Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Round and Round

Hello Friends! 🌞😊🌞

(This is a scheduled post.)

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Round and Round. Tweety Bird loves the Merry Go Round! That was my favourite ride too.

I was never into the "adrenaline rush" types of rides. I remember screaming in complete fear on the roller coaster....and thinking I was going to jettison out of the Pirate Boat ride!!!

"Le Galopant" Merry-Go-Round at La Ronde
I used to love going to the Montreal amusement parks when I was a kid. The first park that I remember going to was called Belmont Park (Martha, do you remember that one?). The most popular amusement park in Montreal is called La Ronde. I stopped going there in my early adulthood when the rides became too nauseating for me lol!

Alex and I should be just about finished our 14-day mandatory quarantine today. I hope you're all doing well! Once we get our internet set up, I'll give you all an update!!

Thanks for popping in! That's all for now folks! But please check out the link widget below to see more Round and Round artwork! 


Deep in the crevice of a rock wall, a groundhog wasn't too pleased to see me! Just to let you guys know, I didn't stick my nose in the hole lol...I was pretty far back with my zoom lens! Look at those teeth!

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  1. Yay for coming out of quarantine! Love all your round and round thoughts and art here. Tweety is having fun!

  2. I'm actually a bit sad I can't play today because I have photos of our new carousel horses at our Botanical Gardens. They were recently restored to their former glory. I love the choices you made.

    Seems like it won't be long until you are out of lock down and can get that new fridge you need. See you next week.

  3. Tweety is having fun on his ride! I'm not fond of roller coasters, they scare me. Glad you and Alex are almost through with the quarantine, hope your food lasted well. I bet you will be happy to be able to move normally again! Take card, hugs, Valerie

  4. I am so with you on the subject of rides. I can (more or less) cope with wimpy Ferris Wheels but that is it.
    I hope that your isolation is done, that you have internet access again and that you can set about building a new life. A new and exciting life.

  5. very sweet this image and Posting!
    I love driving the carousel too.
    Now you have survived and get more freedom again. I wish you all the best and am curious what you will write when the internet goes. Take care and stay healthy, hugs elke

  6. nice theme and some memory from my daughters childhood. She was mad at me because I did not want to join her on the carousels. But I get seasick on them :(

    Take care and hope you will have Internet soon :)
    Monica /NatureFootstep

  7. Great to hear from you, Rain! Hope all is well at the new home place, and that the rain isn’t hitting you too hard! Have a good week, and happy days ahead to stocking up those shelves at home!

  8. you moved into a wildlife park! how did you keep the dogs away from that groundhog? when will you have internet?

  9. Tweety's having so much fun! I have always liked merry-go-rounds too. Sedate rides are best for me as well.

  10. Like you there are not many rides I can go on without feeling nauseated or just dizzy. The Merry-go-Round, however was never a problem and the Ferris Wheel, which most of my friends won't go on because they are afraid of heights.We didn't live near a Amusement Park when I was young, but we did have our annual County Fair which was great.
    Well yes, two weeks has flown by for me and I hope for you. Internet up and we are all looking forward to hearing from you in person again. I know you have been busy already getting things settled so I look forward to seeing your progress ... And how are the dogs doing ( I must tell you, I continue to worry about that Porcupine :( We had a groundhog family living on the hill by our house before we moved. They were pretty docile and skittish, but I wouldn't have wanted to stick my hand in their hole, especially if there was no other escape hole. And those big teeth are better at eating the food you are growing than biting the hand that is feeding them. Don't bother with a fence around your garden. We tried that and they just dug under it. So you will have some new challenges at your new place, but it will be worth it :) See you next week :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. Merry go rounds are fun, thanks for this Thursday's prompt

    much love...

  12. The Merry Go Round was my favorite too. That and the Bumper Cars and the Horror Fun House.

  13. Glad to hear you're almost out of quarantine! I bet you will be happy to get out and about. And Summer's almost here wondering what the weather is like that far north? It's been cool and rainy here but should be in the eighties next week so hopefully there is some summer ahead. And those are some pretty big teeth on that groundhog!

  14. The groundhog photo makes me wonder just how much nature is hiding in plain sight as we stroll by.

  15. Looks like Tweety is having fun on his ride.
    You must be pleased and relieved to be coming out of quarantine.

    Happy settling in :)

    All the best Jan

  16. Oh my gosh, Rain, do I ever remember Belmont Park! I used to go there as a kid and then later with friends. It wasn't as big as La Ronde but we had lots of fun.

    Can't wait to hear more about your new life!

  17. Love your round and round. I was raised in Sacramento, California with 4 brothers and a sisters. We were pretty lucky that my dad was "connected" to the state fair. We were able to play at that stat fair for free. All the rides, fun houses, and games. It was a childs dream come true. When we go older the "scary" rides were the best. Thanks for bring back some good memories.

  18. No more quarantine is a good thing. I love Tweety! Stuck in Looney Tunes land, appropriate. LOL


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