Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thursday Art Date: A Face On An Object

Mount "Sass"more

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is A Face On An Object. This week's theme was a challenge for me! Firstly, none of the Looney Tunes wanted to pose for very long. We've been in a heat wave and they were complaining the entire time about it being too hot! 😊 

Secondly, I only had a few hours this week for my art - not having time to paint and draw, or even think about my kills my creativity instantly. I tried my best though, I can't wait to see what you came up with! It was a little challenging wasn't it??

By the way, the power company came by on Sunday afternoon and fixed the defective water heater. We have hot and cold running water now! I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders...we've been struggling with our water for over 2 months and it's finally all in place, I feel so grateful! 💐

Here is my "Face In The River" watercolour painting. This piece started off as a cloud shaped as a rabbit actually! I hated it and decided to paint over it and let the watercolours do their thing...I'm pretty happy with the result!

These are my haunted potatoes from last year's Halloween dinner! I already have ideas for this year's Halloween feast!! 🎃  Here is a selection of photos I've taken over the years that show faces on objects, all trees and clouds! Do you see what I saw?

Bear Face

Evil Grin

Eye On You

The Grinch


Moss Mask

The Scream Tree

Laughing Zeus

Frugal Landscaping:

Alex and I have been walking around our acreage searching for spruce saplings that we can transplant along the front of our property for privacy. We were so pleased to find a few dozen blue spruce saplings scattered around the acreage! We marked each one and when the time comes, we will transplant them. 

I'm imagining a line of these beauties bordering our property...they grow about 1-2 feet a year.

Time to put on your glasses lol! This is an example of what I see each morning when I walk the dogs on that logging road - a family of deer. Hard to see but there is a mom and her two fawns. They prance about in the pasture, it's such a beautiful sight!

Last month I contacted a food distributor in a town about an hour's drive away. I asked them to save me some of their food-grade barrels that I could use for harvesting rain. They have a waiting list, lots of people want these barrels! They sell them for $5 a piece. The other day, the lady at the company told me there were four barrels waiting for me! Blue is food-grade, white is cleaning-agent and black is toxic stuff. I think these had some kind of barbecue sauce and maybe vanilla extract in them. We just have to clean them out and prep them for rain harvesting. I feel so lucky to have these. I put myself back on the waiting list for four more.

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more A Face On An Object artwork!


Looking at the tree tops under my feet as I descended Mount Orford by ski lift back in 2009.

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  1. Those are some wonderfully weird photos.

    I have some rain barrels like that. Always empty them for the winter.

  2. Love your faces.
    A huge hooray for the water issues being fixed.
    I love the deer too, which I don't see here though some parts of Australia do have them.

  3. OMGosh. I am in LOVE with Mt. Sassmore. It is fabulous. Seriously. SO adorable. Loved the potatoes. That is truly clever. And those trees are amazing.

    So glad you got rain barrels. I had one when I lived in Missouri. I used it primarily to water my plants, but I also would fill my dog's water bowl if I was in a hurry and didn't want to do it inside at the tap.

    I think your saplings will go nicely around the front. I agree that since you have them, they will make great frugal landscaping. My kind of landscaping, too. Hope this next week will be better than the last several.

  4. Great selection of fun images. Love your Bugs Bunny again! But the best news is that you have hot and cold water again, enjoy! Glad you got the barrels, too. Take care, hugs, Valerie

  5. Hello Rain, so pleased for you receiving the rain barrels, I don't have one and really should. we are selling our house and when we move I will ensure we set something up (on a smaller scale than you!). We have roe deer in the woods behind my house but they are very shy. I like the face in water that you painted, potato faces are fun too! Betty

  6. Great you finally have water to shower etc.
    You also have so much to do that I can understand that there is hardly any time for the artist, but you painted your four on the mountains great. this is so funny. The topic is actually going I think mhm there are enough ideas but I have photos so I preferred to paint.
    watercolor painting is also great as a background.
    All the photos are interesting to see faces!
    The spruces are so beautiful that they are sure to give a nice screen. Can also make Christmas lights.
    Nice the deer family, oh that's an exciting nature for you.

    beautiful photo of Mount Orford with the green trees!
    Something positive with the tons as well. I wish you all the best and with the sign it will work out better someday, hugs Elke

  7. i love all of these faces, especially the scream. those spruces will grow so fast. i planted some small ones and it seemed in no time at all, they were giants. and you have the right conditions to grow them since they are growing wild there.

  8. I'm so glad you have hot and cold water, and Your rain barrels are a great find! I loved all the faces and eyes in the clouds and the trees ~ Very cool indeed. Blue spruce trees are beautiful and will make a wonderful border for your property. I hope you find time for art this weekend! ~ Karen

  9. I have another I’ll post soon. Thanks for this theme, Rain. Mount Sass-more is great, and I love all your naturally formed faces. I think moss mask may be my favorite. We have moss like that on a ton of trees. I will be looking at them anew.

  10. Hi Rain, what a sight to see that would be seeing your looney tunes up high to greet all a great vision indeed. Good to read about the hit water, the idea of a cold shower 99.9% of the time in the UK makes me shiver at the thought.
    I thought it was just me that saw faces in everything, I always say it's Mother Earth watching over us.
    I really hope you get those paints out soon, I know exactly how you feel, time just gets eaten away here, each crafty moment is cherished but it's so hard when you want to create and can't.
    Take good care of yourselves and those wee sweeties of yours..
    Off to do my last carers duties for the week then the weekend is mine!!
    Hugs Tracey xx

  11. I'm so happy that you have all your water issues sorted out now! What a relief that must be. -Jenn

  12. Wow! You have a great collection of "face" photos. The spruce are beautiful trees and will look very nice on your property. I learned something about rain barrels, thank you!

  13. I love all your pieces today, so creative. Cannot believe that 'moss mask'. Love what you did with the cloud face. So glad you are settling in finally. What happened to your washer?

  14. Love all those faces! So glad you have your water woes fixed now, and great score on the barrels.I am looking forward to seeing the evolution of your property and gardens.

  15. I love your theme this week and your photos/art illustrating it! Especially those haunted potatoes, LOL! Glad to hear your water woes are done -- enjoy your hot and cold running water!

  16. I am so glad that you now have both hot and cold water now. What a relief for you! Your art is splendid and looks effortless. Love your photos, too.

  17. Your potatoes made me smile Rain. Happy Thursday

    much❤❤❤ love

  18. It looks like you have solved all your water problems, hot, cold and rain.

    Those faces on the trees are really cool

    I always enjoy your art.

  19. what a great post. Water problems solved and barrels to save water in.
    Deer family in the pasture.
    Lots of faces in trees and also the mountain. And your Mount Sass more is much nicer then the other one.

    I´m happy most of your troubles are now solved.

    Take care and enjoy.

  20. It is not the faces on the trees that worry me. It is when they start talking...

  21. Rain,

    Mt Tunesmore is a great contribution for this week and you did a fabulous job with this quick sketch. I didn't do an illustration but I had something in mind, actually two things in mind one of them being Mt. Rushmore and the other...well, I'll hold off on that in case I find time to doodle some.

    Great news about your water heater! Oh yeah and you got your rain barrels!! Things are coming together. The blue spruces privacy border will be nice. It'll take awhile to reach maturity but with the passage of time in warp speed it'll be her before ya know it.

    Have a good weekend, my dear!

  22. I could see all of your faces except one. I clicked to enlarge and looked and looked, finally finding what I thought was a face. Then I went back and read your words ... "frugal landscaping", Ha! You had changed the subject and I was determined to find a face so, it goes to show you that there are faces to be seen everywhere, intended or not:) I love that you are using rain barrels. We used them at the nature center and it is wonderful water for your garden as well as being ecologically ideal :) Your potatoes gave me an idea of how I could spruce up a "meat and potatoes" meal, making it more interesting that it would normally be. My husband and daughter will get a kick out of it. So having just taken a hot shower, I can appreciate how you might have missed it as it is normally taken for granted at my house. You never cease to amaze me, Rain. I would love to walk a mile(s) in your shoes. :) Love your deer too. My friend has a mother and her twins that frolic in her back yard ... they are beautiful creatures. Stay well, my friend ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  23. Love your faces you are so cleaver. Nice to wake up to all the beauty. I am amazed they gave you the barrels free. Even at $5.00 wow what a great deal. Have a fun day.

  24. I do like your faces.

    I am doing a happy dance for you, so pleased your water issues being fixed.

    All the best Jan

  25. What fun pictures of faces! And the picture of the deer in the field where you walk by is wonderful. Sigh. So glad you have hot and cold running water, Rain. What a great relief! And four big barrels! That's terrific! Hopefully, you'll get more soon. :)

  26. You've been there for over 2 months already...craaazy !!! I am happy your water problem is finally solved. Yay :)
    I remember all those treefaces from when u posted them years ago. I still love them.
    Awww...the deer family ❤
    The trees will look beautiful. Will u transplant in the fall ???

  27. Yahoo, so good to read the good news about both hot and cold water and that the water heater has been repaired. You and Alex have had your share of issues with your new home, more than many other folks, and it's good to know that things are settling down and you can finally relax a bit. It's hard to find time for things you enjoy, like your art, when other things need attention but then you may have a lot of time once the cold and winter arrive and you are nice and cozy in your home. Those faces were fun to see and I did like the haunted potatoes.

  28. Hi Rain, back to make a copy your TAD list, keep everything crossed I can come play soon.. Happy Sunday & hugs to the fur babies Tracey xx

  29. What a great collection!
    My eyes are pretty tired, but I've dime store reading glasses and can read more now.
    This is great. HOT WATER!!!!

  30. I loved your "Mount Sass More!" That is a lot of fun! My Grandmother MacDonald had two huge Colorado blue spruce in her front yard in Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would live in Colorado much of my adult life! I enjoyed all the faces in the trees. Art ~ I'm beginning to lose hope that I'll ever get there! Hugs to you, Rain!


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