Adapted from Simply Recipes
(Serves 2-3)

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6 egg yolks
1/3 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup sweet wine (we used hard apple cider)
1 tsp grated lemon zest
Pinch cinnamon
Drop vanilla
Toppings: Whipped cream, fruit (we used cherries)


1. Place egg yolks and sugar in a double boiler or large round bottomed stainless steel bowl. Ad the lemon zest, cinnamon and vanilla and whisk well. Pour in the wine.

2. Place over a pot of simmering water (make sure the bottom of the bowl doesn't touch the water). Whisk constantly about 10 minutes until the mixture thickens and become light and fluffy.

3. Take off the heat, whisk another 2 minutes. Ladle into heat-proof containers and top with whipped cream and some fruit.

Note: This is a custard type of dessert that is served warm.

Optional: Let the custard cool a bit and fold in some whipped cream to thicken it further.


baili said...

i found it easy and appealing dear Rain
thank you for desert recipe ,i love it

Rain said...

You're welcome Baili! It is very easy to make, next time I want to try it after it's been in the fridge for a while though. Warm was very comforting though!