Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunny Sunday :)

I'm so happy today! It's the first day since December that I was able to take all three dogs on a walk together :) This really does make me very happy because I love seeing them explore and enjoy themselves. It's always hard for me to leave Jack at home in the winter, but he's not quite the winter-lover as the two huskies are!

Pretty Marlene. She gets bored quickly and while the other two were looking for something in the woods, she decided to take a break.

And they saw something!! I can barely see it in the photo but there is a little brown rabbit there in the woods. It's on the very right side of the photo to the right of that tree trunk. If you want a better view you can click the photo to make it bigger. Jack and Charlie saw the rabbit, that's for sure! How exciting! It brings me a lot of joy to make their lives fun :)

Here's another picture of the river. I love this photo for three things: 1. you can see the sun rays, 2. the little trees in the center "island" are covered with ice and look so pretty in white, and 3. to the left of the white trees, you can see the steam coming from the river. This is a nice little town though it would be nicer with less people :) I think I can only dream about having a little waterfall and river on my own property in the future! Who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky!

Yesterday was baking day. I made a loaf of my No Knead Bread. But as you can see, I couldn't wait for it to's so yummy with butter melted on it!! And I made some Blueberry Muffins too. I'm terrible with giving credit for recipes. I try my best, but a lot of the time I pull out old recipe printouts that I've just copied and pasted onto my Word program. So all I can say is that this muffin recipe likely came from the Williams Sonoma website! They're never word for word because I change things up as I try new recipes.

We had to finish up the last of the fresh lettuce and spinach so I made a Chicken Cesar salad. It's so delicious with the garlic bread and a glass of wine!

This is a familiar scene...Jack burrows his head under our covers after dinner each night for a pre-bedtime nap. He's still wearing his hoodie :) 

Today is a big kitchen day for me!! I'm making the crackerjacks today, some Nutella cigars made with phyllo dough, and if the pork is thawed enough, I'm attempting sausages! I think that's it...isn't that enough? :) I'll post about this tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday my friends. :) Today is officially the last day of winter, even if it's just in theory, I'm glad spring has sprung! Farewell to winter, I'm quite sure we will meet again. :)


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Our dog doesn't seem to mind the cold as much as the wind. She will take cover from the wind but walk around on the ice. Your dogs are having fun on the warm day, I hope things warm some over the next week, almost time to start some seeds indoors.

Rachel said...

LOL at Jack, so funny that he buries his head! My pup always needs to see whats going on. Love hearing about your dogs, they look like very happy pups. Amazing-looking food as always!

Nicole said...

Love the pictures. It's +9 here today and I am doing some spring magic around the house. I also went shoppibg already this morning and I can't believe how empty the store was. It was eaaasy :)
I always get a little homesick around this time. I remember daffodils blooming and trees starting as well...birds singing, first t shirt days. I miss home in March ... we dont really have a nice spring here. It goes from sbow to puddles to summer within a couple of weeks. But then our falls are unbeatable :)

Dawn said...

I finally have a chance to pop by your blog, I really like the look of your no knead bread and will give it a try later this week :-)

Rain said...

Hi Gill :) I hope it gets warmer too. I lose my spirit a little bit in the winter and when I'm able to be outside comfortably, especially with the three dogs with's wonderful! I can't start seeds until next month!!! Maybe I'll start a few herbs though, I need some basil and parsley.

Rain said...

Hi Rachel :)) If Jack could live under the covers of our bed he would. When we tell him it's time to get out, he pretends he can't hear us lol...and he only buries the head...keeps the rest of himself out! He's a sweetie, and the huskies are too. We have a really nice pack :)

Rain said...

Hey sis, 9+...sounds about the temperature we had too! :) I spent the day in the kitchen...I have to think about Spring Equinox tomorrow, I haven't had a moment, but I am loving that I'm sitting here typing with the windows open and the light still shining in at 6pm!!! I can't wait to start fishing!! We don't have much of a spring either. It's all puddles then a heat way in May. I'm glad shopping was easy on you! :)

Rain said...

Hi Dawn :)) Thanks for your comment! :) The bread is...for lack of a more appropriate term...LUSCIOUS's just so fluffy and yummy...but it only stays that way a few days so I plan when I'm making bread to go with our meals.

Mama Pea said...

Sounds as though you had a lovely day. Our weather hasn't been as nice. Lots of grayness, dampness and a heavy downpour of SLEET! Tomorrow promises sun. This day was good though because I spent most of it in my quilt room. Yay!

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :)) Yes, it was really nice. I am hoping and hoping that the sun sticks around. I find it makes such a difference in my overall well being when I can feel the sun warming me up! I hope you have some if we need THAT in our lives... and congratulations spending most of the day quilting!! Do what makes you happy! :)

Kristina said...

It's been cloudy here, and today more rain. It makes me want to stay indoors today.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Hi Rain! I love the photo of the 3 pups!! I could not take all 3 of mine together as Karma is a bit much to handle so I need to focus all my attention on her. She had a very rough start in life and she does not have the confidence with people as much as I would hope so when we are out she get all my attention! She has come along in leaps and bounds but still not where I would be comfortable with taking all 3 out together. And with her being such a large presence it take everything I have to keep her on focus.

Hunter starts puppy school next week so perhaps with a few lessons under his belt maybe I can attempt 2 at a time! I am looking forward to these classes. He is such a good listener for a 5 month old I think he will just shine with these. The Rescue agency we got him from offers these classes at a reduced rate for alumni so why not take advantage!

I have just had breakfast but that chicken caesar salad looks delicious! I am going to make a simple chili for supper tonight. I have sourdough starter that will turn into a hopefully delicious loaf later today. One last feed for it around 8:30 this morning then I will let it do its thing. I do need to try your no knead bread - love the simplicity of it!

Our weather reports say it will rain today. That's okay, rain or snow there is no getting away from the weather!

How adorable is Jack with his pre-bedtime nap. I think we all should practice that! :) Having a puppy in the house makes for VERY early mornings and sometimes middle of the night excursions :) When I can sneak a nap in, I do!

Have a happy Monday!

Rain said...

Hi Kristina :) I hope you get some sunshine soon, it really lifts my spirit. I remember when I lived on Prince Edward Island and we went 27 days in a row before Christmas with no sun, it was very discouraging.

Rain said...

Hi Dianna :)) I'll be honest, it took me a lot of courage to bring all three dogs on walks together. Charlie, the youngest husky...she's a PULLER. And to boot, she's growing up. Now she weighs 65 pounds and if she decided to lurch at something in the woods, I'm sure she'd pull me down. It has happened before. Jack and Marlene don't pull and they walk well together, so I think that's why I can do all three. It's really Charlie I have to keep my eye on and wits about.

I train them as I go though. "Everybody stop" and they stop. "Everybody sit" and they sit. I do this several times during the walks just in case I really need them to stop and sit! But I do carry an air horn with me. This is mainly to scare away loose dogs. People are very irresponsible around here, especially the weekenders. They think this is some kind of playground...I've had too many encounters with loose dogs and that's when it gets challenging to handle the three. Another thing that helps is prong collars. I know lots of folks thing they are "cruel" but they are the best collars out there as long as you use them properly. Without those, I couldn't handle Charlie at all, not to mention the three together.

The puppy school will be fun! I hope it all goes well! And you're right, I think a pre-bedtime nap would do us all some good lol...I remember having puppies...back in 1995 I got 2 puppy pugs, plus I lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in Montreal. There was no letting them out in the yard in those was lots of walks at all hours to house-train them! Our three now were miraculously house-trained and have never had an accident indoors, I'm very grateful for that!