August 1st: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Green

"Green" - Abstract Watercolour (July 2018)

Hello Friends! 

August 1st theme for our art date is: Green. (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday August 1st to post your link!)

As many of you know, I live in an area with very harsh, cold and snowy winters. From about November through to May...the only colours I see out my window are white, gray and brown. The winter is nice, but it's far too long and I miss seeing vibrant colours.

My greenhouse tomatoes are looking great!

Spring and summer equal GREEN to me. When I look out my window, I see a plethora of shades of green and it brightens my mood instantly! I love colour and I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

I hope the following internet images inspire you!

Tutorial: How To Draw A Cartoon Tree


  1. I love all the image s- very inspirng. I live in the mountains but we don't have near the winter weather you do. We might not get much snow until Dec to Feb - Fall is beautiful here and still rather warm. We can get snow up to Mother's Day - but not on a continual basis meaning many storms at all through the winter months. OUr worst month since living here for the last six years was Febraury when we got so much ice - it was hard getting down our road even with our 4 wheel jeep.

  2. Hi Sandy :) Thanks! I'm glad the post inspired you, are you an artist? Oh winter...I can't even think about it now or I'll get too's SO LONG...and I know what you mean about the ice. That's even worse, we get ice storms every now and then and it's not fun to get around. That's when we're likely to lose power too, and since we're renting, we're not really set up to deal with no power in winter months. We have a fireplace, but it doesn't really heat the house very well. When we settle in our forever home, we'll definitely have a wood stove and a generator for those ice storms. Still though, I'd choose snow over ice any day!


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