Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thursday Art Date: Mysterious and Dark

Hello Friends!! 😊😊 

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Mysterious and Dark. Bugs came up with the idea to pose as The Phantom of the Opera. That was a very dark and mysterious tale!

💗 I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on your blogs my Friends, I have been visiting is a challenge for me these days. Please know that you all just bring so much joy to my life!! 💗

🌟🌟 A note for February's film-themed themes (say that 5 times fast) don't have to be a movie buff to participate! For example, next week is can be anything related to the Wild West! I come up with these themes to challenge you and help you find your creativity, and to help me do the same, so please don't think you can't participate because there are any rigid rules!! 😊   🌟🌟

Alien 3-D Art

One of my favourite movies is called The Night of the Hunter. It's starring Robert Mitchum, directed by Charles Laughton. It's very dark, very mysterious and extremely creepy! Well Friends, I'm not proud of this drawing of Robert Mitchum at all. I had such a hard time with it! Usually when I'm doing my charcoals, I feel relaxed and happy...this week has been emotionally draining and it shows in my artwork. Ugh. I decided to post it anyway because this blog is about my life - good or bad! Sorry Mitch! Next time I'll do ya proud!!

When I was a young girl, I learned how to play the piano. I played until I was 17 years old. Ever since then, I've dreamed of having a piano again. Well, guess what? I got a digital piano! It's used but in great shape so it was in the budget! I love it. I have to relearn, but it's coming back to me! Bringing this instrument to my home makes me feel like my life is becoming more balanced. I'll serenade you all some day in the future! 😊

Blogging friends are the best!! My friend Phil from the UK sent me this Bird Guide Book! I aim to put it to good use! Thanks Phil!

Date night at the bird feeder

In Flight

I'm still not sure if this gal is a Downy or a Hairy Woodpecker. I'm leaning towards Downy because of the length of her bill, but I have nothing to compare her to!

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"High Noon" (Prismacolor pencils 2019)

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  1. You may not like your Robert Mitchum art, Rain, but I could tell IMMEDIATELY who it was being portrayed, and that's 99% of the battle with portraits! Enjoy your new digital piano! And I am working hard on my post for your Film Noir prompt in February -- you have really inspired me with that one!

  2. Wow you really nailed your own theme. LOL BTW The Night of the Hunter is one of mine and Mr. M. favorite movies. Great drawing of Mitchum. Ohhh.... I want a piano so badly. I told Mr. M. that I would even go for a digital that you lay out on the table. You go girl. Make a video for us. I would love to hear you play. Great shots on the birds. I swear if covid ever ends I am coming to your house for dinner. LOL Have a great evening.

  3. I love the Phantom of the Opera. You draw so well. I love the alien, too. I've never heard of Night of the Hunter, but I don't watch many movies.

    And why is it I'm always hungry when I visit you? You always make me want to get something to eat. I'm in love with your bisque and Camembert.

    Those birds are incredible and it was wonderful of Phil to send the Bird book. And congrats on your getting that piano, too.

    Even though you gave me a pep talk, I still won't be joining in February. I don't draw and I have nothing even close to any of the film themes. I'll be back on March 4, though. And I'll be linking in about an hour.

  4. I am very, very sorry to read that your life is challenging at the moment - and hope those challenges can be quickly resolved.
    Love (and am awed) by your art as always and love your food and critter shares too.

  5. Hello Rain,
    It is wonderful that you can play the piano again. Maybe you can post videos with your songs on YouTube. The food is nice!
    And then the birds ... glad you take such good care of them!
    Until next time, wish you nice winter days!


  6. I can understand that you have a lot to do so don't worry about commenting. Great Bunny drawing and from Robert Mitchum!!!
    Great a piano, I know how it is. I always like to eat at a piano and my fingers slid over the keyboard with a love .. I never had one but in between a keyboard when I was older. In the hospital stays, I sat at the piano a lot and played in front of it, it made me dream that was nice.
    O what you cook and bake makes the water run together, yummy !!!!
    Your collection of birds is so cute, I love your photos!
    Have a good week you and alex with your rascals and take good care of you , hugs Elke

  7. It's just not fair. Not content with being a birder, great cook and a talented artist you are now a pianist. However I must tell you that my art has come on leaps and bounds in just one try. Just take a look at my sketches.

    Sorry you have not been feeling so bright of late but Spring is not far away. Your last picture made me smile. I think I retitled it to "Joe and Donald".

  8. Wonderful art and photos, love those birds! Enjoy your book. The food looks great! Hugs, Valerie

  9. Nice of Bugs to play The Phantom. I have seen the opera when my daughter and I visited Toronto many years ago. It was really worth seeing.
    I don´t play any instrument but my sister play the piano and guitarr. You will have fun with it.
    A bird book is great to have now when you have a feeder with several species to be accustomed to.

    Take care. :)

  10. Well, Rain!!! You never disappoint on making me hungry! Love the puff pastry and anything cheese! I was wondering how your snow compares to where you lived before, and if it is warmer in your new location. Just curious! Hope you have a marvelous week and weekend!

  11. Sorry to hear you are having a rough week. Sure hope it gets resolved. Enjoy the key board! Love the bird pictures.

  12. i wonder why you think you could not do the painting well
    i think the biggest proof is that one can recognize the face as i did :)

    loved each art you displayed here !!!!!!!!!

    oh i absolutely LOVED the birds images BEAUTIFUL and AMAZINGLY taken :)food is mind blowing as always :)

    most lovable is you in your photo :))) oh you look so beautiful in the image :)
    how great you got your piano ,i love music ,i think it is best therapy for soul :) best wishes for all you want to do in days ahead dear Rain!

  13. Rain,

    I goofed. I put my link up twice. Please feel free to removed one of them. Sorry 'bout that! I like your take on mysterious/dark illustration with Bugs posing as the Phantom of the Oprah. I'm happy to read that you are playing the piano again. You took lessons for a very long time. I took them for a very short period. I didn't like that my mom was making me take piano lessons so I told her I got confused reading the piano notes with my flute notes or something ridiculous like that. I'm now kicking myself for not sticking with it. We have a digital piano but it's put in a place that's not easily accessible. I hope that changes when we get moved someday. I plan to teach myself how to plan. :) Your meal looks scrumptious. WOW, you really draw the birds and how cool it is you can snap pictures of them without scaring them away with your nature cam. Have a doodletastic day, my friend!

  14. The Camembert and puff pastry turned out fabulous! Now, I've got to make some breakfast.

  15. I would love to have those Evening Grosbeaks visit my feeders. We usually visit Algonquin Provincial Park each March where they are common, but of course COVID has put an end to that, at least for this year. I think your woodpecker is a Hairy. Here is a surefire way to differentiate male Hairy Woodpeckers from male Downy Woodpeckers quite apart from overall size and bill dimension. The male in each species, as you know, has a red patch on the head. In the Downy it is continuous, in the Hairy it is broken. Good look with ID. Hope you see both species - and the females too. And get better! That's an order from Ontario!

  16. I hope you come out of this challenging time better than ever! Lovely dark and mysterious pieces. Enjoy your piano.

  17. ...I need to try the Apple and Butternut Squash Bisque. I love your date night! I'll be back tomorrow.

  18. I have trouble with downy and hairy too, unless I can see the red spot up near their neck. It's all in the angle.

    That brie and soup looks to die for. I think I might have to make that for dinner (although I didn't get pastry at the store, which is a bummer since it will be awhile before another run.) But oh, so hearty and warming for winter. And loving the piano! Yes, we'll look forward to a concert from you!

  19. i can't wait to hear you playing that piano! isn't it like riding a bike? maybe it will come back fast! your art is wonderful. robert mitchum looks great. i used to love his films. we are having a nice fluffy soft snow falling right now. it is glorious!

  20. Enjoy your Piano Rain. Happy Thursday


  21. I knew it was Robert Mitchum right away ... don't sell yourself short. I had such a crush on him when I was young, even though he was one of the bad boys :) I love that you were able to get a piano. I played some when I was young, but my son played organ and so he has an organ that I can poke around on. I look forward to you entertaining us on your new piano :) There seems to be no end to your talents. And once again you have tickled my hunger bug ... I love Butternut squash and your soup makes my mouth water. And your home made puff pastry and Camembert is to die for. You can tell I haven't eaten breakfast yet and now feel like I am starving :) I thought about sending you a bird book ... Good for Phil to follow through on the idea. I am pretty sure your woodpecker is a Hairy ... The Downy has a shorter stubbier body and beak. Anyway, I don't know why your week was difficult, but I hope everything is better now. Take care and I will be riding in on Trigger next week :0

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  22. That digital piano will bring you so much joy. Congratulations on finding a good one that is affordable. My own violin beckons in the bedroom, but it takes energy to play the violin. Maybe, today will be the day I take it out of the case...!!!! Lol.

  23. I could tell right away it was Robert Mitchum you drew. Does that make me really old or what?
    Oh, comfort food. The best the heart has to offer. I love the bird pictures.

  24. Full bird feeders are a good thing. Especially in winter. Joy.

  25. Rain, we love you! No sorries needed!!! Your art is amazing! So cool! Love each piece!! I should try to do one of your challenges!! You look great with your piano! Great bird book! I so love your birds!!! Thanks for sharing your great food! Big Hugs!

  26. How fun, Rain! Enjoy your new digital piano. Looking forward to hearing you play for us. :)

  27. Hi Rain. I'm so sorry to hear life is a challenge for you right now but I can say that I can definitely relate. I'm so glad you were able to get a digital piano, and hope it's helping to bring you joy. Your art, food, and photos are impressive as always. Big hugs!

  28. Wonderful art. Enjoy getting back to your music. Anesha

  29. Amazing portrait of Robert Mitchum!

  30. Lots of good things in this post, Rain - artwork (of course), wonderful food (always), and a new acquisition. SO nice to see you seated at the digital piano and yes an online concert would be great fun to see and hear. I also made butternut squash soup this week, but my version included carrots and onions, maybe apples next time as it's one of our favorite winter soups. No puff pastry here, but a loaf of fresh baked bread instead.

  31. I have heard so much about 'Phantom of the Opera' I haven't seen it though. The Mitchum portrait looks good, you have caught the essence.
    Lovely to see you play the piano; I like to see people playing the musical instruments, there's something ethereal to it. I would give anything to play it!
    Those bird pictures are wonderful. They sure make us happy!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Rain!

  32. again, so much goodness here rain! I love the Phantom Bugs-love that movie and show too. How wonderful that you found a piano to play on. I always wanted to learn but only dabbled on a small digital one when I was young.
    Love Robert Mitchum- super job with his portrait!
    And your comfort food- YUM! I don't have the patience to make homemade puff pastry, so, good for you.
    I have several bird books like this one and refer to them constantly-what a nice gift from a blogging friend. I love the birds.
    Happy PPF!

  33. Fabulous art, just love the alien. Your food looks yummy as usual, I would love a baked camembert. Your bird photos are wonderful.

  34. I think your art looks great and I especially like the Alien.

    Sorry that life is a little challenging for you at the moment, please take care.

    All the best Jan

  35. Yard looks great!sorry you're having a hard time, hang in there!

  36. The Alien 3D art is so amazing! Well done.

    I am glad you are picking up the piano again. I have made it a goal to start practicing the harp again regularly, something I have not done for years. I find music creates a needed balance in one's life.

  37. Hello Rain,
    I love your Bugs as the Phantom and the Robert Mitchum are both sketches are well done. I wish you could send me some of your Evening Grosbeaks, they are beautiful birds. I was leaning toward a Downy Woodpecker, the beak looks thin to me. It was very nice that Phil sent you the bird guide book. The soup and baked cheese look delicious. Your post are a joy to see, I enjoyed your drawings and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for visiting and for the comment.

  38. Bugsy Phantom. :)
    Wonderful art. I love the alien.
    Sorry to hear life has been challenging for you, Rain.
    May it even out soon.
    The birds are fabulous and your food looks so delicious. I always
    marvel at how much you get done.
    Lovely photo of you at your new piano. Good for you!
    Best Wishes...

  39. How great that you now have a piano after wanting one for a long time!

    I like your "dating" birds.

    be safe... mae at

  40. Love Bugs ~ creative artwork ~ wonderful post ~ I used to play piano ~ no longer and that is okay ~ Happy playing and creating ~

    Moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  41. The dating birds are a great series of photos. Your drawings are beautiful, I recognized Mitchum right away, I used to love watching his movies. High Noon, what a great movie. Enjoy your piano and maybe you'll give us a Rain Concert. Happy practicing. Take care and be safe!

  42. Digital piano is a good thing. My old piano is extremely heavy...
    Lovely bird dating!

  43. Great art....I keep thinking before long I will play along but then I never get around to it. LOVE that you got a piano!! That is awesome and it does sound like you are getting your feet positioned in the right spot in life. always looks amazing. ALWAYS.

  44. I always love seeing your art my friend! And to see you at the piano is very neat. I played mine during Christmas. I don't practice enough but the Christmas music comes a little easier for me. Love that wonderful bird book and your bird pics too! Hugs!

  45. lovely Rain, I am sorry you are going through a hard time. I understand how you feel and I send you all my positive thoughts and love. Just think in three months spring will be in the air and hopefully we can can have some tea together in the summer ;) fingers crossed. You know what I mean :) Sending you hugs and love and I'm always here if you want to chat. Loving all the bird shots and your food shots make me so hungry. Lovely artwork too. You are amazing inside and out and have a lovely weekend.

  46. These are beautiful photos Rian, nice to see you sitting at the piano.
    I enjoyed your photos.
    I wish you a nice Sunday.
    Greetings Irma

  47. You are very talented!! Such a wide ranging post. I love the birds. I love movies and especially westerns.
    My MIL gave us the old family piano and we took it as a favor to her. We have tried to give it away but nobody wants it. The digital pianos are very good these days and a ton lighter.

  48. Friends: Firstly, thank you, xxxxx. My challenges are still with me, but I am facing them head on and I hope to have things more balanced soon. xxx

    Secondly, I PROMISE I will play you a tune on my piano when I'm able to learn a new song. Actually, last week's theme inspired me so much, when I drew Kenny Rogers and listened to his song "Lady" starts with a beautiful piano solo...I have the sheet music and I want to learn that song first!!

    Debra: I'm so happy that you are inspired by the Film Noir theme...I can't wait to see your post!!

    Phil: Joe and Donald is PERFECT lol...

    Dino: !!! Where have you been??? :) The snow here does not compare AT ALL to the Laurentian this time every year we were shoveling daily, the paths were getting slimmer and the banks were getting higher lol...we have taken the snow blower out ONCE this winter, though there is some weather in the forecast for this week, it's nothing like it was in Quebec! Makes me happy (and my back and shoulders!!) :)

    David: Order received. :) Thanks for helping me identify my Hairy couple! :)

    Andrea: Don't we always fall for the bad boys of film lol? And yes, you are right, my Woodpecker is a Hairy!

    Gigi: If ever you want to donate your violin, I'll take it! :)) That was another instrument I've always wanted to play. I love the classics, but I also love the "fiddle" style of Celtic music! :)

    Leanna: Doesn't make you old! It just shows you have great taste! :))

    TB: Harp? That is just wonderful and I agree that music creates balance.

  49. Love all your bird photos but bugs as the Phantom will have me smiling for the nest day. Inspired!

  50. i clicked on your link for the butternut squash soup and it sounds perfectly wonderful and not to difficult! i think i will have a go of it as soon as i can get the ingredients!!

    you have amazing birds dining at your feeders. and how kind of phil to send you that book!!

  51. Rain - sorry to hear that you are going through some challenging times. I hope it gets better! I loved the look of your bisque and camembert! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  52. I have always wanted to learn to play piano but we couldn't afford the piano lessons. Love your comfort food and birds images. Have a wonderful new week.

  53. Some interesting dark art and birds. Be well!

  54. I am #10 on the Monday linky
    Have a happy Monday

    Much love...

  55. I miss your daily blogging. Did you ever get your Christmas card?

  56. Hello Rain! So sorry you are having challenging times right now. God speed for it to change. In addition to everything you've created being awesome, you gave me such a treat because Night of the Hunter is one of my all-time faves and my fave Mitchum performance evuh! OMG, so creepy! And Lillian Gish was fabulous as was Shelly Winters. I always surprise and impress folks when I tell them that Ozzie Osbourne and his teen thugs friends he did jail time with for petty theft saw that movie and decided to tattoo their knuckles in homage! Did you know that? I often wish Mitchum had been that menacing in his Cape Fear performance, but he's said he hated Gregory Peck and was constantly being hassled by the law for pot smoking at the time, so he just phoned in that performance. Which is why I much prefer Scorcese's remake - at least DeNiro knew to go over the top with that character. Anyway, THANK YOU. And your sketch of Mitchum brings back all of it to me. That look, half-smiling and evil. Brrrrrr hahaha Have a good week, xoxo

  57. Hope and pray for you, dear Rain. Don't know the details but I read between the lines... you wrote at last in a comment. Hope for you, for better days.

    Of the other side, you can play piano again. What a wonderful pleasure. I couldn't play, but my grandfather played piano too.

    And I love the funny birds...

    Hugs, Heidrun 😘

  58. You are a very interesting person! Thanks for visiting the Garden Spot.

  59. Your cartoon art always makes me smile and your art in general is so nice. Brightens my day.
    I need a bird guide for the Mid-West. I've noticed a lot of birds that I am not used to seeing and some I'm not familiar with. I'm excited to find a guide.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  60. I'm sorry you are having a challenging time right now, Rain, and I hope everything improves soon. I like your keyboard. My daughter bought a similar one for my granddaughter to learn on. She doesn't take lessons but does tutorials she finds on YouTube right now. I loved bugs as the Phantom of the Opera! We saw that play on Broadway when we lived in NYC. It was thrilling!

  61. I'm not getting around like I want to either ~ 😔. But you always bring me joy, Rain!

  62. I am sorry for your struggles but just love coming to your blog. Such wonderful and inspiring art!

  63. Rain, I don't know how I fell off from getting notifications of your blog updates! I can't wait to be serenaded by you one day. :) This reminds me... I recently asked one of my sons if he'd let me borrow back a guitar I passed on to him years ago. I've wished I had thought to ask sooner so that I could have had it all through this COVID time. Now, I just hope when I get it, I'll be disciplined to practice. Be my inspiration, friend!

  64. Your 3-D art's cool; sorry you were having a rough week. What lucky birdies these are. Do you ever have squirrels that try to steal from them?


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