Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thursday Art Date: One

Hello Friends! :)

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date! Our theme today is One. Bugs Bunny is playing the role of Rapunzel today. Poor Rapunzel, so alone, one young princess, dreaming of her prince charming and happily ever after! Sigh...💓

I decided on something a little different today! I did a painting in acrylics, but I was inspired to write a poem to describe it. :)

The One 
by Rain Frances

Late an August moonlit night,
In woods so dark, my fear takes flight. 
Hints of whispers in my ear,
Shadows rise and disappear.

Lost for hours, weak and frail,
Or is it days? My memory fails.
Darkened terror left me drained,
Succumbing cold, my heart is pained.

So sudden, light appears ahead,
Clearing fields, and hope a thread.
I run with legs so sore and weakened,
Lonely house, so black a beacon.

Windows glow, the wraith appears,
Breath so shallow, I will myself near.
Behind me the woods laugh as I run,
As I enter the house, the only, the One.

The ONE and only red cherry tomato. My tomatoes are still green this late in the season, but I did find this little one hiding in the middle of the greenhouse!

All of the canning is done! 80 pounds of tomatoes and 12 pints of strawberries that became strawberry jam. I love seeing the bright colours of jars in my pantry!

I managed to find some more fresh sweet cherries and made a Cherry Pie Filling (I finally did it Cathy!) you can see, I overfilled!

It was so delicious though! I topped my piece of pie with Cheddar cheese, broiled it a bit and added some ice cream on the side for extra nourishment! :)

I decided it was time to clean the deep freezer, so most of these meals were a result of that!

Broccoli Stir Fry

Corn on the cob with fried Basa filet

Linguine Puttanesca

Basa filet foil-baked with white wine and tomatoes - Cheddar cheese broiled on top

The deep freezer is clean and empty now except for a little old box of baking soda! Time to fill it again! :)

Here is Leo playing with a tennis ball. He plays like this for hours!


I painted this last October. It's the story of Mary Gallagher - the most famous ghost of Montreal - a part of our history!

Mary Gallagher was brutally murdered and beheaded in a Griffintown tenement on June 27, 1879 on the corner of William and Murray streets. The case shocked Montrealers, especially when Mary’s best friend, Suzy Kennedy, was sentenced to hang for the gruesome crime. Since then, Mary’s headless ghost is said to return every 7 years on the anniversary of her death, still searching for her head.

September 5th: Next Thursday's theme is History. Click on the link for ideas and inspiration! Remember it's all about creating. You can showcase your paintings, drawings, photography, sculpting, baking, poetry...whatever you like! :)

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  1. I assume Basa is a type of fish? Your art work always amazes me. Now you are a poet also. Golly gee.....your creativeness never ends. Your meals look so yummy but the cherry pie tops all of them. I love cheddar on warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream....yum.

  2. Rain,

    I didn't get around to sharing any art today. This month, I just didn't feel quite as compelled to draw. So, I didn't push it. The desire will return. In fact, I'm gearing up a bit for the first prompt next month.

    I love Bugspunzel! WOW, great spooky poetry to go with your scary old house, too. Your talents amazing me!!

    Hooray for you on making a cherry pie. Mmm, cherry pie with vanilla ice cream sounds yummy! I would've not thought to add cheese, though. I like apples and cheese together. Is cheese on pie a common thing or is that something you came up with?

    Cleaning out the freezer yielded some great meals! How come my left-overs don't look as good as yours? Ooh, creepy tale about Mary Gallagher and a woman accused of the crime...WOW! Fabulous painting to illustrate the story.

    Have a good week. August has just about vanished.

  3. Happy art date dear Rain!

    i loved the Rapunzel :)
    i have seen movie and cartoon and loved it each time sooo much ,dream of each normal girl is so simple and beautiful isn't it :)

    you did GREAT job ,both paintings are excellent
    the second one describes the theme so brilliantly ,very powerful and the poem is remarkably amazing dear Rain!
    how can i have enough and appropriate words to praise your talents,you are all rounder and excellent in all fields equally :)

    freezer cleaning is challenging specially it is done after long
    your food is COMPELLING and INVITING :))) as always

    your jars are revealing how hard working you are and i am proud of you for this striking quality dear Rain!

    Leo loves to play with ball as most cats do ,our very first cat loved to play with ball but more than it she would love to play with wool ball near to mom during knitting :)

    Marry Gallagher ghost ? part of the history ?

    oh i have to search for her and her story which sounds really shocking

    sending you lots of best wishes and love !

  4. Your fab haunted house is making me feel all Halloweeny!

  5. Wonderful post today featuring your 'One' theme. You are so creative not to mention, a good cook the food. Looks so good! Thanks for hosting!

  6. Great story about that poor woman! I always love true stories...except that one is so sad. Your artwork just gets better and better. Did you grow all your tomatoes and strawberries? thank you for the cherry pie filling recipe. We don't have fresh pie cherries here but I can get canned and pitted sour cherries which will be expensive but it will be nice to have pie filling! Congrats on all your canning and also for cleaning your deep freeze!

  7. wow...i love the haunted house! and bugs as rapunzel. that was always my favorite story! the food looks wonderful! now you have to eat that little cherry tomato!

  8. An intriguing poem. I picture someone lost in the woods and so glad to find the way home that she doesn't care there is a wraith there! Or is she the wraith?

    That cherry pie looks may have just inspired me...I have cherries. Hmm.

    Ok, and what a horrible story about the headless ghost. Why are these things always looking for something?? Is that story true? Oh, Lord.

  9. You have already called on history to complete your "One" post. As always you artwork is amazing ... and, as for you food! I am already twice as big as I would like to be. I don't want to think what I would look like if I ate like you. And you seem to be able to get away with it. Maybe it is because you work so hard at growing cleaning and cooking and cleaning :) I am in the process of teaching my granddaughter that cleaning up is part of the cooking and eating process. I think I am actually getting through to her :) Until next week, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. Rain, I feel your canning and cooking is truly art also. Great job. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  11. I enjoyed looking at the artwork, Rain, as always, even if I am not a participant in these events. What was even more fun to see was all those bring colors in the canned tomatoes and jam and that cherry pie looked wonderful - overflowing and all. Emptying out the freezer sure produced some great eating. Good thing we had dinner before i read this post.

  12. I like your spooky artwork and you are so good about waste not, want not.

  13. Your food looks so good, I do enjoy a Broccoli Stir Fry!

    Happy September wishes, I can't believe we are in the ninth month already!

    All the best Jan

  14. Love the artwork this week, Rain. Bugspunzel, the glowing orange coming from the windows of the black house. And Mary Gallagher. You've captured her well. ;^) And once again, I am now hungry having browsed your recent dinners. :) Mmmmmm

  15. Oh my gosh Rain! You are so talented! You are an artist and poet, a gardener, and a cook. I love the poem and the dark house, and Rapunnzel! Those meals look delicious and that pie too. You do so much! You have a wonderful blog.

  16. September already, unbelievable! Now we're waiting, fingers crossed, hoping that Dorian doesn't pay a visit to the NC coast and then come inland, grrrrrrr! Its scary!

    Your canning is amazing Rain - congrats for all that hard work. Winter will be tasty in your neck of the woods!

    Mary x

  17. Thanks Marsha :) The poem was fun to write! Yes! Basa is Pangasius fish...I use those terms intermittently. It's a nice white "meaty" type of fish and I always have some handy!

  18. Thanks Cathy :) Let the desire to create and share art come slowly! It'll come back and you'll be rarin' to go! :) The cherry pie was SO can freeze or can that pie filling too. I think next year when cherries are in season again, I'll make a bunch for the Mason jars. I've heard of Cheddar on apple pie, but you know me with my cheese obsession lol...I had to try it on the cherry pie and it was really good! Summer is over, sigh...but I do love the fall! :)

  19. Thanks Baili :) It's so true, that is such a little girl's dream for Prince Charming...though I had the same dream before I met Alex! ;) And thank you, I really loved writing that poem! Oh hahaha...your mom must have been upset with your cat playing with her wool ball! I can't leave my knitting out or the same thing happens!! The Mary Gallagher story is a true one, I don't know about her coming around every 7 years to search for her head! But she did live in Montreal and was murdered by her friend.

  20. Thanks Debra :) I'm feeling Halloweeny too! :)

  21. Thanks Christine :) We rarely go out so I love to make the food as delicious as possible! Williams Sonoma helps out with that! ;)

  22. Thanks Sam :) Yeah, that story about Mary Gallagher is a sad one. No, I didn't grow the strawberries or the tomatoes (I wish!!). My tomatoes are still green as I type this on September 4th! It was a humid, wet summer and we just didn't get enough sun. I gave what strawberries I grew to the squirrels this year! You can definitely used canned cherries for the pie filling!

  23. Thanks Joyce :) That cherry tomato is LONG gone lol!

  24. Thanks Sandi :) Well...about the poem, let's just say when one enters the house, one becomes what is inside the house! :)) Yes, sadly that story about Mary Gallagher is true.

  25. Thanks Andrea :) Cleaning...yes, an unwilling part of the cooking process lol...but I'm quite obsessed with keeping things as clean as possible! Running after 6 pets helps to keep me active too, though they are starting to get lazy now that summer is over lol!

  26. Thanks Susie :) And welcome to my blog!! :)

  27. Thanks Dorothy :) I have been dreading emptying the freezer to be honest. But it definitely produced some delicious stuff! I LOVE looking at my Mason jars, they are a work of art in themselves!! :)

  28. Thanks Stefanie :) I cringe if I throw food out so if I don't get it cooked in time, it goes into the freezer. At some point we end up eating most of the food we buy. There is too much waste in this world...

  29. Thanks TB, it was delicious! :)

  30. Thanks Susan :) The jars are beautiful!

  31. Thanks Jan :) Oh September...too soon!!

  32. Thanks Becki :) Bugspunzel looks so sad, but at least it was only a modeling job for Bugs :)

  33. Thanks Henny Penny :) I'm so glad you enjoyed everything! :)

  34. Thanks Mary :) I hope winter will be tasty! It'll be long enough to endure without some good food!!

  35. well WOW your post is inspiring everything from your art, ,poetry,, cooking, canning, history - ...I love your art by the way. The poem is so good and your food. I'm amazed when I come here and see what you create. Those meals look delicious - nothing like a clean freezer to start all over again.

  36. Love the painting and the poem !!!
    You arw my canning godess !!! The pie looks delicious ... just like everything else u make in your magical kitchen :) u should write receipe poems !!! ;)

  37. Thanks Sandy :) I appreciate your support! :)

  38. Thanks Sis :) Ha ha...recipe poems...not a bad idea though! :)


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