Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday Art Date: X-Ray/Negative Image

Hello Friends! :)

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date! Our theme today is X-Ray/Negative Image. I hope anyone who participates this week thought of this theme as a challenge, I know I did! When I started this art date in mid-May of this year, I wrote down a few dozen ideas for themes and I didn't think about how challenging one would be over the other. But I did find this one challenging.

Not the X-Ray part, to me that's an obvious one! And Dr. Bugs Bunny (PHD of Wise-Quacks) seems to know what he's doing! Do you think that Daffy agrees? ;) By the way, did you know that the round thing on Bugs' head is a head mirror? It's supposed to provide shadow-free illumination, once used to examine ears, noses and throats. I didn't know that, I just thought it was standard wardrobe in old movies! :)

I did another version of X-Ray in watercolours. Sea creatures through an X-Ray lens. But I wanted to find out more about negative space in art.

I looked up the definition of negative space and negative images in art and got the general idea that the negative space is the space that surrounds the object of an image - it's just as important as the image itself in defining your piece. I don't know if I got this one right, but I tried! :) As my friends know, I love fairy tales and I've done a lot of Red Riding Hood pieces, this one was fun. I painted this in acrylics.

As I was mixing my black and white acrylics to make a gray colour, I noticed a face in the puddle of paint, do you see it? Maybe this is also a great example of a Negative Image! :)

On the home front, we released the squirrels on Tuesday. Spunky was the first to leave the nest and it only took him about 2 minutes from the time Alex cut the hole in the back of the cage. He definitely had cabin fever.

He ran up and down the trees in the back yard like a pro!

Algie and Frasier though, seemed reluctant at first.

Within about 15 minutes they were all out, climbing trees and rocks and chasing each other around the woods. We are sad to see them go, but we are also so proud of them! We watched them most of the afternoon on Tuesday and they stuck close to the back yard, and all three very close to each other!

Spunky seems more of a loner and he wanders off alone. Algie and Frasier are always together still. On Wednesday we called them when we went outside and within about half an hour, all three were back in the yard running up and down on the trees. Once in a while, we'd see them hovering around the cage. How nice that they come when called! :)

I've had a little more time now that the squirrels are out on their own, so I was able to add two more Cheddars to my cheese making venture! We'll try the Cheddar I made last week in about 3 months, the wheel on the left will age 6 months and the other 9 months. At some point, it would be really nice to make cheese every few weeks so we always have a nice supply of Cheddar - it's the cheese we eat the most. I think my next cheese will be a Colby and then a Monterey Jack.

We've been trying to eat the fresh lettuce from the garden as much as possible before the slugs get at it. Last night I made a Cheddar and Cauliflower Soup with a Caesar Salad with Homemade Croutons and Caesar Dressing.

Of course, we always need something sweet handy! :) I haven't made Cinnamon Crunch Knots in a long time, they taste just like a really good doughnut, I love this recipe!

Speaking of sweet things, Jack loves to groom Oscar - he licks his entire face, especially his ears. It's very cute and Oscar loves it! The video is only a few seconds...I need to get a longer one!


"Green Forest" (Acrylics)

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  1. That Caesar salad sure looks yummy right about now, even though it's only 6:20am here this morning.(lol) And I am always in when it comes to cheddar cheese too. Yay for Bugs Bunny! Hugs, RO

  2. Rain,

    Congrats on the threesome's departure into the great world beyond their cage! I suspect they'll probably return frequently if you call them because you guys are all they've known. Who knows maybe they'll return next spring with their own little families to show you. :)

    The head mirror Bugs is wearing, I think doctors from my childhood used these or something very much like it. That's been too many years ago. I love the cartoon - great job as usual. Your abstract negative space illustration is fabulous Red Riding Hood's cap, the forest, and a vicious wolf - spooky!

    We love cheddar cheese, too. The soup and salads look delicious! I want to come to your house for dinner. You make everything look so incredible! :) DH would love the Cinnamon Crunch Knots. He's a huge donut lover!

    I'm sharing today's art date. Thanks for hosting, my dear. Have a good day!!

  3. Awwww...those animals ❤❤❤
    What a great success with your squirrels. I love that they didnt just take off and were never seen again.
    Your cheese looks sooo good. U should think about selling and shipping some to
    I love love love the Little Red Riding Hood painting !!!

  4. So creative Rain!
    Glad to hear the squirrels are nearby...I bet you still see them often.

  5. i love all of these! the cheese looks wonderful. i've hooked my daughter up with your cheese making blag. she made outstanding ricotta this morning. i can't get over that the squirrels come when called. that might be the cutest thing ever!!!

  6. Any soup made with a cheese base id awesome in my boat. Oh, the squirrels are so cute. They will probably stick close for a few days before they go off on their own. I used to paint quite a lot when I was single. I don't do it as often as I should. I used to do ocean waves and boat-filled bays. My mother sold all my art work after I left home.

  7. Rain, that cheese/cauliflower soup and Caesar salad are 'right up my alley' as we used to say in England!
    In other words, perfect!

    Lovely that the squirrels are doing well in their natural habitat - I hope they come back for visits often.

  8. So cute to imagine little squirrels running up and down the trees.

  9. this is wonderful and very amusing art dear Rain :) brilliantly done !

    bugs never cares whether daffy agrees with his ideas or not lol

    yes the light on bugs looks resembled to one i have seen on my dentist's head when he was filling my premolar

    other art is also lovely ,i also thought at first it was face when i scrolled down :)

    squirrel story is really engaging and touching ,so happy to see them free finally to the world they belonged ,thank you for sharing these images are PRECIOUS !

    what an amazing feeling is to have them back when you call! love captivates the living hearts indeed !

    your love for cheese is astonishing to me :) great that you have more time to make lots of cheese now

    your food is always spell casting my excellent friend :)

    video is so cute

    best of luck for your work out plan in future dear Rain i am so positive that it will change things for you

    stay as wonderful as you are :)))

  10. Your cartoon is so cute - so talented you are. I enjoyed the whole post.

  11. I have been so bad at supporting you with your Art Date Days....sorry. So much going on, and on, and on. Love that the squirrels come when you call too. That is so neat. Hell, the dogs don't even come when I call...haha. Your meals always have me drolling at the mouth.

  12. Looks amazing and productive as always Rain!

  13. What a great post.
    Loved your art, and especially enjoyed reading and seeing that the squirrels released ok.
    Your food looks amazing, thanks for the links.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    All the best Jan

  14. I'm late to the party this week, but just want to say I'm glad the squirrels are doing well now that they have gone back to the wild! And I love your Red Riding Hood painting!

  15. How fun that the squirrels come back to see you again. That's got to feel really rewarding. The Little Red Riding Hood picture is interesting! Before I realized what I was looking at, I simply was curious what was the negative space there. But once I saw what the inspiration was I didn't care anymore about negative space. But I do find it fascinating to look at. Success, I'd call that. And those Cinnamon knots... oh my. I do not need sweets, but I have saved a link to that recipe on my blog. I'm going to be craving those until I finally make them, I'm afraid.

  16. Hi RO :) I could eat salad at six in the morning fact I had some of the cauliflower soup for breakfast the next day instead of my usual coffee (I know, coffee is not a great breakfast lol)

  17. Thanks Cathy :) You were right, the triplets come by to visit often, especially Spunky! He still sleeps in the cage at night too. I have a lot of fun with the cartoons. I was brought up on Looney Tunes and that sense of humour will always be with me! Thanks for enjoying it! :) If your DH is a donut lover, he really will LOVE those crunch knots. They're made with pizza dough actually so they're really light, not cakey.

  18. Thanks Sis :) Ha ha ha...when I read your comment, at first I thought...I'd have to get a license and meet food grade standards to sell and ship my cheeses, then I read "to me" lol...I wonder how well the Cheddar would ship? Or would the Canada Post workers "accidentally" lose it? ;)

  19. Thanks Jenn :) Yes! We still see the squirrels every day and they chirp to get our attention! :)

  20. Thanks Joyce :) I LOVE that the triplets come when called, I really can't believe it! Oh, your daughter's ricotta looked wonderful! I hope she gets more into cheese making!

  21. Hi Leanna :) I hope you get back into painting. It's such a wonderful hobby! I have so much trouble with water scenes, they are challenging for me. Anything with cheese is awesome to me! :)

  22. Hi Mary :) The reason I made the soup was because I read that you made soup on your blog lol! :) Have I mentioned I'm easily influenced??? ;) The salads are great this time of year, we have so much lettuce!!! I really miss that in the winter.

  23. Hi Stefanie :) They are so FAST too, it was hard to get a good photo!

  24. Thanks Baili :) Bugs is a stinker, poor Daffy...he never learns his lesson lol! ;) I'm glad you saw the face in the paint! It's kind of cool! :) When I call out to the squirrels and they come, it's so nice...especially Spunky, he seems to be the one who responds the most to our voices, and we know it's them because they are not afraid of us. Spunky has a really red tail so he's easy to spot too! :) By the way, the workout plan is WORKING...the pain is easing..not gone but getting better!!! :)

  25. Hi Pam :) Oh please!! Don't worry about supporting the art date! I started this to mainly motivate myself into continuing to be creative, because after the spring I lost it. Not being able to find a suitable home and having to rent another year depressed me so much that I gave up my painting and drawing. This weekly date helps me so much. And you are ALWAYS welcome!!! :) LOL...our dogs don't always come when called either, they have it too good and they know it lol! :)

  26. Thanks Jan :) I hope you enjoy the recipes (if you can eat them!). We are so proud of the squirrels, they are doing so well on their own!

  27. Thanks Debra :) I think Red is my favourite of the cautionary tales for children! :) We are so happy the transition to release the squirrels went so well! :)

  28. Thanks Becki :) YES! It's very rewarding to see the triplets come back! :) Heartwarming too. :) And thanks, I really wasn't sure about the negative space thing, still not too sure lol...but I liked the way Red turned out! If you make the crunch knots...beware, they won't last long lol!

  29. Lovely art pieces, Rain! Sorry I haven't been participating...ended up with a bad chest infection followed by flu. I'm still not 100% but I'm almost there.

    I'm way behind on catching up so came back to find the Squirrel Release post. OMG! You and your hubby really did a great job at caring for them and even making sure they transitioned safely. Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!


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