July 30th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Descent

I took this photo back in 2009 on Mount Orford as I nervously sat in the ski lift, descending the mountain. I rode this ski lift several times a week that summer to conquer my fear of heights!

Hello Friends! 😊😊

July 30th's theme for our art date is: Descent (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday July 30th to post your link!).

Here are three definitions of "descent" that are listed in the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary:

1. An inclination downward (as a verb or a noun).  I descended the steps to the backyard. The descent to the bottom of the cave was challenging.

2. A figurative decline. The list of repairs needed on this house is contributing to my descent into madness. (πŸ‘ˆ true story! 😡)

3. Ancestry. I am of Scottish descent.

Which definition will inspire your artwork this week? Here are some internet images to stir up your creative juices!

My Clan's Coat of Arms

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