Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday Art Date: A Magical World

Hello Friends! 😊
Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is A Magical World. I've mentioned often that one of my favourite movies of all time is Disney's Fantasia. I asked Bugs if he would pose as Mickey Mouse for this drawing, and he was more than willing. He got a little carried away with the magic though! 😀

Here is the full 9-minute scene of The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia, the music starts around 20 seconds in, enjoy! (Here is the link in case the video doesn't work.)

Watercolour Mermaid

There is something magical about our world under just never know what could be down there! 😊 I've found a little time during the week to paint again and I'm loving it! I followed a tutorial that I found online for this painting.

I was thinking about how my Mermaid's face might look underwater and decided to paint her as I imagined she'd look if we stumbled upon her in the depths of the ocean. I guess she looks a little creepy!! I have long since given up the "Disney-fied" version of fairy tales and mythical creatures!!

I will "regale" you on Sunday with the latest drama we are facing at home! 😵 Let's keep this post focused on art!!!

PS: I'm forcing myself to use the new if anyone finds glitches please let me know!!!

Thanks for popping in! That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below to see more A Magical World artwork! 


Here is Marlene trying to get some shade during a very hot summer day in 2019.

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  1. That is a beautiful theme! Bugs is definitely playing the part well. Your underwater paintings are wonderful, love the mermaid. Thanks so much for hosting!


  2. You used the new blogger??? And posted images!!! Wow.
    I didn't see any glitches at all.
    I love your mermaid and am endlessly fascinated by the beauty of life in the oceans.

  3. Funny to see bugs again and to fully exude magic in action. Oh yes, the films are always great, I also like to watch them.
    The mermaid in blue and the man magically eyes. Water can be so magical when you need it and how ... for dogs!
    I'm curious what you report what happened!
    I wish you a nice day, Hugs Elke

  4. lol, Bugs seem to have a lot of fun with the magic today. I have not seen the film so it was quite fun. :)

    I like your mermaid. A difficult one to start with I think. I cant really decide what I think about painting with watercolor. In some way I like it in others I don´t. I don´t like how the paper buckles all the time. Even when it is stretched. :(

    Take care.

  5. Rain,

    I love your magic image! Bugs makes a great wizard! Your Looney Tunes are always so cute. :) Hmmm, interesting...your vision of what a mermaid looks like underwater. The eyes are what makes her scary as the rest of her blends in with the depths of the oceans camouflage. To meet two eyes in the deep blue would be scary. At least that's something I don't have to worry about because you won't find me in the ocean. :) Have a good day!

  6. i love that outfit you are wearing while you are doing your wash! wonderful mermaid!

  7. Your mermaid is fantastic!

    I tried the new blogger, but it was more work to do anything. So I switched back. Supposedly the old interface will remain available as legacy for those who choose it.

  8. Smart Marlene! I like your magical Bugs. Beautiful mermaid watercolour. That underwater portrait is powerful. Stay strong on the house problems.

  9. Lovely work, as always.
    Are you still using wood pellets for litter?

    I'm struggling with new blogger, as I'm sure we're headed there end of June. sigh.

  10. The mermaid is lovely.

    Ah yes, the "new used home" stories are always the best.

    I have tried the "New" Blogger. Briefly. Went back to the old. Found it almost impossible to use.

  11. I like your mermaid - I think she would look like that under water, I imagine she might be in a very deep, still pool with lots of algae. I had a go - mines a flower fairy :)

  12. This is just perfect! So creative!

  13. The weekend can officially begin. I've had my art fix for the week. Bugs staring in Fantasia. Novel concept. Love the mermaid's drive.

  14. lovely post! Sorry, not joining in this time, just got back on line after 2 days without and have lots to catch up on, sorry! Will join in again next week. Hugs, Valerie

  15. Luv today's prompt. Happy Thursday Rain

    much love...

  16. Enjoyed your art and i've never seen the movie but this clip looks like a cool movie to watch.
    Love the mermaid as seen underwater. very clever.

  17. I really like the Buggs art. So cute and amusing. The mermaid is pretty, too.

  18. So Bugs did very well in Fantasia, not surprisingly, but you don't do Micky? I thought you did all of the Disney characters. It is magical, though trying bugs on for size. I too love Fantasia ... haven't watched it in years, but loved your video and the music. It is all wonderful and brings back many memories. Your water colors are so good and so what if your mermaid isn't a classic beauty ... she has her own beauty, I know, because you put it there. As for the new blogger ... I tried it and it didn't have any of the options I need. It was like a scaled down version instead of being an improvement. Do you find that to be the case? Maybe I just wasn't doing it right. I am not good a techy changes especially if I don't have someone here to walk me through it. If you figure it out let me know. I switched back to the original. At least I feel like I know what I am doing on it. So I will stop in to see what is happening with you on Sunday. I know about your fridge and your car ... what's with the well? Moving can be so hard ... my heart goes out to you, but I can see you are making the best of it. You go girl :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  19. Your artwork is always so much fun! No glitches on your blog that I can see.

  20. Enjoyed your art and I didn't see any glitches at all.
    Well done :)

    All the best Jan

  21. The new blogger ~ argh! It looks like you're succeeding with it, Rain. I'm forcing myself to use it. My biggest problem is that I sometimes lose my post. I wipe it out accidentally. Your art, as always, is wonderful. Keep creating, my friend!

  22. How adorable is Bugs. Truly sweet. Sorry I couldn't play this week, but I had an obligatory tutorial to create.

  23. Hi Rain. I am glad you are painting in your new home. The face is FABULOUS! As is all your art. I just lost track of time to join in this will but will next for sure. As for the new blogger. I to decided to just use it. It wouldn't allow me to link up with anything. And add photos is sooooo slow. I went back to legacy but now the add a photo there isn't working for me. Uuuhhhgggg..

  24. I been always in love with such fantasy movies dear Rain :)

    They open new horizon for my imagination and I just get lost in enchanting world of music and sights :)

    This clip made my day :)
    Your mermaid is absolutely beautiful and excellently done face you imagined and drew of mermaid is practically done indeed still i would prefer to imagine mermaid as beautiful as i saw in movies

    Blessings and hugs

  25. Lots going on at your place for sure. Love the dress as she pumps water. Haven't used the new Blogger. Tim looked at it but went back.

  26. That mermaide painting is beautiful. I like her fave too. I am glad ypu are finding time to paint :)


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