since I had a crease in my pants.

  20. So pleased you had a great birthday, belated birthday wishes.
    Loved your video, it is so peaceful.
    Fabulous art and fabulous looking food.

    Wishing you a good week.
    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  21. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Rain.

    The drawing of Gibson is very good. It is one of my more favorite adaptations of Hamlet.

    Yay Toshio Mifune! Throne of Blood is amazing. The last scene, where the castle is under attack and he is trying to run either way but hemmed in by arrows, is one of my favorite scenes.

    I do like the bird doing the straight on shot at the camera.

  22. Wow, some very powerful images. Anesha

  23. I so look forward to the journey through your art plus I get ideas for movies to try and locate.

    by EAGHL

  24. Enjoying the prompt

    much ❤️️ love

  25. My goodness, you are a serious movie watcher and your choices are those that many would not have turned to. Shakespeare has only inspired me from a distance, but you took the deep dive and your knowledge of his works is impressive. As for Mel Gibson ... he did a lot of wonderful, serious movies before he went off the rails. I think he deserves credit for that. And, Jackie Gleason, I remember that movie and I remember at the time I was watching it, I kept expecting him to break into his Ralph Kramden role ... it was a little distracting, but I agree, he was awesome. I had forgotten the movie "The Wrestler". My daughter is a wrestling fan ... she says yelling at the TV screen helps her get out her anger about things in her life. I will have to see if I can find a copy of that movie for her. So, Happy 39th, Rain. I love it that your husband can cook like you ... what a pair you make ... and I suppose he is slim and trim like you too. What is your secret? (I know, it's in the genes :). I think one of your Grosbeaks has spotted your camera ... watch for him, he will be playing to it from now on, Ha! This was one of your best posts and your peaceful walk was what we all needed in these oh so stressful times. Thank you again and again for being a light in our lives.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  26. Your drawn likenesses are brilliant, I find it very difficult to get them so anyone would know who they are.. We are very rural as well, it would drive me insane to live in a large town or city.

  27. Rain, your portrait drawings never cease to amaze me- the likenesses to the characters are fabulous!! Of course I do enjoy the cartoons as well:)
    It does look so peaceful and tranquil where you live. I could easily live with such quiet.
    And what a feast your sweet hubby has made to honor your birthday - very decadent and impressive!
    Love watching all the birds. Happy PPF!

  28. these are all fascinating drawings and your bird photos are so great and exciting!
    The delicious fondue meal again, always wonderful with you!
    O so much snow in the video when you were walking the dog and the sun is shining so beautiful.
    I wish you a good time, hug Elke

  29. That's a wonderful representation! Love the way you have captured the expressions in your portraits. I'm quite fascinated by the countryside living. I often watch travel videos that captures countryside beauty and living. I'm glad you had a very special birthday. Belated Happy (39th) Birthday. Stay well. :)

  30. Look like you been busy creating. I love art challenge. Happy PPF
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  31. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you, Rain, and what a wonderful group of treats Alex prepared, so kudos to him. The dessert treat also sounded delicious and nothing better than a night fire on your special day. I enjoyed your brief video about walking outdoors and being able to hear a pin drop, and it also looks like have a good amount of snow to walk on, whereas the snow here is fast going away thanks for rain and a couple of warmer days. Kayakers were out on the river this week to my great surprise, but they did look very bundled up!

  32. Your 53rd 39th birthday??? You ain't that old, lady.

  33. Hi Rain, Swiss cheese fondue with grilled cheese bites and fries for dipping … oh my goodness … that sounds so good. Perfect for 39th celebration! :-) Very neat post … thank you for sharing. John

  34. Once again, I'm running late to visit. I confess the only film I've even HEARD of is Requiem for a Heavyweight.

    Wow, happy 39th birthday (grin) dear. Alex treated you good. I am sure you had a lovely birthday, but I will wish you a belated one none-the-less.

  35. Happy Belated Birthday and what a feast hubby made ~ Wonderful portraits of our great actors ~ and awesome video ~ always great ~ Happy Weekend to you,

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  36. Hello Rain, Awesome sketches! Happy belated birthday! Your special birthday meal sounds delicious. I enjoyed your walk, the rural scene is peaceful and beautiful. Great captures of your feeder birds, I wish the Evening Grosbeaks stopped by my yard. The chickadee is a cutie! Great birdie captures! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  37. as i have said before, you are so super talented, i enjoyed this weeks art!! what i enjoyed more than that, sorry, was hearing your voice and seeing your very special place!!

    looks like a very special birthday meal, happy birthday!!!

    oooooh and that redpoll, awesome!!! nice that you are feeding those birdies, out in the middle of nowhere, i am sure they appreciate it!!!

  38. those Grosbeaks are a lovely bunch :)

  39. Your review of tragic and melodramatic film is great. I wish you had done more with film noir. Shakespeare (as always) could fit into just about any category!

    be safe... mae at

  40. Rain, it's getting to where the moment I arrive here I do not read, just look at your sketches and identify everyone, which so far has been a piece of cake, you are that good. Then I go back and read. Have to tell you this since you are a fan of Shakerspeare AND wrestling. Major U.S. colleges are canceling Shakespeare for the usual crimes (eyeroll), so one day on a talk show I listened to former WWW wrestler Tyrus call that out and shut it down. He did a stint acting in Shakeplays, he has read them all, and went into specific detail about what MacBeth teaches us, what Othello, etc etc etc. I was amamzed. He needs to be The Bard's press agent! It was on Greg Gutfeld's show where Tyrus is a regular if you ever get a chance to see it. It's Golden! Happy Belated Birthday and HB to me too (today). I'm a bit older tho, haha. XOX

  41. You have lots of wonderful birds eating! Love the one in flight...he's saying...take the photo quick! lol Love your art too. You always inspire me!

  42. I always like everything I see here - whether its the birds through the camera, your really cool art portraits, what you cook or your walks. I feel like that up here a lot of times. There are days no one drives up my road until about 11 in the morning - it's very peaceful and quiet and that's when I can contemplate, meditate, etc. and start my morning out good.

  43. What a lot of Grosbeaks you have! And your melodramatic artwork is terrific. A belated Happy Birthday to you young friend. :) Alex sets an awesome table, too!

  44. I could just do a selfie for your theme next week ) ), but I wouldn’t want to scare anybody away...... I admire your artistic talent, and even more enjoy your thoughts about the theme and your interpretation. Sadly, I have great difficulty in separating actors from their roles, a failing on my part I know. So your choice as Hamlet, eww, no, couldn’t do it. Your other choices make me want immediately to look at Netflix to see if any of them by some chance are available. I need a streaming old movie channel! ..... your walks are so pretty, I love your birds. We go out to our daughters country home for rural walks ...(I would go there no matter where they lived, so the country part is really a bonus, especially nowadays, when we don’t go anywhere else). ...and the food, what a wonderful celebration! Loved all of this!

  45. incredibly done portraits dear Rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are getting better and better each day WOW!

  46. The food looks yummy. He did a good job. I am more familiar with MacBeth. When I taught we had consultants and one was an excellent drama teacher. She had students pick scenes and most were in groups. The kids that wanted to perform the fight scene she taught them how to spar with swords. Lots of the girls liked the trio of witches scene also.


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