June 25th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Heat Wave

Me and Charlie swimming in the river in 2016 during a heat wave.

Hello Friends! 😊

June 25th's theme for our art date is: Heat Wave (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday June 25th to post your link!).

I LOVE a summer heat wave! It's so nice to walk around in flip flops and shorts...feel the heat of the sun and jump into a lake or river for relief from the heat! Alex and I love to lie down on the hammock and feel the gentle summer breeze cooling us off. Having a very long winter season makes me appreciate summer's heat even more!

When I visited Portugal in 1989, the walk from the train station to my motel/hostel was one of the hottest, longest walks of my life. I remember when I got to my room, I took a shower and it was the best moment of that year lol...cool water during a heat wave is a miracle!

I have memories of childhood where I couldn't wait for my grandparents to turn on the sprinklers! I would spend the days playing in the garden, running through the sprinklers and riding my bike just to get a little cool air on my face. In the evenings, I would sit on my grandparents' porch, enjoying ice cream and listening to the cicadas and looking for fireflies...nice memories with my grandparents!! On especially fun days, my grandpa would bring me to the ballpark and we'd sit in the bleachers and watch the Montreal Expos while we baked in the sun. Summer is a wonderful time for me!

What will you create this week? Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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  1. ah loved the pics and especially the woman in the old time swimsuit playing in the water.. so retro and vintage..


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