Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blueberry Fields

Charlie, Marlene and Jack - Charlie's feet are SO dirty from the red dirt!

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! 😊😊😊

I nearly forgot what day it was...time is flying by, we've been really on the go! Despite the busy schedule, I find time at least twice a day to walk the dogs on the logging road. I bumped into one lady and her dog yesterday. It's funny, she said "are you the new neighbour?" I said yes and she told me she lives a ten minute drive from my place. People here consider you a neighbour if you live within 20 miles of them!

I met another neighbour who's been living in this area for 40 years. He told me that all of the land that borders the logging road is acres and acres of blueberry fields. 

Every other year, the company that owns the land brings in their machinery for 3 weeks to harvest blueberries. They were here last summer, so there won't be any harvesting this year. That leaves lots of snacks for the deer and coyotes.

Speaking of coyotes, I decided to get some pepper spray. I'm armed now to the point of feeling comfortable. That same neighbour who told me about the blueberry fields also told me that he rarely sees a coyote, just hears them and that I'd be very safe walking the dogs along that road. That gave me comfort! Becki, I have more protection now!! 😊  Becki was concerned about the gunshots I mentioned that I'd heard last Sunday. I want everyone to know I won't be walking the dogs in that direction anymore. One neighbour told me who it was and that he lives quite far up the road, so I am safe from any stray bullets! Thanks for caring!! xx

Bill and Mike came by the other day to finally haul away that ugly staircase! They were going to do some work, but discovered Bill's backhoe had a flat, so he had to bring the tire with him to get it filled.

More bad luck...Mike started sawing down the cement wall and his saw crapped out! They'll be back another day with a more powerful saw to finish removing that wall.

We had an electrician come in to install the dryer outlet - we officially (FINALLY) have all of our appliances set up and running!! While he was here, we asked for his help to put up our ceiling fan. This beast has a diameter of nearly 5 feet and weighs a ton, but boy does it move air! It'll be very helpful in the winter to keep the house toasty!

Alex and I were supposed to treat ourselves to the entire weekend off, until we saw a wasp nest in one of the maple trees in the backyard. We didn't have wasp spray so yesterday we had to go to town and get some. Alex sprayed the nest last night. I hope that did the job, we'll have to knock this down when we're sure the wasps are all dead/gone.

When I got back from walking the dogs this morning, Alex was up making us brunch. We never eat in the mornings, we're just hot beverage people, but this was fun. Alex said he woke up with a memory of summer breakfasts at his grandparents' cottage. We really are living a rural cottage life...I love that!

See you on Thursday for our art date! The theme is Descent.

By the way, I'm back on Instagram if anyone wants to follow, and I'll follow you back. I have two accounts:

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice, quiet week -- compared to the ones which preceded it, LOL! Enjoy your lovely breakfast.

  2. word is out about the new neighbors! did you ask her about the winters there?

  3. I am really loving that you are meeting your neighbours and that they are so very helpful.
    In one of our homes we could only see our nearest neighbours at night when the lights were on...
    Have a wonderful week (and try not to work too hard).

  4. All those wild blueberries free for the picking? Oh, be still, my heart!

  5. How nice that you have so many neighbors even if they live further away!It's a good thing that you now know a lot more, because you will immediately feel more secure.Since you have enough work to do with the neighbors at the house, great help even if you were unlucky.
    What comes back like the wasp nest, hui that would not be for me.Alex is a great and loving husband with such a great brunch to surprise you.
    You can tell Rain that you love the rural cottage life, that's the only way you can want something. I think it's great you two and your dogs and cats!
    I wish you all a good hug Elke

  6. Hi Rain! I'm pleased to hear that things are moving forwards and your appliances are working. Also good that you have a safe route to walk. Pepper spray is good, I'm glad you are being careful. And fields of blueberries near by, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss! Your breakfast looks great, too. Have a good week, take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie (AKA she who haunts ghost houses!) They probably wouldn't let me haunt anyway, I'm too old!

  7. hello Rain, thank you for your advice over on my blog, which I really value and I know I am doing the right thing now, it's just going to be hard! Today I was looking at houses online and found a gem but then read that it had well fed by a natural spring, thought of you and the trouble with the well and ruled it out right away! I am glad you have armed yourself with pepper spray and that you are careful of your walking routes. It is so nice to see you are settling in to your new life and enjoying magic moments like brunch together - I love reading your progress on the house - that concrete wall is a bummer, when it goes it's going to be like a weight off your shoulders, never mind off the house! Betty x

  8. Oh my it does sound like you guys are FINALLY getting some much needed things done and getting the things that were not working fixed. Happy for you. Yep, that wasp nest would have to go. You know I have never seen one like that except in shows or movies. Brunch looks nice and that was really sweet of Alex to do that. I wished I had the get up and go to get up and go for a walk every morning. I keep tell myself that I need to start doing that in the evening and I have not yet started that. Heat has been unreal. I feel like I totally melt in the heat. I will need to get your address from you for Christmas card this yr. Your first Christmas in YOUR house...I love it. HAHA....speaking of Christmas, I have been stuck on Hallmarks Christmas in July on the Hallmark channel. Been sitting here and thinking about putting the tree up! haha....I would not but I have thought about it. I bought a black one Christmas day last yr so I am going to put it up. Either with purple or red balls...I got both colors of clearance!

  9. The blueberries are very cool.

    I should think as long as you stick to the roads you will be fine. Coyotes are opportunists, and a full grown adult with various dogs would be enough to make them hesitate (I am sure the dogs would let you know).

  10. I do like the photograph of Charlie, Marlene and Jack.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  11. I’m guessing I started following your posts after you relocated? Sounds a lot like so much needs attention and is new to you. I love the three pups, and their names are so perfectly suited to them! Thanks for your visits and generous comments. I’m a addicted to palette knife painting, but it doesn’t work for everything (like my tree on the way to Oz). It seems movies are my references these days. Fun!

  12. Lovely that you are settling in nicely now. Following you at Instagram. I am @ms_facile over there.

  13. Rain, It's nice to know other will look out for you. It is like you are making new friends. Your sweetheart made a good brunch. Scary about the wasps. Be safe. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  14. Are you allowed to pick this years blueberries for personal use? They would be so yummy. You have met the best people. Everyone seems super friendly there. That fan is great and will be a blessing in the summer too. We use our to help keep the warmth pushed down in the winter and then reverse the fan for help with summer cooling. Sound like things are coming right along.

  15. So much interesting news. Nice to hear you're meeting your neighbors. I have the same question, can you pick the blueberries for yourself? We've been enjoying fresh blueberries with kefir, fresh blueberry pie, and fresh blueberry pancakes. Very yummy!

  16. I just wanted to answer the question about the blueberries! Though I'm sure people do pick them, we shouldn't. At least not this year because they need a year off from harvesting (according to the neighbour who told me about the blueberry fields). Next summer, the company will harvest. After their 3-week harvesting period, it's okay to go in and collect what's left. Apparently there is a LOT left after the machines do their thing. Robert, my neighbour, said the machines only get about 75% of what's there. He said that when they are done harvesting, you can go in and pick an ice cream container's worth of blueberries in 10 minutes. So I guess it's an honour system...the few weeks after the harvest, no issues picking what's left, but any other time, it's a no no and I'm going to follow those rules.

  17. LOL - I got special mention because I was worried about those gunshots you've been hearing. I feel like such a MOM right now. (chuckling)

    I was interested in the blueberries, too. I knew there must be some reason why you didn't mention the possibility of picking some for yourselves. How terrific that you'll be able to next summer.

    Your neighbors sound like real likable people. And helpful, too. So glad that things are going more or less smoothly finally. But keep us posted! I promise to keep my worry in check. I have three grown sons so I'm actually pretty practiced at it.

  18. Glad you met the neighbors. Ohhhh there is nothing like blueberries off the vine. Your brunch looks pretty good. I too am so busy that I don't know where my day goes. I love your new place. That fan is awesome!!!!

  19. I see blueberry pies in your next years future :) nice to meet some neighbours :)
    That brunch looks so good. All it needs is a chicken egg from your own little coop ;) I am so happy with u sis, u really seem to have found your home :)

  20. Glad you explained about the blueberries and how you are following the rules.

    I bought a container of pepper spray years ago and carry it on my key chain. It never hurts to feel safe.

    Wasps seem to have invaded several blogs I've read this week. I hope that Alex managed to take care of yours.

    It's good to read that all your appliances are finally working and you have lots of water, too. It's great that things are finally coming together. Looks like the BAD luck went to Mike and Bill this week. Hope your luck continues to be good. SO glad things have leveled out for you. And, you got to meet some new neighbors, too!

  21. Luckily you have equipped yourself with pepper powder spray to anticipate coyote attacks. Be careful.

    I am happy to see the blueberry garden here which is growing very fertile.
    Have a nice week, greetings from Indonesia.

  22. I am so glad you and hubby are doing so well. Wow, love your brunch. Your neighbors are so nice, it seems. Stay away from the one with the guns. Lol.

  23. Rain,

    We keep Counter Assault Bear Spray in our cars for times when we take walks in the mountains. We also have some small versions that we try to keep nearby when outside in our yard. You never know when a rabid animal or crazy person for that matter will attack. :) So glad things are coming together for y'all. You sure are getting the things done. When cool weather settles in then maybe ya'll can relax a little. ;)

  24. I've so been thinking of you!
    There was an item in our local paper about people who had to sue the realtor.
    You've done so well.
    We've neighbours who shoot, but we've a wetland between us!
    After Booboo bear visited our yard, I haven't seen him since. They, like the coyotes, a good critters if they know people are dangerous. If you have someone shooting, they will be wise.
    I'm so excited at the progress you have made. You go, girl! I'm tired just reading about your work!

  25. Hi, Rain! I love the photo of the three dogs! It's nice that you are meeting your neighbors and settling in. So much to do! It would be hard for me to resist those blueberries. You are so busy, but you sound really happy! Take care!

  26. PS ~ I followed your Instagram accounts, but I haven't really figured out how to use Instagram ~ LOL!

  27. Rain, it's nice to read that now you will be armed if and when a coyote crosses your path, which hopefully will be NEVER. So glad to read that ALL the appliances are up and running and that you also have a new ceiling fan. We have always had them in our homes, but not here in the apt, and they were great additions to keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter by moving the air around as you said. Nice that Alex surprised you with brunch !

  28. I really enjoy your posts. Took me awhile but i got here - haven't been on the net much lately. Love that there are all those blueberries - and a neighbor close by ...the distance lol..kind of funny all that distance but then you really are neighbors no matter... How nice reading Alex' memory of his breakfasts at this grandparents cottage. That just sounds so homey and nice.

  29. Your sky and cloud photos are very beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    be well... mae at

  30. Love the look of those endless blueberry fields! Do you get to sample? Good neighbours are wonderful, and like you, ours are relatively far away. It seems to be a 'country' thing. That is one big wasp nest! Folk wisdom says the height of a wasp nest relates to the amount of snow one might expect in the coming winter!! Got your snowshoes ready??!!


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