Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Heat Wave

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Heat Wave. It's funny...I created all of the art date themes for 2020 back in November of 2019 during a power failure; and I had no clue what was going to happen each week. This week's theme is spot on because as I type this, we have been going through a major heat wave. I LOVE it...but sleeping at night is difficult. We have to keep the bedroom door closed so we don't wake up with cats jumping on top of us, our felines are very active at night and use us as springboards sometimes...the bedroom is really warm, despite a few fans and the window wide open! I hope those of you in our hemisphere are keeping cool!

Tweety Bird is sure enjoying a nice cold sprinkle of water during the hot weather! Cool water on a hot day is a magical experience! So far our well is doing okay. We are expecting a weekend of rain, gosh I hope the forecast doesn't change. We sure need to restore the well water.

"Peaceful Waters" (Watercolour)

I followed a tutorial for this painting. I'm not much for painting yellows...but I stepped out of my comfort zone for this one. It reminded me of a day at the beach, just when the sun goes down, the water calms and the hot air gets just a little cooler.

This is the most excitement we've captured on the trail cameras so far! We are experimenting with areas to put these cameras. We'll probably keep this one where it is because it also acts as a security camera. The other one will go deeper into the woods today, maybe by the swamp at the edge of our property.

Good news about the car! This is the transmission fluid's dipstick tubing. It basically holds the dipstick and sits on top of the fluid pan. There was a hairline crack at the base of it and that's why our transmission fluid was leaking. Every time we drove the car on a hot day, the fluid expanded and out flew the fluid through the crack. Our new mechanic soldered it and now it's working fine. A $40 fix, phewf.

Sometimes you meet friends where you least expect to. ALL of my friendships have developed from meeting nice people via Blogger. This is the absolute truth. Being a confirmed recluse, I'm not a social being whatsoever and having "virtual" friendships gives me so much joy. Alex and I received a very thoughtful house-warming gift from Joyce over at Octoberfarm. She's such a sweet lady and I love her to bits. Look at this cute salt and pepper shaker set. Isn't it wonderful? Thanks so much Joyce!! xx

Oh...looks like our fridge, washer and dryer are being delivered TOMORROW!!!  Yahoo!! I can't believe it! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 I'm SO looking forward to doing laundry and filling up my new fridge so I can cook decent meals again! 

On that happy note, I'll wish you all farewell for now! Please check out the link widget below to see more Heat Wave artwork!


FOR NEXT WEEK'S THEME, July 2nd:  Try A Different Medium I CHALLENGE you to try something you've never tried before! Step out of your comfort zone and get creative!!!  For those of you who may be stumped, check out these links:

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  1. That's fantastic that the car was an inexpensive fix. And yay for your new appliances. From what you've been showing up, you are already making good meals, but now you'll have more options. We had a lot of rain yesterday and it beat down my flowers. Maybe you'll get it as it crosses the country. -Jenn

  2. Glad to hear your good news today with the car and the appliances. Tweety under the sprinkler is perfect for the theme. The other painting is lovely too

  3. Oh Rain, Tweety Bird looks like he's having fun with the sprinkler. Kids young and old like to run through these. I hope the weather cools for you soon. I am serious when I say I would die if I didn't have air conditioning. I simply can't live without it.

    Great news on the car. You really lucked out. And your blogger friend found a beautiful salt and pepper shaker for you and Alex. What a thoughtful gift and person.

    I will be unable to visit next Thursday because I have a link up party on my blog on the 2nd of every month. Sadly, this month it happens to land on Thursday. However, I'll be back the 9th of July. And I agree. Who knew there were so many mediums that could inspire one to try. I've only tried about six of them. Besides cassette tapes, you can use old VCR tapes to weave baskets. Yes, I tried it once.

  4. Keep cool when it gets hot! Lovely painting and another fun Tweety! Happy to hear that your fridge and washing machine will soon be delivered, yay for new Technical appliances. Keep cool, have fun, hugs, Valerie


  5. Sweet Tweety Bird does it right she takes a shower in the garden!
    Nice your painted beach picture of the sky and birds
    Great from Joyce the housewarming gift and I'm glad that you got to know her!
    Nah I can imagine the joy when you finally get the devices tomorrow.
    I wish you all the best and that the rain comes for you. We also need more!
    Greetings Elke

  6. I love Tweety playing in the sprinkler and Peaceful Waters is a HUGE triumph. That is a painting I could look at every day and never, ever tire of.
    I have found some wonderful friends in the blogosphere too. I am endlessly grateful to and for them - and your salt and pepper shakers are charming.
    I hope everything continues to go your way - stay safe, stay well, stay cool. And I hear you on being a cat trampoline too. Not restful.

  7. So glad for you that the car didn't cost much. Your cameras are going to be really interesting but also will ensure you are safe as that is a big piece of land to take care of. I agree that Blogger has given us some great friendships, I have met some of my blogging buddies and also some more have become pen pals and some friendships have lasted for many years! It's a great way to connect with people when you are in a remote place. Your salt and pepper pots are sweet - something from another part of the World no doubt which makes it even more special.

  8. Araç arızaları her zaman can sıkıcı.

  9. love that shower image. That was a lot of fun to do as a kid. :)
    Love the "peaceful waters" painting. So beautiful.

    Yeah it is hot in Sweden too.
    Take care.

  10. i might be as excited abou your appliance delivery as you are! the salt and pepper is like the owl version of alex and rain!

  11. I love the yellow in the picture. You did a very nice job wit that.

    It is always a wonderful feeling when the car repair bill comes back lower than expected.

    The arrival of the appliances will make life easier for you plus you get some cool air every time you open the fridge.

  12. How wonderful!
    I, too, am a recluse. I can't drive easily, and loathe shopping. Hubby does it all.
    All of my friends are online, at this juncture. I'm just not fit for company.
    I love the spot for our camera, a path between the wetland and the frog pond. They have to funnel through there. That said, the bugs are bad, and I'm not getting too much movement.
    Although, yesterday we had our baby porcupine eating the clover in back.
    Happy days, with appliances. Good luck!

  13. Cute cartoon. And what a wonderful present from a blog friend! So nice of her to do this.

  14. Great news about your car! What a relief that must be. We're just getting out of a heat wave. It was exhausting!

  15. Good news about the $40 transmission fluid fix!

  16. Well, it seems like you are getting everything under control for now anyway :) And your trail cam is not supposed to take pictures of you ... it's supposed to take pictures of creatures of the night, right? But, for a security cam, it does well. So don't you love running under the sprinkler ... Tweety does for sure, but the kids today ... it's the pool or nothing. They don't seem to have the imagination for having fun in an uncommon way. You do know that your water colors are getting pretty professional looking. You are not going to be able to claim "beginner" if you keep this up. The yellows are perfect ... the whole painting is "perfecto" :) I love your owl salt and peppers ... you know how I love raptors, so they are a wonderful gift in my estimation. Nice to have friends on and off Blogger, right. It is better that we all live a distance from you or we would all be begging at your door for some of your delicious food ... I still wish we lived closer :) So you are going to make us work for next weeks post ... this should be fun and interesting :) Have a good and safe week, RAin ...

    Andrea @ Form The Sol

  17. One of life's few satisfactions is the car repair that is a tenth of what you think it will be.

  18. Wooohoooo...on the car, washer, dryder and fridge !!! Life will get so much easier tomorrow ;)
    Our heat wave starts on Saturday and I am not looking forward to it.
    I LOVE the yellows in the lake picture !!! Beautiful

  19. Gorgeous water colour Rain, Bravo!
    Happy Thursday

    much ❤love

  20. What a sweet (and adorable) gift in that salt and pepper shaker. And so glad you're going to get your new appliances tomorrow!!!

  21. So glad y'all had an easy fix with the car. It's also a good thing you have a really good mechanic that is honest. So glad you're getting your appliances tomorrow. things have definitely taken a turn for the better.

  22. The cameras can be so much fun but useful too. Glad the car was an easy fix and of course your appliances. Your prompt for next week kind of stumped me. I have to figure out what i haven't tried over the years. I need to stop thinking about it and just go with something simple. Have a great weekend.

  23. … and here in the UK we have had some HOT temperatures!

    Loved your watercolour 'Peaceful Waters'
    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  24. Isn't it cool to receive surprise gifts? And those shakers are fabulous! Yay to Tweety who I adore so much and NO to hot weather!(lol) Your cats sound like they ae loads of fun at night!(lol) Hope you're doing well and sending lots of hugs, RO

  25. What fun to think that as I'm typing this you're enjoying clean clothes and ice.

  26. Lots if good news in this post, Rain, aside from the hit weather and lack of rain (yet) and hope you get cooler weather and showers by the next post. Great hearing about the low cost car fix, but better about the coming new appliances. Yes. There are wonderful people in blog land and we have also met a few over the years and hopefully mire in the future, when travel restrictions ease. You are definitely not alone in considering yourself a recluse. These days there are many more. Hope the garden continues to be doing well.

  27. Your "Peaceful Water" is just that...peaceful and calming. Wohoo! Now you'll be cooking and washing full time again. Didn't you just miss those chores?

  28. WHEW about your transmission. Glad that's all it was and that an honest mechanic fixed it. Woo...

    How are the doggos and kitties acclimating to the new place?

    You want to know an old trick for fans and hot weather? Put a metal pan or metal bowl with ice in it in front of the fan. As it melts it will cool the room. It works! Can't wait to hear if you do it,

    Thanks for your comment on my Yuri post. It meant the world to me. I wasn't sure if posting it yet again woukd be good, but there you were and you hadn't seen it before. So ok! 🤗

  29. Rain,

    I loved the sprinkler when I was a kid! That was always great fun and a good way to cool off. Great job on Tweety Bird. Your painting turned out nicely, too. You need to step out of your comfort zone more often if you're going to do this well. :)


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