July 2nd: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Try A Different Medium

In 2018 I tried pastels for the first time and fell in love!

Hello Friends! 😊

July 2nd's theme for our art date is: Try A Different Medium (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday July 2nd to post your link!).

I'm challenging you to try something new! There are so many mediums you can try:

- as an applied medium: paints, pencils, pastels, markers, crayons
- for texture: use a glue gun, sparkles, salt, alcohol
- as a canvas: use a different colour of paper, wood, a dish
- use your non-dominant hand
- use fabric, buttons, leaves, yarn
- bake with a different type of flour or sugar, or bake something completely out of your comfort zone!!
- take a photo in black and white instead of colour, try using the settings on your camera instead of taking photos in "auto" mode

There are SO many possibilities for this week's theme, get creative!!

Here are some internet images to inspire you!!

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