Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thursday Art Date: You As A Superhero

Hello Friends, 😊


Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is You As A Superhero. I admit this was a stumper for me...not for Bugs Bunny though, he always imagines himself as Carrot Man, protector of all carrots.

What a week! 💗 I'm sorry dear friends that I've been unable to visit your blogs in the last week - I will have more time this week! 💗 Charlie had her usual allergic reaction and her face swelled up so we didn't get much sleep for a few days while the Benadryl kicked in - it's some kind of insect bite that gets her every time. 

Charlie is fine now! Here are Marlene, Charlie and Jack, watching me eat crackers in bed! (Yes, they got some too!) I had some stomach issues for the last few days that kept me pretty much grounded...and I'm not a good patient. I hate being idle! 

I had my monthly shopping trip in the big city last weekend, that's always exhausting. Saint John is the city where I shop here in New Brunswick and they have now entered lockdown because of so many new cases. I'm very thankful I got my monthly shopping done before that happened.

Our roof started to leak so Alex had to go back up there and patch a few areas - which was difficult in -10C weather! (I'm happy to say we don't have snow yet!!) The fridge we bought in July has been malfunctioning for months and FINALLY after 9 weeks of argument, the company Midea (<-- Boo To Midea!), will respect their warrantee...and only because I was smart enough to record my phone calls as I caught one of their reps in a lie. Why must a person have to fight companies like this?? Their excuse was that I paid with my credit card and that it "likely" wasn't paid in full. Give me a break! How could they even know if my credit card had already been paid off or not? Anyway, we are expecting our new fridge today.

Also, there is some creepy stuff going on here which has been hogging too much of my time and comfort
. Some of you may remember my neighbour's house burnt down in August. Same neighbour rebuilt. Now he is harassing me. After talking with neighbours, the truth has come out that he's a known peeping tom and a pervert. Every woman in the area has had to deal with either his peeping or him staring at them. I'm being stared at. And he doesn't stop, I even told him to stop looking at me, put up my hand and shouted "stop!" and he just stared even harder. He walks towards me very slowly like he's trying to intimidate me too. I told him if he came anywhere near me, I would have my dogs attack him. He's such a creep. We spoke to the police and they warned him and told him if he ever sees me out walking, to turn around and walk the other way. Alex is glued to me wherever I go now. We were out walking the dogs and the perv took one look at Alex and ran away, so we hope he continues to heed the constable's order. The guy must be in his late 60's and has a hard time walking so he's not a physical threat, just a creep - but then...history proves that violence likely escalates with predators, so we are even considering a Peace Bond (the equivalent here of a restraining order). We ordered better trail cameras and we're testing them out for security. 

I'd much rather live amongst wildlife than humanity at times...I'll keep you all posted. But I refuse to let anyone control me through intimidation and fear.

Anyway, onto the Superhero! Sometimes I feel like Jack thinks I'm his Superhero the way he looks at me! I did save him from the shelter life, so it makes sense! 😊

I adore my Jack!

If I were a Superhero (not only would I wipe out all perverts from the Earth)...I'd save every dog who has been abandoned, who is homeless and who lives in a shelter. To me, dogs are the perfect pet and best friend, so loyal, so sweet, so trusting and so much fun...all they want is a lots of love, lots of food, exercise and a home. I wish I could give them all a home, here with me!

In the last week, I made two of our favourite cheeses: a wheel of Jarlsberg and two wheels of Camembert  (they are producing that lovely white mould as they age!). I have more cheese making to do this weekend too. I also managed to can 35 Mason jars of pizza sauce, salsa and spaghetti sauce so we're set for a few months. 

For one of our dinners, I made a Mexican Fiesta with Breakfast Burritos, Mexican Rice and Loaded Nachos. One night we had Mushroom Burgers and fries. Otherwise it was leftovers!

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Vincent Price - one of my favourite big screen actors! (Watercolours 2019)

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  1. I had trouble with this theme, too. I see Bugs put on his superhero suit and leaped that carrot in a single hop. Charming.

    Sorry to read about the perv. So glad you got the police involved. Now they have a record of the problem you are having with him.

    If I were a true superhero, I'd save all the cats at the shelter. That's where I got Squiggles and it shows that he is MY cat, period. He hides when anyone comes over. That was pre-Covid of course. Now he hides from my friend Scott.

    I was glad to read you are finally getting a new fridge. The lady at AT&T lied to me when I got my internet upgrade to fiber optics from copper wire DSL. When I got my bill, I was so mad, I called. I told the lady I KNEW they recorded the conversation because it said I was being recorded before the person came on the phone. I told her to listen to the conversation because the lady lied to me, or at the least misled me to believe one thing after I made sure I didn't have to pay for a new modem. I don't have to pay for a new modem, but am being charged $10.00 each and every month to RENT it. I wanted to send it back right then and there, but the supervisor took a year's rent off my bill. I have yet to see the money, but I'm holding them to it. It also gives me a year to find a better (or even lesser) internet provider. If we don't stand up for our rights, no one else will. You did good, too.

    Speaking of good, I enjoyed reading about your Mexican meal. I make Spanish rice differently than you. If you like, I will share how I make mine. I start with uncooked rice, though.

    Hope you have a super hero type day, Rain. It's almost time I can link, too.

  2. You have been super, super busy.
    I hope that you and Charlie are much better (and stay that way).
    I cannot tell you what I would like to happen to the peeping Tom - but am glad that the police are on side.
    Take care, and look after yourself (and all of your family).

  3. Dear Rain, I am so sorry you have the troubles of a lurker/spy. We have had someone like this in our road for 27 years and at one time they were our friend but over the years we came to know that he takes peoples door keys to care for their homes when on holiday and then creeps round their houses for long amounts of time snooping, he intrudes, walks in uninvited when doors are open in the summer and is generally a creepy pest - I fell out with him years ago and told him to get a job as he had too much time on his hands - there's much more to this story but here's not the place - he doesn't bother us now but for you, in such a remote area, this is a worry and I am glad you have your dogs and that the police know about him. On to happier things I agree with you about dogs, although cats are a good sub and our newbie is starting to show gratitude (not often seen in cats!) and love is coming slowly. I like your art today, you always have some humour in your posts - thanks :) cheeses look fabulous, is there are a market where you could sell these? they would go down a storm and help you to fund the next batch. Stay safe - Betty x


  4. Carrot man the carrots is fun *laughs*great drawing!
    poor Charlie, I'm so sorry for him.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and the cracker gang is funny, just good that you bought it. Take care of yourselves.
    Alex is also a superhero and it's good that you punched through with the fridge.
    Jack is a wonderful cute dog. Really to cuddle and also your other dogs. The drawing goes wonderfully with the superhero of the dogs
    How delicious your type of cheese, I envy you for it and also the canned tomato sauce. You were diligent again.
    And so your food looks seductively good.
    A cooles image from Vincent Price
    I wish you a beautiful HAPPY THANKSGIVING, hug Elke

  5. Lovely art and great pics of your 4 legged friends. The food looks wonderful, too. Hugs, Valerie

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Rain


  7. You are indeed a hero to rescue dogs, Rain! I hope that neighbourhood creep learns to keep his distance. Very annoying.

  8. Ughhh - sorry to hear you have a creepy "neighbour" to deal with. I'm glad you have the dogs with you when you go out walking. Good job on all the canning! -Jenn

  9. ...that roof is in rough shape, good luck with it.

  10. You always have such amazing posts! Your artwork is fantastic, I especially love superhero you! I love all your sweet babies and your amazing food which is art in itself! Glad you were able to get the fridge replaced. Sorry about the roof and be very careful of the perv. I don't like hearing that at all. Stay safe Rain!

  11. It is especially disturbing that you (and other women) have to deal with that form of deranged person, and I cannot begin to imagine your level of discomfort and feat. I hope that he can be convinced that his behaviour is only going to cause more problems for himself, and that he will stop. I suspect that he is driven by some inner compulsion, however, that he has difficulty controlling. Stay well and keep the dogs close at hand!

  12. Well done on the superhero pieces so original and creative! How awful about that pervert and just next door!

  13. Hi Rain. I enjoyed your varied post today - until I arrived at the creep. You have done the rights things so far but as you say, keep in mind that things could escalate. And maybe you need a huge dog to join the others even though they all look capable of defending you, despite those cuddly threesome, innocent expressions.

    Rescue Girl had me laughing. A Superhero for the modern day for sure.

    Goodness. You are so busy with all those things you do and I wouldn’t bind betting you are very popular with your normal neighbours if they know of your cheese making skills?

    No sign of snow here but well above your minus 10 so far.

    Stay safe as they say.

  14. Rescue girl is my favorite! Love that.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  15. Ohhhh creep neighbors they are the worse. I am so glad you are taking precautions with the police and security cameras. I too have been busy and am so sorry I don't have anything for superhero. However, today is a down easy day and I am going to make something for next week today. The cheese looks amazing as dose your dinner. Stay warm over there.

  16. Super Bugs, as always, Rain! Love that Jack dog. What eyes!! It's a shame you have to have an obnoxious neighbour to be wary of. I certainly agree that animals are so much easier to deal with than people. Your food and cheese pics are inspiring.

  17. How awful about that creep, Rain! Stand your ground, but also stay safe. And yes, you are a superhero to your rescue animals. Sometimes we are their last hope. xo

  18. Charlie looks positively evil in the pic of all three. I expected to see horns instead of ears. LOL Poor girl. The Camembert as does the Jarlsberg looks yummy!

  19. Glad you're getting your new fridge and you got your roof repaired! That's pretty creepy with your neighbor oh, I don't know if they sell pepper spray in Canada but I would carry some with you in case he gets really weirder. By kind of finalize things with him. There's some pretty creepy people no matter where you go I guess. But at least you already talked to the police that's a good preemptive thing to do. It's Thanksgiving here in the United States, thankful for all my blogging pals like you!

  20. I was sorry to read about the problems you are having, and you did wisely to get the police involved.

    Your art and your food looks great and yes, you are definitely Rescue Girl :)

    Have a good week.
    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  21. Oh Rain, I will refrain from writing just how disturbed I am for you over this recent news, but I want you to know you're in my prayers and I do hope you and the law are able to get him to to leave you alone. My first thought was a restraining order so I'm glad to know that may be a possibility, at least. Just taking some kind of action may make you feel better. Stay safe, sweet strong lady. A 'superhero' to many of us. :)

  22. Uy adore a tus perros y cuidate mucho de ese señor. Cuando era niña jugaba a ser heroína y colaba con mi cama. Ten un feliz día de acción de gracias,

  23. I love love love your sweet dogs! You ARE a superhero for adopting and taking such good care of them. I'm so sorry about the creepy neighbor. Why does there always have to be someone like that around to ruin everything. You, Alex, and your three dogs make such a sweet family. Please take care. My husband is always saying he had rather be with our animals than most folks around here. I agree! :)

  24. What a shame that now that you are getting settled and comfortable this creep enters your life. For all you know he's been watching you all along. There is no easy answer to that problem. We had a peeping Tom in our neighborhood when I was a teenager. My sister caught him looking in her window and screamed. My Dad went out after him, but he was long gone. I don't know if he ever came back, but it didn't matter because we always felt like he was watching whether he was nor not. Having a group of brave little defenders always helps (one more thing you can add to your list of reasons why dogs are wonderful pets). My Izzi always steps between me and anyone or thing (like another dog) that comes toward me ... if they don't stop, the lip curls :) Only once did she go after someone. I had to hold her back, but I trust her judgement. Dogs know when someone has ill intentions. So I am in favor of "Rescue Girl" ... all of my cats are rescues. Izzi we bought for my granddaughter so she could run her in agility which she did, then I did then she retired and we are all living the good life :)
    Good that you know to give Benadryl ... poor Charlie. Living in the woods you never know what is going to take a bite or two of them. I am glad she is okay now. As for your wonderful food, I can actually look at it all without getting hungry as I am still full from our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday. So it all looks wonderful and I love Mexican food ... yummm :) Last but not least is, of course, Carrot Man (or Bunny). How funny and he looks very serious about his duties of protecting the carrots. Bugs is living a new and exciting life because of you so that must be another of Rescue Girl's duties. Loved all of it, Rain :) Stay safe and I would start carrying some form of protection (like pepper spray) or one of the alarms that you can keep in your pocket. All for now ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  25. Love your Marlene, Charlie and Jack❣️ Of coursen Superhero is my hero too.
    Happy PPF ☺️

  26. CARROT MAN and RESCUE GIRL should star in their own children's books.

    by EAGHL

  27. Too bad about that pervert but don't let him ruin your life. Yay for the dogs!!!

  28. Oh your poor Dag with its swollen face. My last kitty kept being stung by bees and looked similar. Poor wee things. Love yiour Super Bunny.

    Hope that the pervert issue resolves soon for you. Love all your makes, Thanks for dropping by my blog, Happy PPF, stay safe, Hazel (Didos) xx

  29. ouch, I think you need a Superhero to keep that Peeping Tom away.

    I did not link up a post today as I really have a hard time seeing myself as a Hero in any way. :)

    Take care!

  30. wow, ...first off enjoyed your art and such - but that guy stalking you - glad you got the police to talk to him. Stay safe. What a creep.

  31. Lovely artwork and love your doggies ~ they 'steal the show' ~ do hope you are safe and the person will go away ~ Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving ~ ^_^ ~ Sometimes, people disappoint greatly.

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  32. Thanks everyone for your caring comments. I just wanted to let you know that the creep has been awol for the last 4 days. Alex and I haven't seen a peep of him (lol...pun intended). We had to call the police again and a very tough constable paid him a visit. I think the perv finally understood that there would be real consequences.

    We both feel more confident now. And btw, I always carry pepper spray with me, and one of those boat horns in case I'm alone and need Alex to come.

  33. First off let me say that I hate men that think their look would intimidate a woman or the way they approach them. That is when I think it is doable to take a good hard kick to their private area!!! In your case, a pervert is sick. Taking a gun to him is the best thing for all around the area. As for the swelling baby, oh my gosh, bless its heart. But what type of bug would be out and about in those temps?? Wondering if Benadryl is something you need to keep the babe on all the time. I have to keep Chey on allergy meds all the time. Not sure what she is allergic too but her eyes are always runny and her skin turns dark. Great painting of Vincent Price. I was king of the haunt! haha....and that voice. Great actor.

  34. Hello,

    Love the cute Bug Bunny the Carrot Superhero. You are a hero to your rescue dogs. I hope Charlie has recovered well, both Charlie and Jack are cuties. The cheeses look yummy, that is a nice amount of pizza sauce. I hope the creep is gone for good, everyone deserves to feel secure. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  35. sure and read my blog tomorrow. You gave me an idea and I went for it.

  36. Beautiful art, and photos of the dog, tremendous.

  37. I love your work. I'm sorry you weren't well.
    And dealing with a perv? You just don't need that. I'm glad you got help, as you have to teach people how to treat you. It's a crazy world as it is.
    Take care, pioneer woman!

  38. Beautiful art, Rain. I love the Rescue Girl, it is perfect for all those dogs who need a loving home. It would make a great card for any animal shelter. Sorry to hear about the neighbor creep but it is good that you told the local authorities about him. Take care and stay safe!

  39. So many things to comment on in this post, Rain. First, I hope that you are feeling better and that Marlene is as well. Jack is such a cutie and his photos always make me smile and it’s clear to see he is a good subject. Drat to the company not wanting to make good on the warranty and good for you for taking them to task. You have had a time with appliances and hopefully the fridge issue will be settled to your satisfaction. Glad Alex got the roof repair done before really nasty weather, and bet he is glad too.
    As for that creepy neighbor, hopefully he will stop bothering you but from what you wrote he seems not to get the messages. Can you legally carry a weapon? It’s not something I would say lightly and would even have trouble doing it myself. But protecting yourself sometimes becomes more important.

  40. You have a lot going on!
    When I was still working we had a problem with somebody who would call my wife whenever I was out of town on business. Of course it had to be somebody at work and I had a pretty good idea who. Fortunately we just knew each other but didn't work directly together and so I just quit talking so much when I was about to leave and the problem went away.
    I'm basically a cat person but love dogs. We have two of each. I don't really get people who don't like pets. I get not being able to have a pet for whatever reason. Dogs and cats just add so much to life and you are right they don't ask for much in return.

  41. Adopting a shelter dog or two sounds like a great idea. Ironically, in our area of the US, the demand for these dogs is much greater than the supply. The "spay and neuter" clinics have meant that far fewer unwanted puppies are born, and the lockdown has made far more people want a puppy or grown dog. One organization is bringing carloads of rescue dogs from Texas, where there are too many of them.

    Your dog looks both protective and loving!

    be safe from all the numerous dangers that lurk!

    best... mae at

  42. Hello Rain,
    I would not say you were idle at all. Good abundant production you made!
    Have a nice weekend and a Happy First Advent Sunday!

  43. That is just beyond the coldest we have experienced here. Not fun weather to be out in at all.

    I think your superhero drawing reflects you very well (if I was a superhero, I think it would Colossus from Marvel).

    Just a thought on your more unhappy note: here in the US, there is a database that you can search for to find people with these sort of issues as they have to register with the local constabulary. Might be worth seeing if such a thing exists in your neck of the woods as well.

  44. Good idea TB, thanks for the suggestion!

  45. Rain - that would be so disconcerting to have someone intimidating and harassing me. We moved out here to be isolated ... animals are much easier to deal with than some people! And so I echo your comment about rescuing animals. When we get to the age that we can't travel and camp as much, I can see us adopting a number of animals! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  46. Very nice artwork. I like buds bunny. Hello to your furry friends. Good to know that Charlie is fine now. That is a sick man, good that you have reported to the local authority and they have warned him to stay away from you. It is better to be alert and be careful. Hope he doesn't give you any trouble.

  47. Awwww, poor Charlie! Hope all is back to normal by now. How much I dislike companies like that. Glad you got that sorted out and the roof hopefully, too. And YAY for the jars full of delicious sauce. Yum! Have a great week, Rain!

  48. There are so much things you do, Rain... you are very busy and I admire you therefor. I wasn't lazy, but the husband get ill and our sweet cat too. To be honest, I'm tire. We both need holiday on the beach...

    . . . Stay healthy and well, dear blogfriend .

  49. Happy Monday Rain. I am #10 on the Mosaic linky


  50. OMGosh, how scary for you and what a headache to have him as a neighbor. I hope he stays away from you from now on after the police visit and warning.

  51. A quote by, I can't remember who said it... "the best thing about a man is his dog".. oh yeah animals are superior to humans, most of the time. Take care.


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